Black Ops

for Half-Life

19th October 2005


The player slips into the role of agent Declan Walker, member of the Black Operations, a special-purpose force for covered operations, created by the government, approximately around the project Black Mesa. In the fictitious metropolis “Metro City” will make you hunt on the escaped scientist Dr. Gallagher, who stole a mysterious briefcase, which the government wants to have back at any price. But the good doctor has relations and so it succeeds him to escape one more time…

Basic Details
  • Title: Black Ops
  • File Name: hl1-sp-black-operations.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 34.3Mb
  • Author: Little_Otis
  • Date Released: 13 October 2005
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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
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  1. Stubby

    This is one mod that needs to get some attention!! Do they have a web site? To me, this is one of the better ones to get released in a looong time. It may get alittle confusing at times, but never to the point of being frustrating. It reminds me alot of “Poke 646” in style (city fighting) and the weapons look AND sound great. Granted, this is only my opinion, but I feel if other people get a chance to play it, I think they just might agree. Then again, maybe they won’t!!! I posted this at Hangar 16 with the link to your site, hope you don’t mind?

  2. Senator33

    Excellent Mod…..

    Maybe a little tedious in some areas but is a real treat all the same!

  3. SEThorian

    Gameplay in Black Ops was pretty damn good! There was a gradual build-up of weapons and combat, so you weren’t thrown into a slaughterfest just at once. The challenges presented were fair and made for good, enjoyable gameplay. Contributing to the gameplay were several smart and fun puzzles which promoted exploration in a fun way. (As opposed to an annoying way, like there is with most mods.) The mod itself was pretty lengthy. The maps were large (the author shows of that he knows the Half-Life engine, and its limits, well) and there was a fair amount of ’em. In fact, in total this mod has probably given me about 5 hours of gameplay. Perhaps a little more, perhaps a little less. I’m an explorative player, and this — like mentioned before — was greatly encouraged. Gameplay was also obviously inspired here and there by Half-Life 2. One of the ideas implemented was that of placing a Black Ops logo where goodies were to be found. (Much like the lambda sign for resistance stashes, in City 17.) There even was a boss-fight which was well implemented. The boss was a Half-Life 1 monster, but I’ve never seen a mod implement this one like it was done in the original HL. Kudos points for that!

    Interactivity, scripting and storytelling
    Black Ops was very interactive and used multiple ways of telling the story. It’s obvious that no voice actors could be found for this mod, so they resorted to using a Max Payne like storytelling system, of using comics to tell what happened, instead of movies or the like. Though at first I didn’t find this very attractive, the idea grew on me and the comics became rewards for my hard work. It did add the sensation that this mod didn’t take itself too seriously, which is a good thing. Serious games and mods are fine, but there should always be space for a bit of comedy-relief!

    Back to the subject at hand; if possible, scripted sequences were used to tell the sub-plots and this resulted in a few very original scripted sequences. Most of them were simple, but very effective. The player also got involved in some interactive bits here and there (computers, trains, trolleys, etc.) which was a very nice addition. It gave the use key a bit more to do than just wait for an important NPC to come along. Speaking of NPC’s; there weren’t many in the actual game, which was a pity though understandable. (Since they wouldn’t add anything anywhere.) There was a fair bunch of them in the training course, but they were not very interactive. (In fact, they just stood there, watching in front of themselves.)

    Though there were many positive points, there were two downsides;

    1) The G-man showed his face here and there to add to the mystery. Though I understand why the G-Man appeared the last time (I won’t tell why, but if you reach the end, you’ll understand), he didn’t make much sense at all the other places. He helped you once or twice but why did he help me? Some sort of explanation would’ve been nice.

    2) SPOILER ALERT! [Highlight to reveal!]
    Perhaps I missed something in the plot, but why again did those female assassins turn against you? And why did the main character appear to know one of them? That was the first time he mentioned her name. Same counts for near the end, when a male colleague suddenly appeared. With him also, the main character suddenly knew his name and addressed him as if they were best friends. I don’t mind, but a bit of an introduction to these two characters at the beginning would’ve been nice.

    The story also tied in nicely with the events in the Half-Life universe and revisiting some of it (especially with the much improved visuals!) was a very nice feat.

    Visuals and other eye related offspring
    The visuals in Black Ops were of the highest standard! There’s not much else to say; I’m a fairly explorative player and I didn’t notice many errors. In fact, right now I can’t remember of even one! Perhaps something skipped my mind, but I can’t remember anything bad, visually. (So no misaligned textures, etc.) The props scattered around the levels were excellent (I certainly can’t make them like that, I need a modeller for that! ) and the same counts for the lay-outs, brushwork and texturing. Highest quality. If the creator is German (like I suspect), then this is what they call German Engineering. (Which is high-quality, for ye nubjes.. ) To add to the positive; I didn’t run with “r_speeds 1″ on a lot, but from what I did see, the author managed to keep the r_speeds well within acceptable limits, despite the level of detail. (Which was stinkin” high, I should emphasize.) In addition, there also were a few very nice details such as the signs in the prison shower. Those brought a grin to my face..

