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I grew up with Half-Life and its mods and I will never stop loving GoldSource Engine. Whenever I finished a game I looked for ways of modifying it, and as a teenager I had a lot more fun when making mods/maps than when I was just playing games. My first map pack was "Kill all Greenpeace" ( runthinkshootlive.com/posts/kill-all-greenpeace/ ). It is pretty much bunch of very poorly designed killboxes I made when i was 13 (released in 2006). My second project was much better "Blbej Den" ( runthinkshootlive.com/posts/bad-day-blbej-den/ )- It still has tons of issues, but in the end I'm pretty proud of it (released in 2009). After Blbej Den, I was working on a very ambitious mod called "From Beneath" (moddb.com/mods/from-beneath1), but than I went to college, life happened and It was never finished (and it never will be). Over the years I also made tons of Deathmatch and Counter-strike maps of various quality, which have mostly gotten lost in time. And I made a Wolf3D total conversion called Brutal Death Dealer of Annihilation 3D ( moddb.com/mods/brutal-death-dealer-of-annihilation-3d-bdda3d ). I do Lets Plays of HL mods on one of my youtube channels (mostly Czech ones since I am in a unique position because I knew the community and I can translate them for the audience)
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Latest 25 Comments
29 Sep 2018 Half-Life: Return 2 Mediocre. Compared to Return 1 this has somewhat improved level design and more balanced combat (...
29 Sep 2018 Return Empty and silent Black mesa corridors, mean placed enemies, few weapons, little ammo and health. ...
28 Sep 2018 Episode Secret Weapon Mixed bag. I liked most of the puzzles, I liked the level design and the original ideas. I am not...
28 Sep 2018 Episode Power Plant and China This little map pack surprised me, it was quite a bit of fun to walk through. Fun tactical engage...
09 Apr 2018 Brave Brain A poor little brother of the official Half-Life expansions. Play it now if you like stories which...
07 Apr 2018 Moonwalker The biggest selling point of this mod is its level-design. Many rooms and corridors are very intr...
07 Apr 2018 They Hunger I like my horrors with a slice of cheese, so I'm very biased with this one... Cheesy is one way o...
30 Mar 2018 Breakdown 2: Afterwards Compared to breakdown 1 this one is a definite improvement. Mapping is as good and at times even ...
30 Mar 2018 Breakdown 1 Another escape from Black Mesa. Pretty well designed maps (especially for 2002), the further you ...
06 Sep 2017 Survive in Catacombs 2 Good mod, but I enjoyed the first one a lot more. This one is better in terms of technical qualit...
31 Aug 2017 Survive in Catacombs 1 To describe this mod as a survival horror would be very inaccurate. I would call it a "Horror the...
28 Aug 2017 Big Lolly Plenty of new assets (models textures...). The are no visible remains of Half-Life present, so th...
27 Aug 2017 Introduce Yourself Hi, my name is Michal Kamaryt (kary), I'm a 25 yr old dude from Czech Republic... I grew up with ...
27 Aug 2017 The Aztec's Bane This is the definition of a mixed bag, there is plenty to enjoy here, but also plenty to annoy yo...
24 Aug 2017 Force of Evil So I today I replayed this mod after 10 years and I made a Lets Play of it with English commentar...
23 Aug 2017 Kill All Greenpeace Oh my god, how did this thing make it here? :D I remember sending it by an e-mail to the admin of...
22 Aug 2017 Bad Day / Blbej Den Sure, thanks for updating it.
22 Aug 2017 Bad Day / Blbej Den I am the author of this mod and today I released a fixed, improved and also English version of it...
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