Poll Question 041 – Who does the G-Man work for?

27th July 2007

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

This poll is directly mainly at Half-Life players but don’t let that stop you from voting.

The G-man is a mysterious character and in some ways is more important than Gordon Freeman. Everybody has their ideas and opinions about him and now is the time to share them.

This week’s poll question is:

Who does the G-Man work for?


I have a small admission to make….I don’t really pay much attention to all the minor story plots etc and this point has probably been discussed on the dedicated Half-Life universe forums and maybe it has been answered definitively by Valve. If that’s the case, sorry.


This vote allows multiple choices. Please don’t just vote all of them!

The Combine Overlords

We get a brief glimpse of these in Half-Life 2 and very little is known about the, Of course if the G-Man is working for them why would he allow Gordon Freeman loose? Arrh! Gears within gears my friend.


Why work for somebody else when you can hire yourself to the highest bidder? Perhaps he has many employers and keeps playing them off against each other.

A Secret Human/Earth Organization.

How better to take control of the Earth than to have somebody else invade it then get rid of the invading force? Perhaps the true forces of Earth are lying in wait for Gordon Freeman to do his work and then mount a surprise attack!


Maybe he is an employee of PlanetPhillip and uses his influence to keep the game interesting and thereby make the community create more Single Player mods!

Valve Software

Perhaps he is in fact a real person and the game was created as a vehicle for him to tel a forthcoming story? oooooh spooky.


Have your own ideas? Of course you do. Just write in the area provided on the poll and also make a comment.


  1. armand nun

    he works for the illuminati.

  2. zeroth404

    I thought it was pretty obvious that Gman is Gordon Freeman, probably from the future. give gman a beard and some glasses, and he looks like gordon.

    And, common….

    Free Man
    Geee Man

    1. Plzwork1122

      That is a very silly idea… But common… Look at the eyes… Nose… Ears… G-Man isn’t human…

  3. cubedude89

    Wow zeroth404 thats a crazy idea. Very cool though!

  4. He works for the Firm

  5. Ryan "Quakis" Rouse

    Wow zeroth404 thats a crazy idea. Very cool though

    Even though the very same idea has been approached billions of times on many forums =P

    I think he actually works for PlanetPhillip and has some evil plot awaiting in Episode 3 to cause all sp-mod websites to shut down, and only this site still stands as a sp-mod resource – or maybe PlanetPhillip IS the Gman himself! *shiftyeyes* I expect to see some Gman images all over this site after the release of Episode 3 >3

  6. If he is Gordon, why does he give you the choice at the end of HL? If you don’t jump into the teleport he sends you to the alien world to die. Surely even the G-Man wouldn’t do that to himself.

    He can’t work for the aliens as he seems quite pleased that the Earth forces have secured Xen at the end of HL. He can’t work for the Combine as he’s the one that sets you free so you can kill them at the beginning of HL2.

    Occam’s Razor says that the simplest solution tends to be the correct one. He looks human so we should assume he is. If he is human, I think he must be working for a secret Earth organisation. Doesn’t he refer to his superiors at the end of HL?

    But is he human?

  7. THe Gman is quite active on Planetphillip and i’m sure is first name is Phillip…I now finally understand why he is so overbooked…BTW I wouldn’t like to be next gordon I let this on somebody else but I would appreciated if the job is open to work as Barney…

    Seriously I’m the most convinced by the secret organisation…

  8. I like the middleman idea. Where he is contracting with both aliens and combine. He’s getting rich off both sides while the rebellion suffers.

  9. zeroth404

    There must be an explanation for the way the G-man speaks. perhaps he is s biological exo-skeleton which translates into english everything that the alien wearing it says….

    or maybe the G-man IS gordon from the future, and he had some sort of vocal implants because we all know gordon can’t talk!

    or maybe hes a robot.

  10. AI

    I believe G-Man is an IRS agent, and he’s trying to keep tabs on Freeman for income tax evasion! They are a sneeky lot, like FBI,NSA, ect.

