Force of Evil

for Half-Life

4th September 2005

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  1. Play It Later

    Eastern european total conversion mod. New models, skins and textures. Some new but familiar enemies borrowed from other mods. Looks good. Very hard. Lot of effort gone into this one. Dialogue is Czek or Slav? Cant understand the voice and text instructions. I’ve only played a couple of maps. If you need a challenge, go for it.

  2. Mel

    pilerdrive how do you get started with this one? I am just getting killed in the opening scene.

  3. Ade

    You run your behind off trying to get to the truck right in front.
    This mod has difficult beginnings, but it gets better. The training starts with you under the assassins” attack and the mod itself starts with you right in the middle of a fire while a grunt blasts you. Pretty sweet, ha?

  4. Ade

    Training: 4 maps
    Starts rough.
    The use of textures give a medieval time impression. But the mapping is low quality and some, actually, a whole lot of the textures and walls are invisible if you look at them from a different angle.
    It has doorknobs that work, the lighting is ok, some arcade music is played in the dungeons. It’s got new enemies (including a dog).
    You can notice some walls burned by bigger flames from torches.
    Minuses: some grunts that don’t act plus you have to go through a painting to reach the last map.

    The game: 25 maps
    Starts rough also, with really nice music and a story, but not in English.
    Nice buildings and environment, but very poor in quality! A lot of things are invisible most of the time.
    I wonder.. on what system was this tested anyway? Because I’ve just updated mine and even so, lots of textures are simply invisible from different views which is really annoying, you get to step on invisible floors, bump into invisible doors, see through walls, pass by invisible buttons that activate important stuff etc.
    This and the rest of the bugs take 2, even 2.5 out of a total score of 5.
    Warning: loading from a save during a cutscene ruines the save, I found myself stuck high above the ground.
    Next bad thing: I died when I walked near a truck.
    Some lack of realism here and there, like walking through the water doesn’t make the specific sound and I keep hearing some strange screams or laughter with no apparent reason or source..
    If in the training they gave you all the weapons in 2 minutes with little effort, in the game you find very few, one by one, slowly. And the health and ammo are rare. So it’s a bit of a challenge, especially in the part where you lose your hev and some guys (new models) come at you with a crowbar.
    But it’s got some stuff to straighten your forehead, like a matrix error, which was not much, but unique and a Windows error on the screen during some sort of loading ;))
    And soon, you notice other minuses like doors that have a body stuck in them electrify you when you want to use them, and lots of side tracks that lead to nowhere and closed doors, of course, plus very little, but hard, combat. It’s more about exploring and puzzles and reading stuff you can’t possibly understand 🙂 I was impressed by an industrial setting that looked pretty real. Still, there are some places with weird use of textures which make you wonder what was the author thinking.
    Too bad I didn’t understand the story (not a word in English), nor the end in which I find myself with a scientist in a tram driven by Barney and the next cutscene shows a man in black (possibly Gman) exiting the tram.
    But it’s enjoyable and different, as it is a total conversion and you should give it a try.

    1. p2k

      You cannot play this modification with software rendering!!! It is no possible to play it. Ive tested this modification Open-GL or Direct3d rendering and no texture quality problem was detected. You must set up in menu. Only in czech language unfortunately, but you will find it.

  5. Play It Later

    So I today I replayed this mod after 10 years and I made a Lets Play of it with English commentary, translating the story – . Big disclaimer – I am Czech and that is a prerequisite to be able to properly enjoy the mod, although there are a few jokes that are international (like the star trek references and blue screen of death).

    I don’t get people here complaining about the mapping. Yes we have definitely seen better, but for 2003 I think its really good – especially considering the author made this on a laughably terrible PC (it says in the readme file – PIII/500MHz Ati Rage 128GL 32MB :D), those compile times must have been horrible… There is a lot of attention to detail in the maps, lots of ambient sounds, events happening when trying to open closed doors, some (more or less funny) jokes and Easter eggs at every corner.

    For me it would have been a clear “play it now”, I’m giving it “play it later” only because I realize, that your ability to enjoy this very much depends on how well you can tolerate playing a game where you have no idea what the hell is going on… And there is no point of recommending this to Czechs, since everyone either already played it or has no interest in Half-Life at all (and of course there probably aren’t any Czechs on this site anyway :D)

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