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18 December 2006


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Born in 1989 this fellow began to play FPS's in the early 03' A little late for his age because he just can't grow up.

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03 Nov 2007 Operation Krautsalat That's enough for me to say Avoid It!
29 Oct 2007 Mistake Pre-Release This mods takes us to what appears to be a deserted mental clinic of some sort.Anyway, you begin...
23 Sep 2007 Black Mesa Sideline A small two-map claustrophobic adventure, with good taste on design and well balanced battles.Th...
29 Aug 2007 Instinct In the big room where you are stuck, you need to aquire the long jump module (underwater) and th...
30 Jul 2007 Poll Question 041 - Who does the G-Man work for? He's working for Valve! he is the one who makes all the game so LINEAR so you can just blast the ...
13 May 2007 Poll Question 030 - Do you prefer online distribution systems or normal retail? I have a confession... I'm a lazy bastard Online Distribution FTW!
20 Apr 2007 Poll Question 027 - What is your favourite game music? Goldeneye and Perfect Dark have the best music I ever heard in a videogame.
18 Apr 2007 Poll Question 026 - What environmental setting has been over used the most in SP levels? Now I remember, Blood 2 featured not exactly a flying fortess, but a base or something like that,...
14 Apr 2007 Poll Question 026 - What environmental setting has been over used the most in SP levels? The Alien World/dimension is a popular setting too, Xen anyone? When it comes to alien worlds ...
24 Mar 2007 Idol Hunt You have to jump! and it's possible.
22 Mar 2007 Idol Hunt Hello there Kasperg! I'm one of those players who really enjoyed this mini-mod of yours, this ...
21 Mar 2007 Idol Hunt Wow! my prayer has been heard! Vilcamba as a full mini-episode! From what I have read, I think...
21 Mar 2007 Ispitatel 4 Well, as I said, I started playing the mod as soon as I finished downloading, and finished after ...
20 Mar 2007 Ispitatel 4 Just finished it. THIS MOD DOESN't MAKE ANY SENSE LOL 6/5
08 Mar 2007 Map and Releases Comparison for - Half-Life 1 and 2 Ah! With the Hammer made easy application you have announced you have shut me up!
08 Mar 2007 Map and Releases Comparison for - Half-Life 1 and 2 With today's technologies we can't afford simplicity for these kind of games, the more advanced a...
07 Jan 2007 The Ides Of March I would buy Bioshock forever.
05 Jan 2007 Absolute Redemption The bad: Long intro, Gman's voice, the ending is... well, unrewarding. The good: The best desi...
02 Jan 2007 Dead Sector Very enjoyable experience from start to finish, the storyline and map design is immersive enough ...
02 Jan 2007 Black Ops I played this mod a while ago, and from where I can tell, it's very, very funny in the comedic wa...
02 Jan 2007 Resident Evil: Cold Blood They are currently working on the BETA 2, which is gonna be the last multiplayer development stag...
01 Jan 2007 Poke 646 What else can I say about this mod? I even like the crates :P
01 Jan 2007 Someplace Else No crates, no airducts, no loading screens either, this single map is one of the experiences I wi...
01 Jan 2007 Robotech - Invasion Why on Half Life Release section then? :(
01 Jan 2007 Robot The screenshot above explains it all, just a single room, big robot, a panel that doesn't work, a...
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