    One special detail that I noticed, and this may be a good or bad thing, depending on your taste, is that the entire prison chapter seemed to be a big rerun of Nova Prospekt, from Half-Life 2. I considered this to be more of a tribute and even though this section was still very enjoyable, it wasn’t my favourite of the mod. The author allowed himself more than enough artistic freedom to alter it compared to its HL2 equivalent, but the large and open prison simply didn’t interest me much. But that’s more a personal thing than anything else. I loathe prisons and they also give me the creeps. One thing I should add; the prison appeared to be the least detailed chapter in the entire mod. The level of detail was still quite high, but I preferred the other chapters.

    The prison however wasn’t the ugliest bit, that was reserved for the sewers near China Town. Mind you, ugly is a very relative word, here it means: Ugly compared to the rest of the mod. The sewer in fact was, compared to all the other HL1 mods out there, a fine piece of mapping.

    Audio and other vibrating things
    The new audio in Black Ops wasn’t a whole lot, but compared to most out there, it was a fair amount. Music was (re)used from Half-Life 1 and that worked just fine. I didn’t play with the HL CD in the computer (I never do) but that didn’t ruin the experience. (Only during the credits, there I could’ve used a bit of a tune.)

    Walking sounds were all-custom and were of great quality, but I believe those were the walking sounds from Poke646. (With permission and still sounding great, but they didn’t make those themselves.) Same counts for the weapon sounds and all high-definition models. Those were used from the High-Definition pack that came with Blue Shift.

    Mind you, I’m not calling this a bad thing, using audio created by others is just fine, I just want to make it obvious that the team didn’t make that. (Thus that credit belongs elsewhere.)

    Last audio bit to comment on was the ‘voice acting” during the tutorial. I put it in between apostrophes (sp?) because the voice acting was actually generated with a computer program. Since the character in question was a hologram it was actually fitting, but that didn’t prevent the voice acting from sounding a bit awkward. It would’ve been nice it a somewhat more masculine and friendly voice was used.

    If I didn’t miss any important categories (and I might’ve, but I’m too lazy to check), then this is where I can finally draw the conclusion!

    As you may have noticed (that is, if you paid any attention at all to this review ) I liked Black Ops a lot. Sure, there were a few downsides; the teacher in the tutorial sounded like a tripod, there were a few minor spelling and grammar errors here and there and the characters weren’t exactly deep and interesting but boy; did we [the players] get a lot in return! Great visuals, fun and balanced gameplay and a plot told in an interesting fashion in both in-game scripted sequences and a comic book style of storytelling. This mod isn’t perfect, hence why I don’t nominate it for gold, but it certainly is good enough for a big, fat, Ten Four silver award!

  4. Champloni

    I need some help… I’m stuck on the subway level… I found the key, but what I do fron now on? I can’t junp the box over there, in the middle of my way… Someone, please help me! Thanks a lot!

  5. fitzroy_doll

    Just when you thought it was all over…this, the very latest and greatest Half Life mod puts you in the role of a black ops soldier (so that’s yet another HL character you’ve been able to play as – still trying to locate a rumoured mod where you play as a bullsquid). Full of humour and nice touches (for example, check out employee of the month at the fast food place in China Town – look familiar?), this mod uses high res textures and a modified hud to tell the story of a black ops soldier hunting down a scientist from Black Mesa. As in Poke 646 (from which the mod borrows heavily in parts – but that’s a good thing), much of the action takes place in a city under Xen attack, but in this version of the story the attack occurs simultaneously with the events at Black Mesa. Be sure to do your training (hazard course) first. A very enjoyable and immersive mod.

  6. Nero9

    Nice mod ,qute good one/The gameplay is really enjoyable.But I am abused at creators because the borrowed some of Silent Hill textures and sounds ,like closing door,also the code finding was taken from the Silent Hill and espesialy metro part of the game,with the wooden desk as crowbar.Lets say it is not polite not to mention in the credits part the inspiration made by masterpeace Silent Hill.

  7. Kyle

    I haven’t played much yet, but it already looks VERY cool. If you’re reading this, DOWNLOAD IT! πŸ™‚

  8. Arturas

    I’m stuck in subway. Help anyone. Please !

  9. Carolyn

    Hi Arturas,
    What a coinkydink! I too am stuck in the subway. Even spending life points to cross the tracks, I still end up in the same place running around in circles. Let me know if you find a way out.

  10. Come on readers somebody must be able to help these poor, lost souls!

  11. desmond

    when I downloaded it, I tried to extract all files but it said it doesnt exist is it supposed to be in an extraction folder or should I save it to disk?

