Escape from the Egyptian Tomb

for Half-Life

17th November 2004

Basic Details
  • Title: Escape from the Egyptian Tomb
  • File Name: hl1-sp-escape-from-the-egyptian-tomb.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 6.01Mb
  • Author: RacerX
  • Date Released: 17 November 2004
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  1. RacerX

    Can YOU escape the tomb???

  2. Play It Later

    Tricky short puzzle map. You have to… well, escape. Good detail in the texture. Nice tomb atmosphere. A horde of zombies near the end are your only live enemies. And a scorpion. The puzzles are hard, sometimes frustrating and failure is serious. Traps include the usual egyptian tomb stuff from the movies and elsewhere, but are still fun.
    An entrant in a TWHL comp.

  3. RacerX

    hey thanks 🙂

  4. Maybe?

    The Egyptian textures used aren’t half bad . I’ve seen more than a fair share of these too, as my username indicates. The first part reminds me of the Temple of Dendur in the Metropolitan in NYC. The pylons are fairly accurate as well. That’s the postive side.

    The other thing is the puzzles. They would be much better if the lighting in some areas were greater. I have my gamma set to high. That being said, I’m stuck. I’m in the area that has the red pool and the small coffin. The floor has fallen through and I when I jump in the water in the bottom. I can find little else but snarks and ichthyosaurs. After that I get lost. A small hint would be appreciated.

  5. Maybe?

    Just as piledriver wrote, this is indeed a escape map.
    And yes, there is less combat as the most opposing enemies you have to avoid.
    The puzzles are quite tough but not impossible. Good designed.
    I think one 3-lever-puzzle is random, order can change to make the right combination (a text message will appear)
    One annoying / frustrating thing can be the traps. They are usually deadly.
    At least some traps can be escaped again.
    You have to be very lucky to finish the map at first try, in the meaning of surviving.
    The mapping is cool and the textures and other stuff are new and typical Egyptian setting.
    Lighting is also okay, it’s not too dark for my taste.
    The scorpion is a cool idea, if only…[spoiler] it would really attack, move around like hunting you and having more hitpoints [/spoiler]

    -Good mapping, very nice textures, layouts, lighting is okay (not too dark) and nice
    -Some very cool, not obvious puzzles (usually a text message is telling you when you solved one)
    -A few nice surprising scripts
    -Good Egyptian atmosphere
    -Traps need to be avoided
    -Some combat (most can and need to be avoided too)
    -Evil laugh 😉

    -Deadly ends (traps, a few can be escaped successfully)
    -Very short (~3-15 mins, depending on your brain’s skills hehe)
    -No real story
    -Almost no combat
    -Lacks of variety, it’s almost only puzzles
    -Some design oddities
    -Scorpion’s behavior
    -No clues for the puzzles (except a few text messages after successfully activating something)
    -Minor bugs

    Hints: (rather a walkthrough, read carefully if you don’t want spoilers!)

    *** 15 steps to finish “EFTET” ***

    walk straightforward, find & grab crowbar, fall into the red pool (clipping bug can appear)
    use the lever behind the pool (text message appears)
    forward again, if you break into ground, grab the Snarks in the green water pool, water level will raise and you’ll receive unpleasant visitors, stay always at top of the water level until you climb out again
    proceed into the hallway with the chest, ignore it (deadly end inside)
    kill the scorpion and move on (careful, ground can be break on left and right side, walk in the middle of the corridor)
    shoot the glass on the coffin until it breaks, it will open up so you can duckjump into it, do so
    destroy the wooden bottom in the coffin, move down the steps into it, there’s a floor button (text message)
    head back and in the fork take the left, new opened door, walk up the steps
    face the 2nd highest picture on the right side (can be a bit dark, use flashlight), it opens, jump inside
    in the small room, 3 levers on the right, find a combination (text message will appear) – for me it was 2nd and 3rd lever from the right down, the most left kept up, but it can change I think
    backtrack down the steps and just head forward, around the chest, down the steps (careful, falling damage possible)
    move on through the spiderweb to another red pool, grab the “artifact” inside it and head back
    kill the zombies with your new gun or crowbar, to pass the staircase trap, just stay in the middle and crouch up all the way, should work fine without taking any damage
    more zombies appear, avoid them, straightforward again, rounding the chest again and up the steps with the pictures on both sides
    avoid all zombies or kill the one’s blocking you quick, ignore the gas, just run up the stairs, head outside – mission accomplished![/spoiler]

  6. Play It Now!

    WOW. This is a criminally underrated mod.

    The whole egyptian tomb setting is one of my favorites, since I grew up with Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones, and I can say that this is the best example of this theme in HL. The mapping is based a lot on this setting (traps, artifacts, secrets etc.), and it’s also great. The textures are really cool too. The combat isn’t so well done, since there’s almost none present. Also, you may get stuck somewhere, so I’ll make a walkthrough sometime.

    Overall, you should definitely play this mod. It’s just sad that it’s so underrated!

  7. Play It Later

    Little puzzle map in old Egyptian tomb. And it really is just one real map, so you aint gonna get long run with this. At least this has some evil traps like it should have.

    I almost gave ***, but had to go up to **** rating, because itchy followed me from the water and was chasing me around the map, perfect. And whats even better, that scorpion ignored me and went to fight with itchy.

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