Alien Blast

for Half-Life

25th July 2005

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A Half Life mod with no story. Just pick up a gun and test your skills! 6 stages with different enemies in each. Background music will set the mood for playing this awesome game. See if you are the Half Life expert you think you are! Good luck!

Basic Details
  • Title: Alien Blast
  • Filename: hl1-sp-alien-blast.7z
  • Original Filename:
  • Release Date: 02 February 2004
  • Size: 3.22Mb
  • Author: Coolfat3459 / Worldcraft Dude
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  1. Sally
    Avoid It!

    Okaaaay….there may be some people out there who would enjoy this, but for me it definitely gets a big red…

    You start the game going down in a lift, which takes you to a single corridor. In the corridor is a HEV suit and assorted weapons. At the end of the corridor is a room, full of about 20 headcrabs. At the end of the room is a door. You can fight the headcrabs, or run for the door.

    When you go through the door you find yourself in a single corridor. In that corridor is a selection of more weapons. At the end of the corridor is a room, this time full of those exploding sheep type things. At the end of the room is a door. When you go through that door you find yourself in a long corridor with more assorted weapons……you can probably guess how the entire game progresses by now. Each room is simply the next set of half life aliens.

    After the final room (Guargatuans) a message comes up saying you have succesfully blasted the aliens, which I guess is where the name of this game comes from.

    It’s about as interesting as Space Invaders, but slightly more challenging because you’re surrounded by aliens in a room. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, download it. If not, follow the reg tag!

  2. Sally didn’t play this to the end, because there’s a whole load of aliens in the last room after the Gargs. In a room before the Gargs, are soldiers and they are the hardest to defeat as you have to kill or be killed.
    You have to take this map at face value. It’s a stress reliever. And a good one too. You can fight all the enemies or try to run to the next room (except the soldiers). Lively music backs it up.
    Worth the short download.

  3. Mel
    Think Twice

    Ok for a bit of fun. No game as such just a series of rooms with aliens to clear-out, very linear but progresses harder with each room, I cheated to finish.

    Read the Read-Me file as you need to copy files to both mod and map folders.

  4. Avoid It!

    Ugh, what to say? 6 rooms want to be cleaned out, linear, no puzzles, nor story, just action. All in all it’s simply pathetic, I dunno what kind of people are liking such maps.
    I also had to cheat at the Gargs as the perfomance was too slow and I kept dying, yes I know, there are no problem with the #4 guns but pffff

    -Lot of action, weapons, enemytypes, needing tactical approach
    -And… uhm..

    -Mapdesign any granny could do
    -Very, very short playtime
    -No story, puzzles, surprises etc., nothing interesting at all
    -Perfomance issues on my old system, altho only very poor layouts wtf?
    -Annoying music

  5. Maybe?

    Time to sweep out some nasty aliens 🙂

  6. Think Twice

    Alien Blast is more like a little time waster than anything else, you go from room to room, fighting enemies and getting new weapons along the way, is kinda fun but let’s be honest here, the mapping sucks, there’s this annoying music playing in every room and the difficulty is all over the place, with the room with the grunts being the hardest one by far, the map is also very short though, so if you have 15~ free minutes and want to kill some aliens, give it a try

  7. Avoid It!

    6 rooms, each one is a cube with the same texutre, each filled multiple of the same enemy until the last one, each you’re given a single weapon to take care of them while different loops of cheesy music blares. It’s a bit of mindless fun, in Sven Co-op I wouldn’t mind (incidentally I’ve heard some of these music loops from Sven maps) however this is a low effort mod and I don’t see any reason to download this.

  8. I dont wanna give one or two stars for this because it was CoolFats first mod ever. He made some CS maps, but not sure if he made any other single player mods?

    Alien Blast is just simple room to room shooter, something that Sven Co-op is full of. And what comes to Svencoop, music that this mod has… for us that wasted so much time at SnarkCafe server long time, these songs… oh so much flashbacks.

    Im happy that i downloaded and played this mod and thats just because of the music.

  9. Think Twice

    Another bland map I’ve played, just run in a linear map and shoot down aliens. Apparently you don’t have to kill them all

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