  12. desmond

    i got it working but im stuck in the freaking subway level too!

  13. desmond

    i think I figured it out! in the part of the subway where the telephone is, where the headcrab jumps out of the vent at you on the wall there is a small little walkway where you can walk to the vent from

  14. Carolyn

    Desmond (reply 18)
    You are a God!!!!!

  15. Carolyn

    Would you be happy with Demigod? I took that route, got the goodies but now I am still stuck. I have made the circuit about 10 times from one side to the other. Did you find anything else?

  16. desmond

    have you got the card key? its in the room near the security gaurd or scientist I forget. because if you do head back the tracks and on one side to your right theres a door you can go through now.

    p.s. I had to use noclip to figure out where to go.

  17. bumtown

    hahaha I figered out the subway bit months ago.

  18. I’ve completed the Black Ops now, I thought that it is a great game with a very good gameplay. The game is just a little to easy, died about 2 times. I highly recommend this mod to all Half-Life fans!!!

  19. Kir_Fl

    Hi all!
    Mans! I need help!Chapter III
    The lift, code to which 627, after driving on it. I cannot move!
    At you too such was? How it to correct???
    Whether it depends on version Half-Life??

  20. Carolyn

    Hi Kir_FL
    Minor spoiler here…

    This is a common bug in HL 1, being stuck on elevators. Start from your last save and run around in the elevator while it is going up. That is the only thing I found to work. I am assuming this is the elevator you get on from the concrete block basement?
    Just keep doing that until you can get off. Be aware, there are snipers lying in wait, so be prepared to defend yourself. Run really fast for cover if you manage to get off the elevator.

  21. Kir_Fl

    Thanks Carolyn! At me all has turned out!
    Only a question:
    Such bug was at you???
    Whether it depends from a MOD or from Half-Life??

  22. Carolyn

    Hi Kir_Fl
    I am having a bit of difficulty understanding your words, but I will try. I think you are saying you tried what I suggested, running around the elevator, and it worked. If you are asking if this bug is in Half Life or just this mod, I had this bug in Half Life 1 and it ends up being in most of the HL1 Mods. A lot of people complained about that bug in Half Life – being stuck after an elevator ride.

  23. Kir_Fl

    P.S Sorry for my bad English!
    I do not speak English and used the program of translation

  24. Jon

    wtf? πŸ™ Why do I get:

    “Error 403

    You do not have permission to access the file or folder directly.”

    while trying to download anything from PlanetPhilip Server? πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  25. Very strange I’ve just tested it and it worked fine. However I have just had a conversation with somebody with a simialr problem and it was possibly his Firewall. He turned it of and then on again and everything worked fine. However, that is not a suitable solution because you shouldn’t need to do it. I have therefore turned off the hotlinking protection.

    I certainly hope that helps!

    Sorry for your trouble.

  26. Jon

    Now it works, thx! πŸ™‚ Nice dl speed πŸ™‚

  27. adam

    ah, hell let me download it now. Nothing beats downloading a good mod to Men Without Hats live

  28. adam

    hoowee! NOW i’ve played some REALLY SUCKY mods before, but that nearly toped Poke 646!

    most redundent piece of Max Payne ripping off crap i’ve have ever had the misfortune to accept into my retina

    i think the person who made that mod should be hunted down and smashed across the face with a piece of mining equipment!

    I mean, dear lord almighty protector of all which is holy, DELIVERE ME FROM THE BLACK OPS MOD!

    You people should have better taste, and like Azure Sheep more then any mod!!!

    Black Ops:
    Status: Reviewed
    Mod Rating: 0

    Comments: Christ behold the black operations mod! It will make you end yourself.

  29. Gypsy Jim

    Brilliant mod..ignore adam!

    Attention to detail is superb, interesting lighting effects here & there, good gameplay, nice puzzles…. more than a passing nod to Max Payne & HL2 as has been said, but those are meant to be bad things? Huh? Not where I come from….

    But….when you get to the bomb….? HELP! Pretty please, I’ve tried noclipping, every direction I can think of, and still can’t get past this bit. Its driving me round the bend…

  30. Carolyn


    Ok, it’s been awhile, but seems like I remember doing that until I realized you don’t set it off, you just return to base. Look around for an exit point and just leave the bomb after you set it.

  31. Gypsy Jim

    Thanks Carolyn! Just done it & came back here to check if anyone had helped…. that was the first time I didn’t (oops not telling, go find out for yourselves…)

    If you’re just checking it out, download now!


