Dead Sector

for Half-Life

1st May 2005

Basic Details
  • Title: Dead Sector
  • File Name: hl1-sp-dead-sector.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 53.2Mb
  • Author: Stalk3r
  • Date Released: 01 May 2005
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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. chris jackson

    looks interesting but can sort out the keys to play. Im no good at languages

  2. adam

    is there any english version?

  3. Christian

    I downloaded and tried to play it. I cannot read the texts either, so I give here whatever help I can. A translator would be much appreciated.

    Here is the score:

    – This is a puzzles intensive game. There are many places where you do NOT want to fight, but dodge instead, or trap the opponent.
    – At the start, do NOT leave the area before you got the batteries. You have been warned 😉
    – The first weapon you get it the crowbar on the 4th level. You will have to deal with 5 zombies blocking your path before you get there. There is a way, but it is tricky.
    – Remember that the laser beam of a wall mine can be touched safely if the mine is far enough.
    – Almost all movable items have an actual purpose. Find them if you are stuck.

    – On the 9th level, there is a VERY dense field of wall mines in a corridor, and not other way. I made my way up to the midle (climbing on mines as far as possible), at which point there is a message which seem to refer to the manual. The rest is impassable (neither jump nor crawling are possible from there). The game ends here for me, not understanding what is probably what I am supposed to do to get through.
    At this point, the ONLY weapon available is still the crowbar.
    Any help to get through that would be welcome.
    I looked at the config.cfg coming with the game, there does not seem to be a special key (happens is some mods).

  4. Darth Marsden

    Christian – if you’re where I think you are (the corridor of tripwires), then you should be able to make it by jumping up the left side of the corridor – the tripwires form a sort of staircase. I didn’t have any problems making it across.

    As for story, from what I could make out there was a virus of some sort that got loose and infected the world or something. I don’t speak the language, but I figured out enough to get by.

    This isn’t a bad mod by any means, but it does get a bit lonely at times and facing an army of zombies (your only foes until later the last couple of maps) gets strangely irritating after a while. Otherwise it’s a fine mod and if you’ve got an hour or two free, give it a go.

  5. bumtown

    aaaaaaaaa need englsh version

  6. Doomer64

    i may not be able to understand it but man those levels are awesome very well made

  7. dethtoll

    this is probably my -favourite- mod for HL1.

    actually, no, this is DEFINITELY my favourite.

    though a translation would be nice.

  8. heyzors

    Dear Fellow Gamers,

    Just so you guys know…I heard somewhere of another mod that is exactly the same as this. THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT IT IS IN ENGLISH! I don’t know the name (so don’t ask me) or where it is (although I think it might actually be on this planetphillip), but I am pretty sure it has the word “island” in its name if that helps. Im not sure if island is in it but I’m almost positive.

    Thought I’d just put that out there for all you gamers out there that want a translation. IF YOU FIND THE MOD, POST THE NAME!!!!!!

    Heyzors, a fellow gamer

  9. heyzors

    It is The Island. I haven’t played it, but it seems that The Island is shorter. Or mayby they meant that metaphorically because some people said that adding things from the source engine ruined it. I don’t know.

  10. dethtoll

    once and for all: the island is the english translation for the HL2 version of dead sector, which is otherwise called dead sector source. aside from the language the two mods are identical.

    and yes, the HL1 version is superior. it’s not that the source engine or anything ruined it- in fact, it looks even better. the problem is that stalk3r basically threw out everything that made the original so much fun. the original was classic HLSP action- you are all alone on a little island infested with (headcrab) zombies. there is very little action, except for a zombie swarm about halfway through and the occasional smacking of zombies that are in your way in darkened passages. in fact you don’t actually get a firearm until late in the game, having to rely solely on your crowbar. it’s possible to go through some maps without seeing a zombie, period.

    dead sector source gets rid of all that. instead, it’s a straightforward action-shooter, and instead of 12 maps, there are about 4 or 5.

