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28 September 2020




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Half-Life mods are fun.
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  1. Someplace Else
  2. Timeline 3
  3. Edge of Darkness
  4. Afraid of Monsters
  5. Half-Quake Sunrise

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Latest 25 Comments
26 Nov 2020 Affliction I had a blast with Affliction, it captivated me like I was playing a level of Doom or Quake, alth...
25 Nov 2020 Accidental Assassin A moderately interesting idea but this isn't worth it at all. The concept is to kill a gangster (...
25 Nov 2020 A Day In The Life Of A Coward Not worth playing. This is a series of 3 short maps (each transition is broken by the way, you'll...
24 Nov 2020 Aftermath I was enjoying this map and then it abruptly ended, oh well, it feels like it should have been pa...
24 Nov 2020 Adam Oh dear this isn't good at all, ADAM falls into just about every bad design choice I can think of...
22 Nov 2020 Accidental Life Despite the Ten Four Reviews account referring to a full release I wasn't able to find it so I'm ...
20 Nov 2020 TWHL Tower 2 The concept here is far more realised than in the first TWHL Tower, and this one of the best mods...
18 Nov 2020 Cenodrome: The Lost Sub-Basement of TWHL Tower This is a gimmick I love, pitting Half-Life enemies against each other and seeing which one does ...
18 Nov 2020 TWHL Tower I'm a fan of these kinds of collaborations that have some form of cohesion, so I'm not shocked at...
04 Oct 2020 3rd 505th Definitely someone's first map. The mapping is very boxy, the map itself is even surrounded by an...
01 Oct 2020 5 Worse Ways to Die "I had to cheat at the first room as i only had 30 points of health so i immediately die with tha...
01 Oct 2020 5 Worse Ways to Die The third installment of 5 Days to Die, and this one is far more interesting than its predecessor...
01 Oct 2020 5 Ways to Die There's 4 binary choices in this map, left door or right door, one allowing you to progress and t...
30 Sep 2020 Introduce Yourself Hello. I used to spend countless days playing HL mods in my youth, and this site was my main hub....
30 Sep 2020 1986 The download link for this mod is broken, I managed to find another download here: https://www.qu...
28 Sep 2020 101 Grunts Very basic map series, the premise is that you go through a series of rectangular corridors conta...
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