  32. Christian

    Finished, it was nice. Just a regret: I did not get to meet Mona Sax πŸ˜‰
    Oh, btw, I downed the chopper with my pistol only (on hard), as I do when possible. Try that for a challenge, next time xD

  33. Dude, I struggle to down choppers with rocket launchers. I have no chance with a pistol!

  34. Christian

    There is a trick to it (valid on all HM mods I ever played): aim at the blades axle, just below the blades.
    Tricky to land a rocket there, but feasable. I usually only need 2 well aimed rockets, when I use them.
    Some mods (very few, but it happens) harden the choppers, so sometimes you will need more, in which case a pistol would run out of ammo first.
    It is actually easier to aim with the pistol, unless the chopper keep moving fast.
    And there are a few mods where no rocket launcher is handy (so I assume downing the chopper was not meant as an option, but I do it all the same).

  35. Mystery8

    Awesome mod, it was a lot of fun. I was cracking up when the bomb on the door blew up, the door stayed standing but the wall around it fell over – like in cartoons πŸ™‚ The levels looked great, with the textures and extra detail they had almost a “Half-Life 2” feel to them. The little “comic” strips at the end of each section were pretty cool, don’t think I’ve seen that before. Anyone else notice the little nod to Poke 646 in the one sign?

    Great work!

  36. heyzors

    Where do I install this to? I have been tryuing to figure this out since December! I have it downloaded and I know it downloaded correctly because I downloaded it numerous times to make sure but it wont install!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Christian

    You must have all 3 parts in rar file.
    I used WinRar to extract the first one, it automatically extracts all 3.
    You may have a problem if you tried using WinZip.

    Check out the WinRar website if that is the case.

  38. heyzors

    Well I just finished this game and along with Azure Sheep and POV, this is on my favorite mods list!

  39. Christian

    Glad you could eventually enjoy it.

    I will probably replay it myself too, when not too busy with Minions of Mirth, my current MMORPG of choice.

  40. Mel

    Never thought a would review a review but SEThorian write-up of this mod is one of the best constructured reviews around, go read it. I have not finished playing through this mod yet but can ID with most of the comments. So far it has improved with playing depth, all aspect of the game like many other custom mods improve with the time and length of mapping involved. This mod for me started out as an average attempt of a new story line to an old song with surrounds and much of the detail looking very 2D, flat or boxy, visauls too dark everywhere, weak gameplay to start with, some frustrating ledge climbing and too easy opposition. I am now deep into the game and so much has developed on the way, with fine textures better use of visuals, well designed sets and battles within, plenty of off the action walk abouts for goodies, it just gets better. Still don’t like those frustrating building of interior ledge walks, but have enjoyed the mod so far and now appreciate the ease at the start, hate those mods or maps that start so hard that you lose interest from the beginning, much better the gradual build up of gameplay with increasing level of puzzles and battles. As you can tell from the terms used I am a player and not a mapper, would loved to have been a mapper but turned my computer and graphic skills into designing and engineering aircraft and cars.

  41. druidhealer

    When the G-man starts the time for the nuclear weapon-how does one escape?????? Please advise as I am sure I am missing an exit out of the complex.

    Also, has anyone ever found a walkthrough for ADAM and a link where the file will download without the glitch which does not allow you to change weapons and no health meter????



  42. john

    druidhealer..i escaped, for I am black ops. maybe your druid cape is slowing you down. hehe. you must run like the devil and you will see what happens. great mod. would like to see somemore projects via black ops.
    druidhealer: I finished adam a while ago. I didnt have a glitch. think I downloaded it from fileplanet? where are you stuck in adam. I will look on the comments on adam to see if you posted thier.

  43. Ezequielhl

    It’s a very good map pack. New well placed textures, new story with a relation to Half Life. Models? maybe: the High def. pack with black hands: it’s OK.

    Sometimes it gets very easy, but it’s funny anyway.

    The “comic type” narration for this mod is very original. I recommend this: 4/5.

  44. AI

    I just go done DL’g this mod and was reading the “readme file” here is a sentence from it
    “Thanks for purchasing BlackOPS”— Was this supposed to be a comerical product??? It looks good from the pics above! anyone know??

  45. A real fun to play through, really fluid game with excellent (custom) texturing and use of sounds (map are correctly build nothing out of the norm) the end could be a little disapointing but you will mostly really enjoy this one especially if you loved poke646 from where it take a lot of inspiration in the way mission and the hole mod has been designed

  46. Theepicshephard

    I under stand in the spirit of being spoiler free, but I’m REALLY stuck at the end. After Shephard’s deactived the bomb, then the g-man reactivates it, I run and run and run and run, but I can only ever make it to the top, then there’s an invisible wall across what I THINK is the exit, and can someone PLEASE advise and give me a straight answer other than “run and you’ll find out’

    thanks in advance!


  47. it’s just a run till a certain place where you will be save just run back to the surface jump cut all corners to win time and it should work

  48. john

    it might also help to run and jump while cutting corners to save time.

  49. Ag3nt-X

    Best mod ever.