  11. heyzors

    I see. Well I think I’m going to play Dead Sector (not source) then.

  12. heyzors

    When do I get the crowbar? There are way too many zombies and some places are blocked completely so I cant get through…stupid zombies!

  13. Christian

    I answered that above, post number 3

  14. heyzors

    O.K. Now I’m stuck in the sewers. I’m at the part right after you turn off the electricity. Some doors open and others don’t, but I can’t seem to find anywhere to go. None of the doors bring you anywhere except to another door that cant open.

  15. heyzors

    Well, I finished Dead Sector finally! Now all I need is to finish the Half-Life mods “Invasion” and “Gman-Invasion”, but not one will post any freaking help! Anyway…off to figure it out. Post something if you can help!

  16. Very enjoyable experience from start to finish, the storyline and map design is immersive enough to finish this modification, it would be really cool if I knew czech, but is not necessary, the more you play the more you realize what’s going on (hey, don’t you remember a similiar game in the late 98′? 😉

    Fortunately, for the non-czech people, there isn’t too much dialog, just at the beginning and a cop who yells at you but gets killed shortly after you meet him (sorry for the little spoiler, but is as useful as that) and the end sequence which is pure reading (I can’t remember if it was reading or dialog, but is a clich ending anyway 😉

    The rest, pure logical puzzle solving.

    3/5 I give it this rating because of the low framerates at the end, so, you better have a not-so-old system.

    Otherwise it would be a 4/5 🙂

  17. I see this comes with a manual which is in Czech, but I found a translator site if anyone is interested. It won’t translate every word, but should be enough to help if you get stuck or don’t know what to do.

  18. john

    i played the island a while back and loved it. now playing dead sector. but, I am stuck early on. if only I could read chez.
    I have the batterys, used the satual bomb. have made it to the planks over the water. when I get to the end the door wont open and something in chez with !! comes up. any ideas

  19. Pat

    I can’t even get started on the Island. I found the gun and a dark room that goes nowhere. Where the hell do you go from here!

  20. john

    still stuck on sector 3. I tryed the translation into chez and
    do pr. ty dvere jsou zamceny musim najit jinou cestv. kinda comes up like something meaning you must find another way youngling. any help finding this way will be most helpfull. hehe. help…..

  21. john

    sector 4 here I come. found the way through. man was tuff. now if I can only servive the darkness and not become zombie bait.

  22. Pat

    I downloaded Dead Sector but it won’t play. Any suggestions?

  23. john

    how doesnt it play? please be more spefic.

  24. Pat

    John thanks. It tells me that it failed to load engine dll. A computer wiz I’m not. What am I missing here?

  25. john

    i dont know, I uploaded the oposing force file to phillip so he could make it avaliable for everyone, and the hl-1 version 11110 the last upgrade which puts you equal to the steam version but still sierra.
    maybe your version is old? keep me informed, I might need some back up on the island, oh I mean in this dead sector. hehe. good luck.

  26. Pat

    Thanks John. Where do I go to get that upgrade? I’m starting to get really miffed. A lot of the mod down loads are telling me the same thing. Again, thanks.

  27. Pat

    Oh, I forgot. Yes, it’s old. I got it in “99.

  28. Where do I go to get that upgrade?

    I have already given you working links to the latest upgrade/patch.

  29. john

    sector 5 man I thought I never would get to bash a zombie. but, after doing so I can only say. it feels real good. man I never rember the island being this hard.

  30. For key bindings I tend to find that the menu listing is the same but in a foreign language. IE, wherever in the menu a key is in English is usually the same place in the list in another language. It worked for me in Invasion.

  31. Another thing you could try is dragging or copying the relevant file (.cfg?) from another mod into the folder.

  32. john

    stuck in sector 10. the hall of trip mines was very tuff. I have looked for a cave in the water, any hints will be most apreciated will give it a go latter this weekend.