  11. Jimbo

    He works for Valve. Duh.

  12. Memobot

    Some kind of human (or just an ally of humans) Time Agency agent from the future, that has to stop the Combine decades previously from destroying Earth before it is too late.
    I’ve heard worse. (G-man is his Dad? Please no!)

  13. here are the current Other answers:
    * Cobra!
    * Another Race
    * Another secret alien race
    * me
    * Gordon Freeman… he’s his agent
    * for me
    * gordon freeman
    * he is gordon freeman.

  14. laytz94

    He can’t work for himself! In Opposing Force and Half-Life, at the end, he tells you about his “employers” and their “not so trusting” ness lol. It’s true though…

    I like the IRS theroy too.

  15. The G-Man is not Gordon. I believe VALVe has stated this before (don’t know where, though).

    Gordon Freeman

    So what? It’s a coincidence. Did you know that the name “Gordon Freeman” was actually chosen pretty much at random? I read that somewhere, can’t remember where, though — I’ll try to find it.

    Anyway, I’m not sure who he works for, but I’m leaning towards “A Secret Human/Earth Organization’. Maybe the Patriots from Metal Gear Solid…! 😛

  16. X7_Brazil

    Hey we cant be so sure, I would say for a secret interplanetary organization. EP2 is coming in october ninve and in it we will see the truth even though the game is not cheap.

  17. He’s working for Valve! he is the one who makes all the game so LINEAR so you can just blast the way he wants you to!

  18. Gman is an alien in a human host body, like Breen would have become if he suceeded in his teleport at the end of HL2 (Breens speech is repeated in a recording in EP1).
    Taking a host body is the only way Gman can ‘survive in (our) environment’.
    Maybe the host body IS Freeman’s and he goes back in time?
    Also one of his eye textures has a very small backwards “3” on it. You need to decompile the model and look at the textures to really see it.
    Yes i’ve spent too long thinking about this (all in preperation for my HL2 mod!)

  19. Norton R Martin

    Well, I will be kind of a joker for now…BUT G-MAN WORKS FOR VALVE SOFTWARE!

    Be assured about that. why do you think he must always wear his suit? (Although he uses the same for, well 10 years? Imagine all the time Gordon was put on Stasis but there he goes, still using that same navy blue suit, which, by the way, rises the question of G-Man be able to just create a human form and act like one, since, well, does he ever wash that suit anyway?)

    Because he needs to be well presented, and Valve software itself really endorses good presentation, although simple through G-Man, which they can show that guy but don’t rise much work from texturing him ever since and selling some more HL2’s episodes (he he!), as, you know, the truth about G-Man will be revealed in HL2.

    Now, talking in depth the game, I would say he is from an interplanetary division/organization, since he can interact with the vortigaunts, put Gordon on Stasis, through illusion or what-have-you, and make those major appearances around the game, which is a doubt of where he always hid.

    (Did you guys ever read Concerned comics? Gosh, do G-Man simple hid himself behind crates or something? Oh if not asking much, I would ask Philip to keep the commentary within the image tough, or just remove it and keep this commentary ;P.

    Sci-Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods
  20. MrHappy

    I think it’s pretty clear that he works for a non-combine alien organization, at least to me!

    1. He offered Gordon’s contract to “the highest bidder”

    2. Obviously gordon wasn’t hired by the combine, but by the rebels

    3. G-Man’s inflections are distincly alien, he does not seem comfortable with the human language

    I believe that he works with another alien consortium that is not the combine, but does work with them from time to time. Namely in the development of technology at the Aperature science laboratories! However, they couldn’t afford gordon, rather time traveling humans hired him from the gman to make sure that the rebels win!

  21. I’m going with posts 18 and 20. He is clearly alien. Bad complexion, pasty faced, rasping voice, poor gait. Who does he work for? Some sort of universal, illuminatii, supreme ruler types. “I am the last’, The whole of Half Life is a sorry, ambiguous mess, with no real good guys or bad guys. Just Gordon fighting for survival and doing ‘their” dirty work both at Black Mesa and on Xen. Although, the G-Man as we have come to know him does look to have an agenda of his own. I would hope that Half Life 2 would enlighten us more but, not having played it, it would seem to be a very sorry, ambiguous mess with no good guys or bad guys. Oh, apart from a “friend” in EP1.