  50. One of the best mods I’ve ever played.

  51. I played this mod a while ago, and from where I can tell, it’s very, very funny in the comedic way, some signs, and the scripted event where you try to blow up a door was amazing. Oh and the poke646-like comic system is very entertaining to watch.

    But, in my own individual opinion, I hated the ending, and the hand model, I mean, from the screenshots you can tell, man that black HEV suit kicks ass! but wait, you are a black ops guy! sorry for this comment, but I just can’t stand this little details that nobody should pay attention when playing a seriously good mod.

    It kicks ass, download it.

  52. Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

    AI’s image contribution:

    So, here it is. A sexy shot of Alyx!

    I’ve also updated the download link.

  53. AI

    This is only one of many items to find, scattered all thru the mod!! NO! I’m not a dirty old man, for sending this! But I didn’t see anyone else’s screen shots! I don’t like looong drawn out reviews (boring)! I thought this mod played good, but I didn’t like the ending! Too abbruped!(pardon my spelling) The music in the Dead End bar,that was different! I almost popped my sound subwoofer!! Try to find the other items(eastereggs I think)!!

  54. Bruno

    very good this mod …. thanks planetphillip for this mod (:D

  55. I LOVE THIS MOD! but its like poke646

  56. Bruno

    this mod is exelent ….n*1

  57. Not much to add here. Just ignore that Adam and D/L. There are POke646 references throughout this mod as well as JPEGed pin ups. And, at last a mod that made me laugh. Some nice routing through some excellent maps. Could have been a bit longer, maybe. Try it on a harder level as there is too much ammo and everybody just stands about on easy. I did like the storyline, just run like the blazes at the end.

  58. murga

    This is the best mod for HL no doubt about
    it 5/5 !!!

  59. Dr. Feelgood
    Play It Now!

    One of the best mods.

  60. miki

    Hey, are there any new weapons in this mod?

  61. anonymous
    Play It Now!

    One of the best Single Player HL1 mods!!

    Get it now!

  62. miki

    Help! I can’t find exit after I plant the nuclear device.I end up de ad if I try to get to the surface.Help!

  63. miki


    Come om I tried the bomb explodes when I reach the exit to the surface.Is there any other way out?

  64. There’s only one way out & a certain amount of time to do it in. Run like you’re on fire.

  65. geekofalltrades
    Play It Now!

    What an excellent mod. The gameplay, if a bit tedious at times, remains great fun. In addition to being an intense and serious mod with a strong backstory, Black Ops manages to be screamingly funny at times too. Look around for all of the sly references made to other games and mods. Great stuff, every minute of it.

  66. shawn

    I’ve downloaded it twice but it doesn’t show up in my customs games list. I have the latest patch (but don’t have steam) and unzipped the file to g:/sierra/halflife/blackops but haven’t had any luck.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  67. Play It Now!

    You need the patch for Version

    You don’t need Steam.

    If you’ve extracted it first to create a folder, make sure you copy only the “internal” blackops folder. If you click on the folder and it opens to reveal another blackops folder, then that’s where your problem is. You only need the folder with the contents itself.

    Try using a different program other than Winzip – like Winrar. It will tell you that you need to purchase a license after 40 days, but I swear I’ve had it for what seems forever and I’ve never had to.

    If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what else to do unless there’s something wrong with your Half-Life installation.

    I just tested it and it seems fine and shows up in my custom games list.

    Great mod, so I hope you get it working. Definitely worth the download.

  68. Ade

    miki, when I didn’t put the code in (because I could open a couple of doors without the code), it wouldn’t let me out on time; when I did, I just ran to the surface, no pbs whatsoever, and finished it.
    the reason I played this mod again these days was because I am looking for a certain mod in the city (and I DO apologize if I’m off topic), maybe in the city exclusively, where you just cross a map mostly by hugging buildings and crossing from one to another, without touching the streets” floor much. Also, there were a couple of notes like: “I’m on vacation, George, but I left the _____ door open” or “I left the key to the _____ in the _____” and one shiny key was in an attic. Not too many enemies, maybe some alien grunts. I’m going slowly through Poke 646, but I doubt that’s it. If anybody has an idea of what it’s called and it is a tiiiny possibility that it’s not on this site, PLEASE let me know.

  69. Ade

    well, what do you know, it was poke 646.. I only remembered the parts with the city, because I loved them and forgotten everything else, despite it’s length πŸ˜€ sry
    no more offtopics

  70. blah

    Are there any weapon cheats?

  71. HL Masta

    WARNING: This mod contains teen(16)-adult(18) content, find out yourself!

  72. Are there any weapon cheats?


  73. Ade

    Is he allowed to do that? πŸ˜€

  74. poisonheadcrab

    This mod was good but I tought it was a tad to short and I think you should have visited xen but it was still enjoyable.

  75. Matt

    It’s all downloaded and put into the folder, but when I start the game a message saying:

    Could not load library and it refers to the client.dll file in the blackops folder.

