Blood and Guts

for Half-Life

9th June 1999

Basic Details
  • Title: Blood and Guts
  • File Name: hl1-sp-blood-and-guts.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 106Kb
  • Author: Craig Hainey
  • Date Released: 09 June 1999
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  1. piledriver

    Various rooms with various buttons that allow you to kill scientists in various ways.
    Single map. Remove the spaces from the map name to run it.
    Mildly amusing.

  2. Mel

    piledriver; where do I install this game? I cant load the game via the normal map route.

  3. I put it in the valve-maps folder as usual. Rename the map to bloodandguts.bsp ie no spaces. Target should be bloodandguts not blood and guts.

  4. rename the bsp to bloodandguts. no spaces. target the renamed map in valve-maps in the usual way

  5. this comment system doesn’t update after clicking the button

  6. rename the map to bloodandguts maps cant be run when there iis spaces in the name.

  7. Mel

    Thanks andyb, sounds so obvious now you mentioned the spaces, will go rename and load to bloodandguts.

  8. Mel
    Avoid It!

    This mod is a complete waste time if like me you prefer a structured game with some sort of story line.
    However, if the idea of blowing-up Scientists appeals to you, then you may like this, as it stands it’s a very pointless piece of mapping lacking quality.

  9. Avoid It!

    Seems somebody was very angry about scientists. There are several ways, usual buttons to hit, for killing them. Satchels are also available.
    However: short, pointless, no “fun”.


    -Bad, boxy, undetailed mapping
    -Ultra-short playtime (~1 min?)
    -Lacks of any possible interests

  10. Ten Four Reviews

    As pointless as killing scientists are. it can be fun sometimes. Having said that, this map is far from being fun.

    Blood and Guts is designed and built as poorly as a level could be. I was continuously amazed by the fact that such a boring and ugly design could produce framerates that were just plain horrible.

    Maybe it was all the scientists, I don’t know, but the level was as slow as tree sap and just about as icky too. The rooms in Blood and Guts were fairly basic, but there must’ve been over ten scientists at once in some places, which probably explains the bad framerates.

    But it wasn’t just the matter of running speed either, the design was often buggy, weird and pretty damn ugly if you want to put it into simple terms. First off, there was these weird green spikes potruding from the ceilings of some rooms. They looked both strange and very out of place. My second complaint was the lighting, there was absolutely no good examples of it. And in one area, all the scientists were shaded pitch black. Blood and Guts was also very blocky and square architecturally with the the most boring of textures, so you can see that the author made no attempt at all for a well-designed map.

    The one thing that might be entertaining about Blood and Guts, of course, is the merciless killings of the scientists. You can squish them, blow them up, feed em to the aliens, shoot them with lasers… for a small download like this, there’s quite a bit of ways you can kill those nerdy bastards with 🙂 Personally, I prefer a more personal approach (shooting them myself), which this map does not offer.

    Having said all there is to be said about this small and pointless level, I cannot recommend this even if you do like these scientist/Barney killing levels on the basis of the fact that this is one of the slowest and ugliest maps I’ve played.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Sunday, 11th July, 1999 by Jiang.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline. Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  11. Craig Hainey

    Hey folks,

    Original author here. I am completely astounded to see a website still hosting my map online and I have never even visited here before. I am also so surprised at the time and effort some of you took to write detailed comments/reviews of my map, they made me smile. Yes it was an awful map, but it was created from the mind of an immature 12 year old who was just a crazy fan of Half-Life. I never even expected to have it put online for others to play, more for the enjoyment of me and my friends. If I remember correctly, used to have a page and mod called the Scientist Killing Club. My childish amusement toward this mod inspired me to create Blood & Guts using my limited knowledge of the Worldcraft editor.

    It may be rather embarrassing to look back on now, but it made me smile stumbling across this website today. My interest in level editing did expand somewhat to some better designs, but nothing substantial. I did manage to complete one map that was built for Natural Selection called co_firefly (under the author name of KillCrazy which is my current online nickname). I even made an attempt at creating a Blood and Guts 2 (video link below), but it was never completed.

    Ah well, this has been a nostalgic moment for me 🙂

  12. The link the download is broken, you can still access it by changing the URL but it would be helpful if this was fixed on the page.

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