Vote for the October Classic of the Month!

1st October 2021

Thanks to a suggestion by The Mighty Atom just after last month’s stream, this month you can vote on what I will choose and stream for the October Classic of the Month! So just check off your vote below, and if there’s one you want to see in future months, leave me a comment with a suggestion!

Poll closes in a week on October 8th.

What should be the October Classic of the Month?

Total Voters: 25

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  1. I’d go for ‘Wanted’ for Half-Life, it doesn’t get anywhere near enough credit or exposure.

  2. For it would be “They Hunger” – the 3 part version. Neil Manke mods were my favorite

  3. Makes me wonder what’ll happen if there’s a tie. Will it end up being a double feature? Hah!

    1. JamaicanDave

      Was wondering the same thing myself.

  4. Unq

    All right, in a big comeback and edging out Timeline 2, Case Closed will be October’s CotM stream!

    Thanks all for voting.

    1. JamaicanDave

      I have (now very distant) fond memories of Case Closed and certainly preferred it to Azure Sheep, both of which came on the same gaming mag CD. Be interesting to see how well it’s stood the test of time….

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