    Can anyone help me out plz? it would be muchly appreciated πŸ˜€


  76. shawn
    Play It Now!

    Thanks, Alyria! I reinstalled my Half-Life 1 without Steam and was able to get Black Ops into my Custom Games straightaway.

    This mod starts slowly, and at first is fairly tedious. It seems likely the designer was inexperienced, but he learned quickly, because after the first half-hour or so the levels became more interesting, the gameplay more engaging, the textures better. I definitely enjoyed it, and appreciated the designer’s wit in several places.

  77. Bear72
    Play It Now!

    Help…….How do I get out of the Bar? Yep I’m a confused old fart!

  78. Bear72

    Never mind, I’m out. Great Mod by the way!!!!

  79. Moonsorrow

    Hi this a really good mod…I need help, I am actually on the disco “Dead End” and have killed every Aliens. I also have grenades and ammo for shotgun…What should I do know? If someone can help me, that will be very nice^^! I havn’t found any Walkthroughs!

  80. Gilfrarry

    Downstairs in the bar is a locked door with a keypad. To open it you first have to find the code, which is on a piece of paper (read it with the “use” key) lying on the balcony, which is accessed by way of the room with three round tables.

  81. Moonsorrow

    Oh thanks, that is really nice! I am trying this solution!

  82. Moonsorrow

    How can I run to the exit, I always explode at the 2nd floor and can’t use stairs, cause the doors are destroyed! Need some help please (one more time^^)

    @ Gillfrary: thanks for the trick, I used this method to read other secret passwords πŸ˜‰

  83. Gilfrarry

    Do what comes naturally in such a situation – run as soon as possible. You may have to reload from an earlier save, before the cutscenes. You’re welcome.

  84. Moonsorrow
    Play It Now!

    Thanks for the trick Gilfrarry, I have finished it! This is really good!

  85. AI

    Roman, I know dialup is a bummer! Where do you live (country wise)??

  86. roman
    Play It Now!

    I Tried download it with some attempts. And on half of file, after next disconnect, was found out that server does not permit
    to download from URL any more πŸ™

    ( Possible .. URL’s lifetime is short )

    Some time later I simply have taken new URL from download page on the same file. ( to my download manager)And it works.

    Well ,the mod is good. I’ve got some errors, like not opening doors, but I’ve resolve it. I have played that mod for about 6 hours. Errors (IMHO) is mostly at the begining.
    I am almost fan! ;P

    AI :
    Roman, I know dialup is a bummer! Where do you live (country wise)??

    I am from Russia.

  87. Anonymous

    Is there any way that I can make this mod run on steam? It would be really nice.

  88. Harald

    Is it possible to run this mod on Steam? If so, how do you install it?

  89. Moonsorrow

    Hi Harald (er du fra Norge eller Sverige?) it’s possible to run this mod with steam. You have to extract the contents here Valve\Steam\SteamApps\your_steam_name\half-life
    The extractor will create automatically an appropriate folder! Then you have to start steam again (if it’s already running) and then will the mod appear!
    Have fun!

  90. Infini7yx

    Is it posiible to run this mod on Steam? If so, I wold be very happy if you could tell me how to install it via Steam.

    Edit: Thanks Moonsorrow!

  91. Harald

    Jag Àr Svensk. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the help!

  92. Moonsorrow

    @ Harald: Vær sΓƒΒ₯ god Harald, du kommer sikkert ΓƒΒ₯ ha gøyd med det (jeg er fransk og kan norsk)
    @ Infini7y: no problem, enjoy it!

  93. Harald

    I’m stuck at the subway. Is there any kind of key that I have to find to get past those doors located in the subway?

  94. Harald

    That’s not a problem anymore. Tried to ledgeclimb and it worked. Guess that it’s a common way to progress in a level, so I should always have that in mind. Not so strange though since you are a Black Op.

  95. Harald
    Play It Later

    So I finished it now! The plot was simple but entertaining, the comic-style storyelling worked really well, but I would rather have seen some voice acting instead. The beginning was a little bit frustrating but the mod got better and better the longer you played it. The mod wasn’t perfect ( Don’t actually think that one of those mods exists), I found some small wrongs here and there ( The Black Mesa Incident didn’t take place at 1998 as Black Ops says, it was in 200X, and the place where you armed the nuke in the end was wrong according to Opposing Force) but you can live with those. Too bad that it didn’t last that long, I wanted to play more! Black Ops: Source someone? πŸ˜›

  96. Poisonheadcrab
    Play It Now!

    Nice mod, but I only wished you could visit xen at least once or twice. But a fun mod to play, great new styl.

  97. Volvo

    found a pic of pornstar Angelica Sinn πŸ˜€

    1. koz

      lol,did you see the alyx one?

