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  1. Crysis
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  4. Older Call of Duty games
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Latest 25 Comments
15 May 2023 2023 General Chat I found Thunder's Leaves to be one of the most enjoyable and at the same time frustrating mods, b...
26 Apr 2023 2023 General Chat Thanks! I played the two Report One: mods and enjoyed them. I found the page(s) on Moddb confusin...
13 Mar 2023 2023 General Chat , an excellent find! Some complete, large and fascinating SP maps within a game, in the sub menu ...
28 Feb 2023 2023 General Chat Yes to that, but also our fearless leader Don for many years now. Its a real treat to have th...
26 Jan 2023 2023 General Chat Thanks so much for pointing out Raising the Bar Redux. I agree with you, it is an amazing mod.
03 Jan 2023 2023 General Chat Just hoping for many more non-VR maps/mods.
27 Dec 2022 City 17 is Far Away Tibor, After your comment I played "The Returning" (again, after many years), and I think that...
17 Dec 2022 2022 General Chat Just a heads up that the long awaited Black Mesa: Blue Shift Chapter 4 is now out. I'm part way t...
15 Dec 2022 City 17 is Far Away Its the best map I've played in a long time, and definitely earns a PF to me. The design, gamepla...
19 Aug 2022 2022 General Chat From what I've read and seen youtube's of (just Google the name), its mostly a difficulty mod. No...
08 Aug 2022 Classic of the Month Stream – Deeper Down – May 2022 I'm also one who comes here daily, and is a bit concerned. Just FYI, I looked around everywhe...
14 Apr 2022 Uzvara I mostly agree with the comments under the first rating, however there are a few nice gameplay el...
10 Apr 2022 Uzvara Never mind, figured it out eventually :) Have to really look.
10 Apr 2022 Uzvara Can't figure this one out. No getting beyond screen shot 7 for me, anywhere. Liked the graphics.
06 Apr 2022 Vote for the April Classic of the Month - April Fools? The Steam link for Bear Party doesn't show anything related, and neither does a search when at St...
07 Mar 2022 CrossoverVille 2 - Hammer Cup 2022 Challenge 2 Announcement (w/ Map Labs) Mianly waiting for mid April, for this. Based on past history, the first challenge will likely be...
05 Mar 2022 DeceptionVille - Hammer Cup 2022 Challenge 1 Announcement (w/ Map Labs) I second what anon_1x said. We all can't thank you enough for keeping this priceless site going. ...
11 Jan 2022 2022 General Chat Thanks for that! Yes a nice enjoyable one, perhaps too easy when fighting enemies, but quite a lo...
07 Jan 2022 2022 General Chat Years ago, it used to be that keeping up with playing new add-on games or new games for the PC in...
07 Jan 2022 2022 General Chat Thanks so much for your fabulous bm maps that I've been replaying for the x'th time :)
03 Jan 2022 2022 General Chat I come here almost every day (for many years), hoping for something new for any of the games we c...
01 Sep 2021 Half-Risen (Demo v2.0) I had difficulty with this, perhaps its the way I think as I didn't find it at all intuitive. Som...
23 Aug 2021 Abe's Spicy Mappack Platter After what seems like a very long time of little activity with HL maps/mods, out of the blue come...
12 Aug 2021 Southernmost Combine PS - It took a whole lot longer than 1 hour, I didn't check before posting.
12 Aug 2021 Southernmost Combine I just loved it. The graphics are so detailed (often too dark though) and "wow". Gameplay is very...
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