  22. Well, this poll is over. Here are the final Other answers:
    * Aliens (enemies of the combine)
    * Government
    * He is in partnership with Doctor Freeman.
    * militerie
    * Mario!
    * Aperture Science
    * Dude, everyone works for you, they just dont know it yet.
    * no-one,,,
    * A Toilet Company trying to lure Gordon to buy the latest!
    * Gordon Freeman.
    * Gman is gordon freeman so he works for himself
    * A Universal Ruling Class
    * teh zombies 😮
    * aperture science inc
    * A Differnt group of aliens
    * The Ori
    * He is an alien, thats taken human form, either comine or some other faction.
    * Another Alien Race
    * misunderstood servant of the people
    * he works for me
    * nobody knows
    * Cobra!
    * Another Race
    * Another secret alien race
    * me
    * Gordon Freeman… he’s his agent
    * for me
    * gordon freeman
    * he is gordon freeman.

    Personally I like:
    “Dude, everyone works for you, they just dont know it yet.”

    At some point I will add the results. I am hoping to eventually be able to leave the original poll within the post itself, so that readers can continue to vote and see the results. However, this is currently not possible due to some technical problem that Poll Daddy tell me they are working on.

  23. Here are the results as an image.
    Sci-Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

  24. bkadar

    he is dick cheney

  25. bkadar

    or rather richard

  26. YAHOO

    G-man could work for the combine and hes trying to kill Gordon while not getting his stupid arms dirty…

    On the other side, he’s just a noclipping freak in the HL games.

  27. Joseph Birkner

    He is US/Earth secret govt member, definatly. I *think* he is part of an uprisen, large community of rebel organizations, who, after teleport, discovered time travel, and noticed it’s finally them who have to change the past to maintain the present.. that would be fancy.. Imagine a time-travel gun or sthg like that!

  28. Gman is DEFINITELY NOT working for the combine, though he may be in contact with them, he is certainly not loyal to them. He is also definitely NOT working for the Vortigon. He most definitely IS working for SOME OTHER force that is at this point unknown, BUT it is also clear that he is ULTIMATELY working towards his OWN interests.

    My personal belief is that he is essentially a human with abilities similar to those achieved through Vortescence, but he’s also been running on those abilities so long that he doesn’t really remember how to be human anymore.

  29. John

    Well……. here we go. The term G man refers to government man. And in half life above and beyond(for those of you who don’t know is an expansion pack for half life 1 where you get to play as a solider) The main character refers to himself a few times in the book as a “gman” He is definitely not working for the combine, that’s obvious enough. He most likely has some greater plan yet to be reveled. You have to keep in mind that even if you kill the earth bound combine all the solders you’ve fought they were just the human made solders of the combine pawn’s. So the real combine forces the ones who have configured the other known universe are bound to come at some time. G man must have planned ahead. He power’s that rival with the vortigons yes. But you also traveled to the vortigon world for a brief period of time. seconds maybe in hl1 and 2 when messing up on the teleport odds are he has seen many alternate demonsions. In the end he could work for alot of people. But whoever it is much more powerful then the combine you met or the rebel forces. He obviously wants the rebels to win…… this means the rebels winning benefits his plan’s. But odds are personally he doesn’t care for the rebels. Another very probable resualt is he’s working for another alien force opposing the combine. Maybe the remenits of an alien world that the combine has already captured. Or one it may try to capture. When he sends you in to battle he always has an apolgetic look suggesting he regrets making you do this. But follows it up with a grin or sly smile making you question his sincerity, Well thats all the information and guesses you can possibly get on the web trust me Ive spent a bit of time looking into this. Valve is obviously trying to keep us guess. And were gonna have to wait until a valve employ leaks some info or the net game comes out until then, happy guessing’s!

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