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Semi retired, living the dream in Bulgaria while renovating a house. I like motorcycles, cooking, scuba diving and the odd pint.
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  1. Machinarium
  2. Realms of the Haunting
  3. Duke Nukem 3d
  4. Grim Fandango

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27 Nov 2018 The Surface Complex hmmm, nobody apparently..
21 Nov 2018 The Surface Complex Wasn't sure where to mention this, but as this thread is on Black Mesa I thought I would here. Az...
10 Nov 2018 The Surface Complex yes, played the base game, non retail version though...will also have a look at the other two...
10 Nov 2018 The Surface Complex OK, just bought it...hope it's worth the download..
10 Nov 2018 The Surface Complex I don't have the retail version of Black Mesa installed on the PC, so I'm assuming it's not worth...
02 Nov 2018 September 2018 - General Chat Well, that was September, October came and went too and now it's November...no more monthly chats ?
15 Sep 2018 The 72-Second Experiment Sorry, I only tried 5 entries but what an utter waste of time, I barely had a chance to work out ...
04 Sep 2018 Cenodrome: The Lost Sub-Basement of TWHL Tower Oh, did that a few times, obviously not enough then....screen just fades out and I have to start ...
04 Sep 2018 Cenodrome: The Lost Sub-Basement of TWHL Tower Damned if I can work out how to kill that security guard...just can't get at him. This was quite ...
17 Aug 2018 Half-Life: Echoes I'd have given this a personal favourite....but alas, I have the same crashing problems that othe...
09 Aug 2018 Dead Lab I see, well thanks for clearing that up...
09 Aug 2018 Dead Lab I'm going to give this a go, big though it is, which brings me to a question Philip...it can't be...
28 Jul 2018 Experimental Fuel Great fun, just a little too short. Took me a while to discover the lever on the tanks, I suppose...
22 Jul 2018 FM Project: The Way ah, OK, sussed it...just get my 2 gig back then I'll give it a go.....
22 Jul 2018 FM Project: The Way so source mods...
22 Jul 2018 FM Project: The Way nope, that's 2 options tried, nothing in the library....and nearly 2 gig used up on the hard driv...
22 Jul 2018 FM Project: The Way umm, which 'source' folder, I got about 5 of them....
21 Jul 2018 Open Question 001 - Why do you think Valve haven't released Half-Life 3? I just think they can't be bothered, things have moved on now for them, which is a horrendous bet...
17 Jul 2018 Unforeseen Circumstances: Episode 1 After watching Philips painfull attempt at this, I almost didn't bother, it looked dire. But then...
20 Jun 2018 Things I never noticed in Half-Life I'm always finding things in retrospect that I didn't realise were there...that's the beauty of i...
17 Jun 2018 Half-Life Posters - A RTSL Fan Art Event there were no comments, until I commented....usually a new post attracts comments...I take that a...
16 Jun 2018 Half-Life Posters - A RTSL Fan Art Event ...right, well that's gone down well then...
26 Apr 2018 Episode 3: The Closure Don't know how I managed to miss this one...but playing it now...maybe I was actually working or ...
18 Apr 2018 GravityGunVilleTwo thanks, I'll have a look when I've woken up..
17 Apr 2018 GravityGunVilleTwo I kind of got through that, but at the end I had to no-clip...this ones a challenge for sure, I d...
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