  98. AI

    @107, are you refering to the person on the cover of the mag?? check post #58, that’s Alyx Vance! I think there were no other female pics in the game!!

  99. Volvo

    Ok, I am at the black mesa level. I have no HUD I cant change weapons and when I m left with an rpg and a magum with no ammo. im dead. I hope this is a bug.

  100. Volvo

    I am SOO STUCK, I need help :/ anyway to bring bback the hud?

  101. Robspace1
    Play It Now!

    Just finished this and really liked it. It has about evrything I like in a game. Lots of action and puzzles that are actually doable.Is there any better feeling then finally dropping a chopper after hitting it 5 times with a rocket? I like mods with the choppers in them. This one gives you a Stinger to take em out with. Great! Their also fun on groups of zombies. Kinda messy but really effective. This one was long and it had alot of different twists and turns. I did get lost a while in the prison. That seemed like too much time spent in there and it becomes a maze after a while. Easy to get turned around. Watch where you’ve been so you don’t return.
    There seemed to be an awful lot of doors to nowhere. Most doors in this don’t open and the ones that do need a code to open so be sure to check all notes laying around. They have codes to make it out. This has good lighting throughout but I really wish it was outside in the day time more. Why so much nightime?

    The ending is tricky and you need to really think hard before making a final decision. Thats all I’m saying on that. It’s a good mod and has everything a good mod needs.And the price is right!

  102. mcrip
    Personal Favourite

    Oh, YES! Poke 646-Stuff again!

  103. jigron

    Where do I install Half-Life mods to!

  104. steamapps/username/half-life or C:\SIERRA\Half-Life

  105. Anonymous

    Oh my God that guy stole mah briefcase!!!!

  106. Anonymous

    i’m stuck at the attic………..right after the subway and into some buildings, there are 2 windows and only 1 is opened, I can’t get pass that area…

  107. Anonymous

    Duck down and jump into the window. It might take several time but you’ll make it.

  108. berk
    Personal Favourite

    It is really good mod…specialy at last part(which u seting a bomb to black mesa)…but I can’t understand what’s happening at the last part…Are we die? or we escape?…?????

  109. berk

    And another question…why woman black ops attack us???

  110. SWAT
    Play It Now!

    I always wanted to play as a BlackOp :))))))) We’ve had Scientist in HEV, HECU soldier and Security officer. Now it was time for Black Ops operative πŸ™‚ Too bad that it was so light connected with main plot of black mesa incident… It would be good that this fragment about bomb would have taken place exactly as it was shown in official campaigns… I dont remember if it was observed by Freeman or Shephard….

  111. SWAT

    berk – It was shown that BlackOps agent know her… maybe she was a, so called, rogue agent? A traitor?

  112. Thanoshld

    Great mod!Also who had made this mod?I want to contact him for some permission to use his textures.

    1. Thanoshld
      Play It Now!

      Nevermind got in touch with him!Great mod people a sure download.

  113. Ninto55

    I’m having a weird glitch, I got to the level where you are entering black mesa and for some reason my hud won’t load I can’t switch weapons none of that! Please help.

  114. I can’t get past the Gonarch, can someone help me?

  115. I can’t get past the Gonarch. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

    Oh, and the prison strongly reminded me of Nova Prospekt. From the Design and the layout… πŸ˜€

  116. Play It Now!

    This mod is a lot of fun, it tells the story of the Black Ops Solider that sets the nuke up in Black Mesa in Opposing Force.

    It’s done very well, it has comic book style panels for the cutscenes, which are pretty awesome, but for some reason, the two top panels were cut off partly, so I couldn’t read them.

    Time to play Black Ops Redux, I wanted to play the original first, so I could spot all the differences.

  117. Think Twice

    Maybe it’s my expectations were too high, maybe I’ve been spoiled on source mods and other indie games, but for a mod that is one of the top 5 half life mods on Planet Phillip, I was just left thoroughly unimpressed.
    The mod started out with a unique feel, but the pacing made it feel dull and tedious. What extra details there were just came across as visual (and sometimes physical) clutter. Eventually the mapping felt more streamlined, and better paced, but they also seemed to draw proportionally more on mimicking HL2 and other existing maps in the HL series.
    As typical with mods like this, only the human enemies felt properly utilized, and it was like the alien enemies were tossed in as an afterthought.
    [spoiler]Speaking of which. You get to fight a Gonarch, and you get to see a Gargantuan, but Alien Grunts never even show up.[/spoiler]This just came across as a serious weakness since all you ever fought seriously were the HECU.

    Perhaps one other thing that spoiled the game for me was how the night vision worked. I couldn’t even tell where the meter was for powering it, but it seemed like you could go close to 5 or 10 minutes without needing to turn it off. When I did turn it off, the maps looked very nice, but also had so many shadows that it was impossible to spot enemies. Since it makes enemies show up in red, and gets rid of absolutely all shadows with no other problems, I barely EVER turned it off, which basically made the mod look like it was constantly running on a fullbright effect. It just generally was not flattering to the mod.

