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  1. Crysis
  2. Far Cry 1 & 2 only
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  4. Older Call of Duty games
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30 Jan 2024 2024 General Chat Re: above.....oops for the faulty warning! My AV was checking every file - slowly.
30 Jan 2024 2024 General Chat I'm so happy to see the site back up and running again. Its delightful, a daily enjoyable visit f...
23 Jan 2024 Halloween Horror V: THE UNKNOWN - Map Labs Presents Just gotta say how happy it is to have this site back ! Rescued at last, thank God you are he...
09 Dec 2023 Introduce Yourself Interesting intro! Just a recap for those finding this place. No, its not my site, I've just ...
22 Nov 2023 Half-Life 25th Anniversary Stream Delightful to play the original once again on its anniversary. I hope this rejuvenates HL and...
18 Nov 2023 Half-Life 25th Anniversary Stream After loading an add-on map, closing and restarting, now the console works ....
18 Nov 2023 Half-Life 25th Anniversary Stream It might be they mean uplink content is part of the game. Confusing to me. Another question, a...
18 Nov 2023 Half-Life 25th Anniversary Stream New content seems to be limited to multiplayer maps, if I'm not mistaken? In terms of SP maps, we...
16 Nov 2023 A Place in the West + The Wrap-Up Two! - Map Labs Test Tubes #14+15 From a game player's perspective only, IMO there is only one to try out of the 9. That one is #8,...
15 Nov 2023 Half-Life: The World Machine Completely agree with the summary of this map in the comments above. It is really a "Play It ...
05 Nov 2023 La Habana Libre A map for Game Players! I loved this map, thank you for doing it. The main reason is the atmo...
23 Sep 2023 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ - Map Labs Atom #2 Try different words......hint, you aren't driving a car :D Just a comment on two of the maps,...
20 Sep 2023 The Layout - Map Labs #17 I couldn't agree more! I'm trying to figure what MapLabs did to help this challenge turn out diff...
21 Aug 2023 Two Rooms - Map Labs Test Tube #9 In my opinion, there is no point doing a rating of any of these “Test Tubes”. Its like why I (and...
06 Aug 2023 Half-Shell I really enjoyed this map. Beautiful graphics, a great gameplay concept perfectly carried out. W...
27 Jul 2023 2023 General Chat Thanks for the info! I agree with you about Uprising, and Swelter especially. That one gave me a ...
02 Jul 2023 2023 General Chat Thanks! Yes, evil that place is, leaving out information, assuming a level of intelligence t...
30 Jun 2023 2023 General Chat Thanks again for deciphering Steam and Moddb, and finding these! A note however on ESHQ (note ...
15 May 2023 2023 General Chat I found Thunder's Leaves to be one of the most enjoyable and at the same time frustrating mods, b...
26 Apr 2023 2023 General Chat Thanks! I played the two Report One: mods and enjoyed them. I found the page(s) on Moddb confusin...
13 Mar 2023 2023 General Chat , an excellent find! Some complete, large and fascinating SP maps within a game, in the sub menu ...
28 Feb 2023 2023 General Chat Yes to that, but also our fearless leader Don for many years now. Its a real treat to have th...
26 Jan 2023 2023 General Chat Thanks so much for pointing out Raising the Bar Redux. I agree with you, it is an amazing mod.
03 Jan 2023 2023 General Chat Just hoping for many more non-VR maps/mods.
27 Dec 2022 City 17 is Far Away Tibor, After your comment I played "The Returning" (again, after many years), and I think that...
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