Breakdown 1

for Half-Life

2nd April 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

Basic Details
  • Title: Breakdown 1
  • File Name: hl1-sp-breakdown-1.7z
  • Original File Name: breakdown.exe
  • Size: 3.40Mb
  • Author: Pavel Koten
  • Date Released: 16 August 2002
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  1. dufferx

    Not very exciting. Tough to go up against automatic weapons with a crowbar. Bashed a few headcrabs.

  2. Brain

    Well, it was nothing special, but I enjoyed it.If you’re fan of the original, then you may want to try this.

  3. shawn

    This mod fails to install correctly

  4. Cant be installed incorrect unless you put it in the wrong spot.Its a self uncompressing file that leaves a folder behind called breakdown.

  5. Noel

    Well, at the beginning I started thinking “Interesting, but nothing special”, but you can watch the maps getting better while you play and the designers learning-curve. It’s a nice little gem with some old ideas that are put well together. Sneaking past soldiers, running without any weaponry except for a pipe and avoiding xen-slaves because they will simply kill you if you don’t. In fact, you keep running away till chapter 3, where you finally found a shotgun. That’s where the rumble starts. Ever wondered, what makes a hero a truly hero? This mod has the answer for you: It’s the heroic shotgun. With it you are wasting tons of soldiers and some xen-slaves in decent designed and lightened maps without many inventions. The end is unspectacular as well. But there is a sequel, which is reviewed by me here, scroll down at the comments.

    It is a good mod, above average altough there are some flaws. Play it when you can, you sure will have some fun and the playtime of

  6. Noel

    under one hour is rather short.

    (That belongs to the review above but was mysteriously cut off)

  7. You have to play this with the sequel to get this. At the beginning you are not Gordon Freeman, at all. You stumble, sneak and run like a booger. Your only goal is to stay alive…
    This is actually quite a creative mod and, I loved it once I got it.

  8. tre

    how can I get past the soldiers that if you see them the screen well go blank and a message well say: you have been captured by an unkown force!

    can someone please tell how to get past these soldiers! PLEASE!!!!!

  9. You gotta sneak, tre, sneak.

  10. Maybe?

    Different kind of gameplay in this mod.
    First you get a crowbar and have to negotiate some tricky jumping while under fire. Then you get a pistol and have to creep past some human grunts. Then you get a shotgun, then a MP40.
    The difference is you lose each weapon when you collect a new one. Each pickup has a very limited amount of ammo, and crates have to be broken without the crowbar. This makes planning your attacks crucial to survival. Unfortunately, you won’t know whats in the crates till you break them, or what weapon you need and when to change it. By which time you’ve run out of ammo. So you have to quick load and do it again. If you like tactics then this is not bad.
    The end is very much a mystery, with nothing happening except you can’t go anywhere. Breakdown 2 is the next episode. (And is better)

  11. The difference is you lose each weapon when you collect a new one. Each pickup has a very limited amount of ammo, and crates have to be broken without the crowbar.

    Weapon selection works fine for me.The default is [ or ] plus the number keys.If you want to use your scroll change the [ and ] to scroll up and down in the game options.

  12. piledriver

    Andyb – Ah! I did wonder if that was a glitch, as it’s happened a few times before with other mods. Usually after a quick load. So I restarted the mod to make sure before I commented! Never mind, it was an enjoyable challenge like that! Thanks for the tips on keybinding but, I know! 😉

    But you may be able to help – how to get the “give item_xxx cheat to work. Or doesn’t it? Not that I need it to play – just for screenshot purposes. I have no problem with all other cheats.

  13. Anonymous

    first you need to enter sv_cheats 1 into the console then restart a game or load a save.After that you can enter things like
    give item_suit
    give weapon_crowbar
    etc etc

  14. piledriver

    Thanks Andyb. what I meant was… I can enable cheats and have no problem with that, it’s just the give item_xxx cheat, when entered at the console, has no effect. For example, noclip will respond with noclip ON, god responds with godmode ON. give item_xxx responds with a blank line in the console and has no effect in the game.
    When loading a map from mid-game for screen shot or movie capture purposes, I try to use the give item_suit and other give items (mainly to survive fights) but am having no luck on this or my other PC. Is there a file or something that is affecting this maybe?

  15. Anonymous

    no special file needed but I just attemted it from a save and I couldn’t get any weapons either.From a new game I can get the suit and crowbar 357 etc etc.Not sure whats up with that.

  16. Hec

    Well brkdwn2 is better than this I think, like the fluid gameplay and story, also the weapons, but please phillip could you pass a link to download this breakdown 1??? I think this is a good old clasic mod

  17. Play It Later

    Another mod from a Czech with an incident at work, BM style facility.

    -Neat level design, BM feeling
    -Text messages with tips, announcing chapters etc.
    -Some puzzles
    -Good scripted sequences
    -Open end
    -Ingame music

    -No HEV at start, at least a text message tells where it is soon after start
    -Tough combat, high difficulty (played on difficult)
    -Less weapons, ammo, health
    -Partly unfair
    -Quite less playtime

  18. Maybe?

    Another escape from Black Mesa. Pretty well designed maps (especially for 2002), the further you get the better they look, especially the lighting is very nice.
    This is very much a survival style mod, there is very little health and ammo and you don’t even get a gun until halfway through the mod. You are pretty much killing vortigaunts with a crowbar (and without any health) for the first 30 minutes of the mod, I don’t see how that is supposed to be enjoyable. Though I generally prefer more action oriented gameplay, so I’m not completely objective here. There is more action in the second half of the mod, some nice fights with soldiers (you still get barely any health tho).
    The biggest annoyance were some unfair difficulty/tedious areas – like completing a jumping puzzle in complete darkness while a vortigaunt is shooting at you from a distance (and you don’t have a gun of course).

    Overall it is not a bad mod, maps are well designed and the gameplay is a matter of taste. Play it if you enjoy games where you are a weakling fighting against the odds, think twice if the shooting is what you enjoy the most about first person shooters.

  19. Avoid It!

    I feel bad for trashing this one because it has obviously had a decent amount of effort put into it, and I had fun from chapter 3 onwards, but there’s too many frustrations at the start of the game. There’s combat prior to getting a hev suit, mandatory damage segments (some even before the hev suit), you have to fight slaves with nothing but a crowbar for a while, the entire start to the stealth segment broke for me because I broke the boxes on the shelves (grunts heard it through the wall and turned around).

    The mapping is okay, it varies between being very blocky and having some decent environments, the interiors are much more well constructed than the outdoor areas, and obviously the mapper improved the longer the mod went on. There’s also some good here, some of the fire fights towards the end of the game are pretty entertaining, there’s a few decent set pieces. I do like some of the changes to gameplay, like avoiding the slave firing at you in the platforming segment, and even the stealth section, but bad design choices ruin them.

    I’m hoping the sequel is an improvement, and based on the clear potential the mapper has I believe this will be the case. Without those frustrations I would have been much more favourable, but it’s impossible to ignore unfortunately.

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