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Semi retired, living the dream in Bulgaria while renovating a house. I like motorcycles, cooking, scuba diving and the odd pint.
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  1. Machinarium
  2. Realms of the Haunting
  3. Duke Nukem 3d
  4. Grim Fandango

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02 Oct 2021 Vote for the October Classic of the Month! I'd go for 'Wanted' for Half-Life, it doesn't get anywhere near enough credit or exposure.
29 Sep 2021 2020 General Chat Going through the site, one or two things occured to me, well a few things actually. I go to the ...
28 Aug 2021 Half-Life: WAR (Demo) This was fairly good considering it's HL1 and therefore a bit dated now, compared...but it's wort...
24 Aug 2021 Abe's Spicy Mappack Platter I'd agree, Bridgehead was the best from my point of view, not so much for the manic action as suc...
22 Aug 2021 Classic of the Month Stream - Brave Brain - August 2021 This was fine, OK even until I got to the bit where I'm obviously supposed to protect the scienti...
11 Aug 2021 Southernmost Combine It's taken a while for this to gravitate here, it was released some time ago now but it's well wo...
31 Jul 2021 Classic of the Month Stream - Cosmonaut - July 2021 Yep, totally one of my favourites too. Action, story a few easy puzzles, what's not to like.
17 Jul 2021 2020 General Chat Half Life 2 : Resident Evil..Survivor. Play it if you haven't. In the light of very little of int...
05 Jun 2021 Cremation Actually I've changed my mind after the second play, it looks great and it IS great, it's just to...
19 Mar 2021 Offshore ( tried the patch by the way...same error message)
19 Mar 2021 Offshore Wow, all those comments...anyway, I can't even get it to start, something to do with the backgrou...
16 Mar 2021 Courage Different, I'll give you that but it took a while to suss out what was going on, I liked the peac...
16 Mar 2021 Cremation Huge download that took like almost 20 minutes to unpack...started it and it looked great, we're ...
16 Mar 2021 AscentVille - 24-Hour Map Labs Atom #6 Mapping Challenge Announcement Ha, good discussion...I can't find a way to post anything on any of the threads over there...it's...
07 Mar 2021 2020 General Chat Sum...please add the installation path..
07 Mar 2021 2020 General Chat Southernmost Combine has released...well worth checking out...
03 Mar 2021 Estranged: Act 1 It could have been so much more. It's big, I'll give them that, looks good too but the game play ...
27 Feb 2021 Hunt Down The Freeman Demo Well, despite the negative reviews both on here and you tube, I quite enjoyed this. Sure, the 'ma...
04 Feb 2021 2020 General Chat As instructed, I'll post it here...go check out 'Snowdrop Escape'..it's long, hard in places and ...
03 Feb 2021 Classic of the Month Stream - Instinct - January 2021 coz nobody goes there to read anything or comment on anything..
02 Feb 2021 Classic of the Month Stream - Instinct - January 2021 Snowdrop Escape is worth a mention and an add to this site though...
02 Feb 2021 Classic of the Month Stream - Instinct - January 2021 Copying the Instinct folder into Half-Life doesn't work for me with Steam...nor does copying the ...
27 Jan 2021 Stalwart XT This was OK, bit of a new foray for me as I've played virtually nothing Black Mesa so far. The in...
31 Dec 2020 Classic of the Month Stream - Year Long Alarm - December 2020 ...Also off topic but I'd really hoped that someone would have released something new and good fo...
07 Dec 2020 Quiet Rehabilitation 2 Just the sort of mod/map pack I enjoy, interesting puzzles that weren't too hard to solve and a f...
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