The Aztec’s Bane

for Half-Life

6th October 2005

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Information about this mod is hard to find. I have a feeling that it is not very good, but hopefully someboday will play it and enlighten us.
To my knowledge the only place this mod is currently available from is PlanetPhillip!

Basic Details
  • Title: The Aztec’s Bane
  • File Name: hl1-sp-the-aztecs-bane.7z
  • Original File Name: theaztecsbane.exe
  • Size : 18.8Mb
  • Author: Marek Hlavac
  • Date Released: 02 January 2003
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  1. john

    a good bit into the mod. it is laggy. so far the shovel, when up blocks you view. but, is fun a fun mod. think I am about to get stuck and might need a walkthrough help. if thier is one.

  2. john

    oh sorry, thought I had something thier. anyway.

  3. john

    just finished the mod. very good. bit laggey in places. I still couldnt figure out how to use E the other scientist to come and fight with me. but none the less. had a great time playing.
    them aliens kick by but everytime I run into them.

  4. This borrows weapons, models and textures heavily from Sweet and They Hunger.

  5. Mel
    Play It Later

    A good game that borrowed a lot from other HL cutom games, however, the end product is an enjoyable experience with a nice flow to the game.

  6. mcrip

    Intro in an east european language – ok. Some ??? text and waiting, ok. Some enemies leaned from gunman, ok. But levels look boxy and not so clever with walls as grey and brown as the enemies (skeletons an wolves), moving like puppets, lights often nerving on/off/on/off. So I leaved for more fun elsewhere.

  7. Think Twice

    More like a total conversion (TC) for HL than a usual mod, so don’t expect any Black Mesa or even HL related stuff, except some weapons and enemy types.
    As I’m not online when writing this (writing in Notepad right now, copy + paste later) and can’t translate the Czech readme, it seems you’re some sort of archeologist in some Mexican Aztec style nature, together with some colleagues.
    It also seems there’s no story nor do you know what to do except moving on, solving some little puzzles and fighting animals such as wolves (houndeye), skeletons (alien slave) and the popular headcrabs.
    The leveldesign is quite strange, there are new textures and stuff but they don’t look very good, the lighting isn’t great too. It even can get slow on my machine sometimes.
    According to the maps folder of “TAB” there are more than 20 maps, but my game crashed every time after changing from tab5 to tab6 and as I’ve already seen enough for my taste I don’t bother to play the rest of it, sorry! Therefore my review should be handled with care!
    It already took about 20 mins to get where I was and what I’ve seen and experienced did not change very much during gameplay. So I think there is no big change in the later maps… but maybe I’m wrong.
    However, it wasn’t fun at all to me. I just tried to get as far as possible before boredom wins, and luckily the game crashed hehe Meaning, even if a mod looks / feels / is crappy, I try to complete it.
    I can be very stubborn, yeah my zodiac sign is Taurus lol (Only extremely bad / pointless / silly / buggy mods can stop me finishing mods)

    -New weapons, textures, models etc. (not very good-looking)
    -Unique setting, reminded me a bit of “Sandscroll” and some other Egyptian-like mods
    -Good balanced combat
    -A few puzzles so far
    -A few good scripts, guess there are more
    -Quite long playtime it seems
    -Some jumping sequences without risky longjumps or too hard obstacles (yet)

    -Models / weapons stolen from “They Hunger” series (wolf, bullsquid, skeleton, shovel, etc.)
    -Ugly textures, sometimes annoying flickering light, a short level layout stolen from “We’ve got hostiles” chapter (—> map “c1a3d”) of the original HL (why??)
    -Bugs (elevator, game crash, etc. can’t remember more, but there were a few)
    -Too easy puzzles
    -Dead(ly) ends
    -No atmosphere (kickbum graphics and mapping would help a LOT here)

    NOTE: As mentioned above I’m not willing to play any further after my HL crashs at the mapchange from “tab5” to “tab6”, after about 20-30 mins of playing, so this review should be handled carefully!

  8. Maybe?

    This is the definition of a mixed bag, there is plenty to enjoy here, but also plenty to annoy you to no end. One moment I’m annoyed, wandering around for minutes, because of a hidden button somewhere in the darkness (which opens a hidden door, but at the time you have no idea it does, because the door is located on the other side of the map and there is no camera to tell you that…). The next moment I’m having an awesome time ripping aliens to shreds with a big ass chain gun which fires around 2 billion rounds per minute or I am amused by picking mushrooms to heal myself (but avoid the ones with green dots, they are poisonous :D).

    The maps in this are overall pretty poorly designed, blocky and odd looking, broken brushes and missing and sometimes very ugly textures. Yet the mod manages to have a unique atmosphere, probably due to the very unique setting (aztec dungeons with a brief visit to an alien spaceship). It uses some assets from other mods, but also has some new ones, I’m OK with that…
    The combat here was really easy, the only thing that gave me a bit of a challenge were the aliens. If I died it was mostly due to the numerous deathtraps (I’m OK with that as I was supposed to be some kind of Indiana Jones crawling through an Aztec dungeon). So I recommend to play this on Hard.

    I did have to use noclip once – in an area with two weird (yellow and purple) crystals, there was a clip texture around the yellow crystal (the purple one was incorporeal) and when I passed through it opened a secret door. I did not find a way to get to the yellow crystal without cheating (ie destroy the clip around the yellow crystal). I also got stuck in a wall once (due to a badly made change level). And after I went through a portal on the alien ship (and destroyed it) I missed some triggers if I entered the portal (changelevel) with a certain velocity/from a certain angle and ended up in a black box without triggering the cutscene and the next changelevel…

    Overall if you can’t stand poorly designed maps than “avoid it”, however “play it now” if you want to play something new and unique with some original ideas. Put together, that makes a Maybe…

    It is in Czech, but in this mod it really has no influence on the gameplay and you don’t learn anything important through the voice acting or messages (apart from one message saying you need a key for one door – the key is easy to find and there is no other door around, so its obvious…).
    This is the translated story:
    “There are various myths about Aztecs being in contact with advanced alien civilizations and dangerous genetic experiments which lead the Aztecs to leave their cities. That’s why a team of Czech archaeologists went to explore a newly discovered complex of Aztec buildings and dungeons hidden deep in the mountains of central america.”
    Well not much of a spoiler, since if you don’t speak Czech you wouldn’t understand the ending anyway… But here it goes, apparently this whole thing was a dream, the guy/archaeologist at the end literally says “Wild dreams again huh? That’s because you are playing Half-Life all the time!”

    Playthrough with English commentary:

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