  33. Right at the beginning of 10 when you come across the door blocked by barrels?If so when your getting near to the door while still on the wood planks look for an opening to the right in the rock.

  34. john

    thanks andyb. I dont see now how I could have missed it, with the flames and all. must have been tiered. will wack a zombie in your name. hehe.

  35. john

    sector 15 the end is near…. I remember that old saying, give a man a give a man a gun and he can shoot for a little while. give the man a crowbar and he can wack for life. hehe
    this has been the hardest, greatist puzzle filled mod of all time. well, minus a few others. I hope the author can wip something new up, the island was great but this is streaks above that.

  36. john

    no zombies left to wack, oh hum. sector is clear great mod tuff, I mean tuff. had a super great time playing.

  37. geekofalltrades
    Play It Now!

    I always loved this mod… It’s a dark, zombie -infested hall-crawler with an emphasis on puzzle solving. None of the enemy encounters are overwhelming, and most of the puzzles solve fairly easily and satisfyingly. The level design is also very good… stick around to the end, and you’ll be treated to a romp through a few infested city blocks designed so well as to rival those in Poke646. This ending is especially sweet because of the stark contrast the city level makes with the mod’s other coastline, shipping yard, and catacomb locations. A great mod, definitely worth the play… word to the wise, though, avoid its remake on the Source engine, entitled “The Island.”

  38. DaveW

    I’m stuck on Sector 10. I know where I need to go (the small cave with the fire) – but I can’t actually get onto the ledge! Is there something I’m missing here?

  39. john

    its a tuffie, it has been hinted about in a posting above. I was once stuck like you. hehe. read above. if ya cant find it I will help ya more. or I could just say look to your right when walking on the boardwalk. you will see it. but, be carefull zombies.. they be everwhere…

  40. poisonheadcrab

    This was quite an interesting mod

  41. TheRipper
    Play It Now!

    Definitely one of the best mods I ever played. Great puzzling, just the right kind. Not to hard, not too easy. With the exception of the one in chapter 8, I guess that’s why he put the solution of that one in the manual.I mean the chapter where you first meet the big fast zombie. I have to say though, that the puzzles do tend to get the same towards the end, and so they get predictable.
    The mapping and the architecture is quite good too. It does slack off a bit in the shipyard section, I find. The fighting introduced in the later maps, seems a bit odd to me, it doesn’t seem to fit in. Maybe he just put it in because the maps were getting somewhat repetitive, at least the puzzles…
    Anyway, the ending was good again. Maybe it would have made more sense with a translation, but you really don’t need it.

  42. grinder74

    One of best HL1 adds on, must play!

  43. undisclosed
    Play It Now!

    For those struggling with the mod, you can find a walkthrough at this link:
    (scroll to the very bottom and click You can translate using google translate: You must unzip and open the walkthrough file, then copy and paste the czech text into google translate and it’ll do the rest. Unless someone wants to save us the trouble and post a translated version somewhere 🙂

  44. Ade

    Has anyone noticed that the health packs are only 9 points?!
    Small bugs: You can get stuck under the bridge, between two wooden bars. When you jump into the water in sector 12, you health raises to a full 100. I only wish there were more of this kind of bugs.
    Game crash.. in sector 9. Overall, was kind of laggy on my system, but on a better one, worked just fine.
    The mapping isn’t great, even if it uses new textures. The surfaces aren’t always cut neatly, but I enjoyed the environment. There’s also a small training level and some new models (although I’ve seen them before in other mods).
    I usually don’t enjoy mods infested with zombies, but this one also has some crabs and grunts, so it was ok, especially because it’s full of puzzles and hard combat. Kind of boring, because you have to stop in every single map and think hard for the next step, it doesn’t flow very smoothly. Plus the moving of barrels and boxes became too repetitive at some point.
    Consider it!

  45. Josko

    I’m stuck at the loading point in sector 2, just after when you have to lure all the zombies of the wooden bridge and when you cross it, you enter that crashed hallway and have to crawl through the vent system. But after loading screen I only get “Player changed his name to No Name” message and after that game just crashes.
    I’ve tried with two different installations and it still won’t work for me.

