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25 Feb 2024 2024 General Chat Darn, wheres edit button. But i have have lots of ideas for interviews, i have no need to be your...
25 Feb 2024 2024 General Chat Darn, wrong listing. Here's Half-Life Radio interviews
25 Feb 2024 2024 General Chat No idea what i wanna play, but i was just listening some old Half-life Radio interviews... Podca...
17 May 2022 Deeper Down That Steam release never happened?
15 Apr 2022 Classic of the Month Stream – Bear Party: Adventure – April 2022 I dont think ive ever even tried this mod. And im gonna miss live stream also, boohoo.
26 Nov 2021 Swiss_Cheese Halloween 2002 Ack, i meant that he had mod for Source engine too... Pumpkin Night Redux. I gotta find Swiss ag...
24 Nov 2021 Alien Blast I dont wanna give one or two stars for this because it was CoolFats first mod ever. He made some...
03 Nov 2021 Swiss_Cheese Halloween 2002 Good old fellow OFC member Swiiss_Cheese. Gotta check this again. He had mod for GoldSrc too?
02 Jul 2021 Uplinked
01 Jul 2021 Uplinked Whew, finally finished this earlier today. Having problems to give rating for this one. Mapp...
30 Jun 2021 Uplinked Theres few walkthrough vids @ Youtube if you wanna get some help. Never fun to get stuck for too ...
23 Apr 2021 Classic of the Month Stream - Timeline - April 2021 Aww darn, im gonna miss the live stream.
08 Apr 2021 Escape from the Egyptian Tomb Little puzzle map in old Egyptian tomb. And it really is just one real map, so you aint gonna get...
07 Apr 2021 Chinatown Preview Just few maps and even crashes back to menu when i try to talk to cashier at 7Eleven. That dia...
07 Apr 2021 Vilcabamba Old ruins, but no evil traps, aww. I was almost hoping to die more often. Short for sure, but...
06 Apr 2021 Gamestar Old, very basic and simple little mappack, Bugged ai (thanks to some Hl1 patches?), theres few fr...
05 Apr 2021 Home Alone - Not Wonder if this house was more or less 1:1 replica of authors house. Anyways, for some reason ive ...
27 Mar 2021 Xen Exploration Team I just finished this demo. Not much to say, it was short demo. Would not have taken so long to fi...
18 Feb 2021 Somnolence I think this was rather boring experience. Map is huge, but lots of empty rooms/hallways. Some co...
12 Jan 2021 Half-Life: Crowbar-Deep in the Dead (Demo) Short and sweet for sure, was fun little demo for old Doom fan. Was fun to find all? the secrets...
15 Jul 2020 Comfy Maps Funny idea. Just needs some relaxing music. Something from SexyJosh acoustic Half-Life songs arch...
15 Jul 2020 Half-Life: The Infected Wasnt expecting this mod to be as long as it is, extra points for that. This has so much poten...
13 Jul 2020 Tales from the Source All that fun and just 2meg download. Gotta say yes. Lots of everything in small area. Enough a...
10 Dec 2019 Cosmonaut Had lots of fun with this one. Had enough of little puzzles, nothing too difficult or weird,...
10 Jun 2016 Introduce Yourself Hi It's Petrick I love old school Half-Life stuff. ps. I still miss Half-Life Radio :) ...
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