    Maybe this is one of those mods that is “good for it’s time” but I really don’t think that it has aged very well.

  118. Play It Now!

    Very cool mod! Play it now!

  119. Play It Now!

    Yikes! Why nobody told me there’s another Poke646-style mod for HL1 ?? πŸ˜›
    I already played it 2 times and it’s much fun, not only cause of the very good graphics!
    See below what else I mean:

    -Awesome graphics (poke646 style)
    -Nice scripted scenes
    -Realistic atmoshphere (also cause of cd music)
    -Well-telled storyline and “cutscenes”
    -Greetings from Max Payne πŸ˜‰ (not personally but some known features of MP1)
    -Quite long playtime

    -Some leveldesign lacks (lookings)
    -The tip of the iceberg is missing, I don’t know what but it feels a lil incomplete to make it one of my personal fav’s, nonetheless it’s very good entertainment for like 1-2 hours

  120. Play It Later

    This mod was great! The gameplay was really fun, the story and the way it was told was all good, and finding some of the secret cache areas provided an extra layer of challenge to the mod.

    Some things which really put me off however, and prevented me from making this an all-time favourite, were the spouts of poor level design, and the unprofessionalism presented with the numerous spelling errors in the text. The night vision was also poorly designed, as it changed the look of the areas too much, even when they were already lit up, and you could easily forget you had it on, and be wondering why everything looked much worse.

    What really irked me was the invisible walls, and nonsensical dead ends in areas. I really hate areas which I should be able to get past, but the game simply won’t let me move through, or there is something silly blocking the way, like a small bit of tape I could easily break. Textures and layouts were also sometimes repeated, which made it very confusing for a player trying to find out where to go. This was especially prevalent in the train station scene.

    The “parkour” scenes required for the main story was also probably a bit tricky and requiring too much finesse; not everyone should be expected to balance along a ledge for that far. Making it wider would have been much better and less frustrating. Having said that though, I didn’t mind having to do some tricky manoeuvres to get to the supply caches, as I treated them as an extra optional challenge, and was not too fussed if I couldn’t make one (I think I made most of them though!).

    Fighting the female assassins was a bit weird too; did the author not realise they are part of the Black Ops?

    I really did like the detailed story and gameplay though. These mods which give alternate perspectives, like this, Azure Sheep, Point of View, are all really great. The comics were really great too, and it’s a shame the top text of some of them was cut off, so I missed out on some of the story. Not really the mod’s fault though I guess.

    The ending was really great. I definitely recommend anyone play this mod when they get a chance. For people wondering about the length, it is 5 chapters + a prologue + an epilogue, with each consisting of around 2 maps, so there is definitely plenty to play!

  121. Anon_720772

    How do I download?

    1. Click the link under the PlanetPhillip Download Servers

  122. Personal Favourite

    Awesome! Many things made me love this mod:

    – Custom tutorial

    – Fun small puzzles

    – Not too hard to find the paths

    – Great representation of the city (Buildings, metro, jail, container boxes, etc.)

    – Cutscenes relieve the scary atmosphere of the game.

    – Well-planned combats

    Black Mesa

    One of the best HL1 mods I’ve ever played! Thanks for making this mod.

  123. Oh dang I just learned there’s a patch to make this mod play with Half-Payne to bring the stylistic and level design home as well as update the visuals. I love having different characters play differently from Gordon and I wasn’t too interested in playing the same HL1 campaign again, but Half-Payne Black Ops sounds PERFECT!

    1. Just played through Half-Payne Black Ops. DANG it’s hard to believe that campaign was made 11 years prior to Half-Payne. It feels built for it! The story’s very dumb with a very dumb ending, but it is a lot of fun with a ton of set-pieces, environmental diversity, a very custom weapon roster that fits, and plenty of trap fights with grunts to really show off the Payne. Honestly it might be more balanced than Max Payne.

      Do not play Black Ops if you want an well written expansion upon Half-Life’s world, insight into the Black Ops perspective, or any kind of political maneuvering. Play it for basically an original Half-Payne campaign that’s dumb and silly fun. It feels like a tall tale from Black Ops people that really want to brag about how their operatives are Max Payne and how one of their dudes was so cool he outran(?) the Black Mesa nuke… while it was destroying the building The main drawbacks are that the level design can get annoying with ledge walking and invisible walls, there’s some nude/scantily clad posters that may make it hard to stream this on Twitch on top of just feeling puerile, and in widescreen text gets cut off on the comic panel cutscenes.
      Way to go ZikShadow for marrying these two into such a good package; I def recommend it to anyone who wants a Half-Life campaign that plays very differently according to its protagonist.

  124. Play It Now!

    A not too difficult mod with an interesting storyline.

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