Quilted Thought Organ

for Half-Life

7th September 2005


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  1. Anonymous

    What’s this? O_o

  2. I’ve been meaning to expand this post but haven’t found the time. Hopefully you followed the links provided, if not here is a quote from one of the pages:

    From this recognisable Quake universe, Julian Oliver’s QTOTH totally alters the appearance of Half Life of which it is a hack. The walls and tunnels appear to consist of lines and grids of colour, more abstract and less grey than your average FPS. But apart from this visual aesthetic, Oliver has turned the engine into a musical environment, so that objects and actions performed in the game trigger sound samples. Oliver is particularly concerned with place, and this hack creates a remarkably different sense of space and place. I’m looking forward to seeing the transformations it effects when installed in First Draft gallery.

  3. Avoid It!

    I… really have no idea of what I’ve just played, I think I did something wrong on the installation because when I open up the console there are a lot of sound files that should be playing, but they are not

    The map looks weird but unique, it feels like this was supposed to be some kind of art experiment, there isn’t too much to do other than touch some semi-transparent cubes (that I think are supposed to play the sound files) and look at another set of cubes appear on the wall, is really weird to explain but it makes more sense once you play it, at first I thought this was some kind of puzzle I had to solve, but “activating” every cube did nothing, only activating the colored cubes did nothing, making some kind of platform to jump on top of the cubes, did nothing too, so… I guess it can’t really be “solved”

    The other “feature” of the mod is a hallway that takes you to another room, but there’s nothing to do there as advancing a few steps takes you back to the main room agaun, another interesting thing is that the readme, actually encourages you to use gl_wireframe 2, but I couldn’t find anything with it or with noclip

    I was thinking of giving this a “Maybe”, because, well… maybe I’m missing something or I did something wrong with the files and another player could have more luck and find something new, but in the end, I decided to give it a “Avoid it” because I feel this is, actually, the whole mod, there’s nothing more to find

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