War Crimes

for Half-Life

7th September 2005


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  1. No download-link and probably a problem with the description…

  2. Just started playing this mod today. In level warcrimes3, right after seeing the dead soldier with invisibility armore, down some steps into a rm. w/about 3 soldiers at the bottom and 1-2 behind a glass rm. above. After defeating all you long-jump from top of staires to this glass rm. and out the door. A long hallway ahead ( now the good part), halfway down the hallway another map attempts to load then crashes to desktop. The (FATAL ERROR: couldn’t open desnow.wad) message apears. Anyone have a solution?

  3. I have the same problem as david4255; get 1/2 way down the hall, new map attempts to load then crashes with Warning: couldn’t open valve\desnow.wad.
    Checked out my “valve” folder, and the wad doesn’t exist. So I googled desnow.wad. I downloaded it from http://www.cstrike-planet.com/wads/181, extracted it into my “valve” folder and reloaded the game. I get to the same spot where a new map attempts to load, and the game crashes with Warning:oculdn’t open valve\robo.wad. I haven’t been able to find any info on this one.
    I am so sick of getting part way through a mod,only to have it crash, as well as the countless hours spent “trying” to find an answer to the problem, to no avail. Another one meets ereaser.exe! Yet another DISAPPOINTMENT!

  4. Sorry I cant help ya but if I do find the file I’ll ask Phillip if he can make a repack with the wads included.

  5. Well rc1299, I tried your suggestion except I placed the desnow.wad in the WarCrimes mod folder, did a reboot then recieved (at the same spot) couldn’t open robo.wad. I agree with you. I would think the mod/map developers, novice or not, would find these problems and correct them during the BETA TEST phase befor release. I don’t know diddly squat about mapping or any related toppics so anyone feel free to correct me. Deletesville for me.

  6. EddieLee

    I found something that seems to work –I found the file desnow.wad by google and put it in the ..steamapps\\half-life\warcrimes folder. I then made a copy of the file wc.wad that’s already in this folder and renamed it robo.wad. This allowed the next map to load and so far all is working well.


  7. EddieLee

    A CLARIFICATION OF MY POST ABOVE — rename the COPY of wc.wad to robo.wad. Now you will have a wc.wad and a robo.wad file in the directory even though they are both actually the wc.wad file.

    Hope this helps.

  8. 2muchvideogames

    [spoiler]Read that third post? That’s right, invisible soldiers. Gotta love that.[/spoiler]

  9. Avoid It!

    Alright, after following the instructions above I managed to get the mod running, let’s go through the good points first, ok?…

    …Yeah, there aren’t too many good points here, I can see little pieces of creativity shine through, but the mapping and level design tends to be bad for the most part, but that’s ok, is still playable from start to end right? Well, if we ignore the problems with the .wads files you could say yes, but that would be a lie, as I think that this is one of those mods were is impossible to win unless you cheat or you are the developer and know every trick, every hidden weapon, every enemy placement and such, and you know why?

    Because this mod has two big elements that bring everything down, first of all, invisible grunts, whoever thought this was a good idea must be nuts, grunts are already a pain in the ass, now imagine being shot without knowing were do exactly the shots come from, and you can’t be sure if you are really hitting them either, the mod first introduces them “slowly”, not making them fully transparent so you can barely see them and still have a somewhat fighting chance, but near the end, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a big warehouse, and the grunts are now fully invisible, I can’t really imagine getting through that area without using cheats, and if you did, congratulations, you are one of the most hardcore and dedicated half-life players ever…

    But wait, you still have one last challenge before the end, you see, this mod has a branched ending, you can take a portal and get the bad end, where you end up in a room full grunts and where you don’t have even the smallest fighting chance… but hey, what about the other option? What if you want the good ending? Well, for that, you have to be a man, and fight two invisible Gargantuas in a huge open space with zero cover and with basically no explosives weapons and no healing items, and with very low health after your encounter with the invisible grunts, good luck!

    Sure, you can find a few med-kits and rockets, but they are inside the Gargantua cage, so is almost impossible to grab them without taking damage first, and even if they give you rockets, I couldn’t find the RPG anywhere, the only useful weapon I had was the Gluon gun, but is impossible to run from the Gargantuas without taking even the slightest of damage, because I was left with only 15 HP after running away from the invisible grunts room, I would be left with fewer resources if I decided to fight them! (probably less ammo for the “good” weapons)

    All of this left me a really bad aftertaste, it was just ridiculous, those fights, coupled with a thoroughly mediocre mod left me in a bad mood, can you imagine that? There are tons of horrible maps and mods out there, but most of them you just play them, get annoyed by how bad they are, and then move on, but this is in another level, avoid this at all costs, it will ruin your afternoon

  10. Scott Bell

    Sorry about the problem with the wad files; I was young and inexperienced when this was created. I compiled the map with custom textures loaded and although I didn’t use them it will crash without a place holder, so as stated below just copy and paste any wad files and name them accordingly (desnow and robo). This was missed due to my having those wads, and not having other play testers.

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