  46. Ange

    [This comment has been moved to Forum because it was off topic – Phillip]

  47. Andrew37

    amazing puzzle mod… it would have been a lot better in english …

  48. Game crashes after loading map 3 (in the vent shaft fork, just after the bridge avoiding 5 zombies)
    No matter where I go, left or right, crash no error message, tried D3D and OpenGL, nothing works.

    Any ideas please, someone? Can’t help it.

  49. John

    I originally downloaded this on ModDB, seeing as how I was allured by the detailed screenshots and wonderful storyline. I started off the mod, in a cave, with two other survivors. The entirety of it was, I believe, in Czech, so I couldn’t really understand. Fortunately, I managed to weave through the first two maps with relative ease.

    However, the downside for me is that the entire mod is in Czech, and to my knowledge. there is not translation patch available. It’s a shame really, seeing as how I’m already at Sector 3, and I don’t know what next to do.

    Overall, the upsides to this mod is the mapping and the atmosphere itself. The new models are pretty nice too, and it gives the mod a sense of dread that I can sum up as something of the midpoint between Afraid of Monsters and They Hunger.

    So try this mod, if you must (and if you can understand the text), as it is a very promising mod on it’s own.

  50. Unknown

    It’s really hard to depict what this mod is really all about even with a given description.


    1. Puzzles:Dead Sector is really more of a puzzle mod rather then an action shooter.

    2. Balance:I felt there was a decent balance between enemies and puzzles through-out Dead Sector.

    3. Giant Enemies:This was a nice touch having giant head-crab zombies walk towards which you really don’t see in a lot of mods.

    4. Custom Introduction:Dead Sector provides you with the a bit of story before the mod starts up.


    1. Enemies:Some of the enemies were incredibly difficult to kill and there wasn’t really a lot of health laying around. Not necessarily a bad thing if you prefer a more difficult challenge.

    2. Storyline:It’s a little bit hard to follow since you are only told about what has happened at both the beginning and some of the end of the mod. Still points for at least providing a storyline.


    1. Props:The only real problem I had was with trying to destroy those boxes. They take at least 4-5 minutes each to break especially since many of them block pathways during the first chapter.

  51. Play It Later

    All the positive things have already been mentioned, so here are a few things that make this mod only a “Play It Later” for me:

    – A bit too puzzle heavy for my taste. At least the puzzles are fair and there’s also a walkthrough here on RTS, so you won’t get stuck.
    – This mod desperately needs some music and/or ambient sounds! The lack of this really hurts the atmosphere, which is a shame for a mod that is (besides the puzzling) all about atmosphere.
    – This mod also desperately needs a translation. Lack of this hurts playability and atmosphere, too. Everyone knows someone who knows at least a few words of English and can be asked to translate a few sentences, especially when there isn’t too much text all, so there’s really no excuse for having a czech only mod.
    – I found the ending very weak. The level itself is nicely designed, but it’s too short and would have benefitted from some more intense fighting or some kind of showdown.

    That said, I really enjoyed it, and you should definitely play this – perhaps not now, but at some point.

  52. So i tried translating most of the stuff ingame.

    It should give a small idea on what’s going on.

  53. Play It Later

    Regarding the atmosphere, this mod nails it! However, I must point out how combat feels a little bit dull. Puzzles were ok, but maybe too much in quantity in a mod like this for my taste (a good example of puzzles done right is The Trap mod). Also be sure to download the English translation from Dead Sector’s ModDB page, you’ll enjoy this more if you understand (at least a bit) what is going on (audio, sadly, is not translated; and even though I am Eastern European, not all languages here are the same and trying to make out what characters are saying in Gold Source’s poor audio is basically impossible).

    I recommend this if you’re heavily into Half-Life mods and have a couple of hours of free time, otherwise, you’re better of playing some other games or mods.

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