DeceptionVille – Hammer Cup 2022 Challenge 1 Announcement (w/ Map Labs)

10th February 2022

The Hammer Cup 2022 kicks off now with another brand new Ville theme!

DeceptionVille was another never-used idea back in the original Hammer Cup days. I’m happy to start The Hammer Cup 2022 with this theme and partner with the Map Labs crew yet again, so let’s see what you mappers can do with it!

This challenge is a Test Tube, so it only runs for 10 days. Get mapping!

Bonus maps (which can’t win but are judged and scored) are accepted for 4 days after the normal due date. Note that bonus map entries are not eligible for The Hammer Cup prizes!

Theme Details

Simple: something in the map isn’t what it seems. Clever deceptions encouraged.

Here’s the official announcement (click for full version):

DeceptionVille Announcement

And if you’re not already there, join the Map Labs Discord for good discussion & a great mapping community.


The deadline for submission is Sunday 20th February 2022. Bonus maps are accepted for another 4 days after that.

Submission Details

Submit maps using the Submission Form.


  1. Anon_1921891

    I wonder how many more ‘never used idea’s’ will surface…

  2. I wonder when this will be released, it now being March and all….

    1. Unq

      It’s now been 5 days since the end of the challenge. You really need to have some patience and please stop with the passive aggressive comments.

      1. Moi ? Just asking is all.

        1. Considering official deadline + 4 extra days for bonus maps. Then there is process of merging everything in one map pack. Not sure if they judge entries before releasing them to public, which, if it’s the case, is stupid, but otherwise, I’d consider it to arrive until 10th.

      2. Anon_1922915

        Thank you Unq for all the hard work you put into these competitions, it is greatly valued

      3. I second what anon_1x said. We all can’t thank you enough for keeping this priceless site going. I also empathize with Duke, being another who visits here daily to see if anything is new.

        Its like being in a desert, starving! The result can be mind altering behavior 😀 There are no comparable games to play on a PC anymore, and almost no add on games for those that are. Thanks to the suggestions in the last chat session, by the way.

        ‘Back in the day’, there were 5-8 new maps per month for HL, and then much the same for HL2 and Ep2. I remember the occasional month where I was having trouble finding the time to keep up with it.

  3. I had thought (in a totally passive non agressive way of course) that perhaps we’d have to wait until all 3 competitions were complete and then they’d all be released as one download…but hey, what do I know. Keen to see the outcome though, well done everyone.

  4. Poz

    Well done to all who try their pluck out for us gamers to enjoy…. massive thanks to organisers and constructors

    1. I know someone called Poz. It’s not a very common name so I’m wondering if I might know you. Are you from the UK?

  5. Well, hope it’s all good, as for me I’ve timed out now, on a plane tomorrow to where there’ll be no gaming until next Winter, work to do. Have fun chaps, catch up when I’m around again. Free Ukraine !

  6. Poz

    Enjoying the challenges of Deceptionville so well done all

    Mention to Staps as that was some of the best pipe climbing ever produced and it has the potential for a much larger mod.
    Not finished yet as I am trying to appreciate each and every one…well done everyone and looking forward to more of your challenges

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