Resident Evil: Cold Blood

for Half-Life

4th September 2005

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  1. AI

    Bob, The link is not broken, copy & paste the upper web link into your browser, it will take you to then look for the DL link, you eventually end up at FileFront (phew) alot of fooling around for a file (I know!) maybe PlanetPhillip will have it soon?? I just DL’d it about 10 min ago, good luck!!

  2. Should be available this week.Its a hectic time of year.Please dont just look for broken links.If they are broke we will get to them as they come up or before.Now if you dont mind its 1:43AM my time and I’ve had a few beers and plan on going to sleep now.

  3. I accept responsibility for this post and apologize.

    It is one of the few post where I wanted to make sure PP readers knew it was available but I didn’t have time to post images and a description etc.

    I thought it better to have something rather than nothing.

    Also, if I remember correctly, I wasn’t at my home pc (With photoshop etc) when I added this one. Rest assured ALL maps and mods will be formatted properly, eventually.

  4. AI

    Turns out after all the fun of getting this mod, I installed it and quickly found out this is one of those co-op types, not my cup of tea!! It’s a large DL (112mb) and I dumped it already! Phillip ya don’t have to apologize for anything, you have been through enough and I understand the fustration!!

  5. Its single player and co-op.You just have to start a server of your own to play.Weird way of doing it but it is still a beta.

  6. They are currently working on the BETA 2, which is gonna be the last multiplayer development stage, and guess what, they are working on a new gameplay mode a pure singleplayer storyline.

  7. TheRipper

    So I have 2 questions:

    1- Is it singleplayer or not?
    2 If so, how do I get the sp part to work?

  8. Ade

    Its single player and co-op.You just have to start a server of your own to play.Weird way of doing it but it is still a beta.

  9. TheRipper

    Thanks, I already read that. But what does it mean? I assume the server you talk about is that program hlds.exe in the Half-Life folder. Then what?
    Is there, for example, instructions on how to do this with the download?
    Or can I only do this if I know about client/server, ip protocols etc.?

  10. Ade

    I’m guessing you just have to go in multiplayer and start a server, man

  11. TheRipper

    Thank you, Ade, Since I never do multiplay, this has taken me a while to figure out.

    Just one question left: Will it work as a LAN game? Otherwise I need a valid key, which I don’t have anymore.

  12. Ade

    you’ll just have to try every way 😛 shouldn’t take long

  13. TheRipper

    Guess what, it can work simply as an SP game. You just have to change the startmap in the ‘liblist.gam” to the proper one (recb_darkwoods). You might also have to copy the maps to the ‘valve/maps” folder. However, whatever you do, there is no flashlight. And you can only save/load during the game, not in the menu. Because of the beta stage, I guess. So I think I’ll wait until the real SP version comes out…

  14. Play It Now!

    This Mod looks great, but it lags my crappy computer big time. I’ll have to search out some
    performance tweaks and try againe! = )(If anybody knows of some client commands or a easy way for me to disable effects, lemme know

  15. Ian

    I have installed this game/mod in my half life folder and when I load it the half life splash screen just stares back at me. Have I done something wrong, maybe. My half life version is
    I would gladly appreciate some help, thanks.

  16. TheRipper

    Ian, there are posts in this section about how it should be run. Have you read them?

  17. Ian

    Thank you TheRipper. I did read your post and I should have paid more attention to that, sorry. I am pretty dense when it comes to a game not working. I suppose I should have asked how do I open the liblist file?

  18. Gilfrarry

    Any plain text editor like Notepad will work.

    If you get a message saying “Windows cannot open this file,” choose “select the program from a list,” hit OK and scroll down to Notepad. Click on Notepad and hit OK again.

  19. Ian

    Thanks, I got it working.

  20. All you have to do to make this mod to work is to rename folder Resident Evil Cold Blood to RESIDENT! I renamed it and it works.

  21. Maybe?

    This isn’t really an SP mod, as the main draw of the mod is doing it co-op, you can still play it alone of course, but it’s not the same, as the difficulty is really high, and there are multiple characters and some are required to advance in a few maps, you can only choose one though, making these maps unbeatable in single player mode

    The mod definitely looks great, with some detailed models and nice lightning, the biggest problem is that it is TOO dark, you have to keep the flashlight on at all times, the problem is that the flashlight is now assigned to another weapon slot, that means that you can’t use the flashlight and a weapon at the same time, to make matters worse, not all characters have a flashlight, making the game more about fumbling in the dark trying to avoid the zombies than anything else, there’s also the issue in that ammo is really scarce and you will run out of ammo very, very quickly, so you have to rely on your melee weapon most of the time

    Overall, as a singleplayer game, it is almost unplayable, is too hard and you have so many limited options, I couldn’t even get past the starting area in most of the levels, is a shame, because the mod looks really fun, especially with friends, it kinda reminds me of Left 4 dead, but with more characters options and a Resident Evil skin, I would say that… as a singleplayer game, it would get a “Think Twice”, as a multiplayer game, a “Play it Now” or “Play it Later”, so I’ll rate it as the average of the two, a “Maybe?”

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