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Fachriadi Zikri

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21 April 2015




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Hiya! Welcome all to my profile! Well, not really a lot can be say here, i'm mostly just a simple gamer and modder/mapper for the GoldSource engine. Mapping is mostly old VHE experiences back when i like to make maps for Cry of Fear. That's all i can say. Anyway, hope you enjoy your visit!
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In most games, I would play on Medium difficulty on first try, and then go on the harder difficulty on subsequent playthroughs. But if it's a mod of a mechanically familiar game or a "known to be easy-made for the casuals", then I would play on the hardest difficulty on first try.

Top 5 Favourites


  1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
  2. Metro Series
  3. Rayman
  4. RTCW
  5. Thief : Dark Project & Metal Age


  1. They Hunger
  2. Underhell
  3. Cry of Fear (Mod)
  4. Half Quake (Trilogy)
  5. Heart of Evil (Original, not NE)

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  • Mapping: Some
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What i can do is mostly rig stuff to other stuff. Or changing it a little using MS3D. Pretty limited experience in VHE mapping, currently learning how to use that new fangled Jackhammer thing. My skills are mostly good on GoldSource. My modding on Source knowledge is literally replacing stuff with other stuff, the fundamental basic of modding. Like seriously, i don't even know how to decompile Source models or how they work, well, for not atleast.

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