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Latest 25 Comments
18 Jun 2024 Hardware Upgrade: Remastered Really enjoyable, however I'm at the point where it says destroy the strider first, but nothing I...
18 Jun 2024 2024 General Chat Hi. No idea about that link, it doesn't sound right because the one I got is updated and doesn't ...
07 Jun 2024 2024 General Chat Another one to keep track of is the HL2 (not Ep2) Mod "Coterminus", which in turn can have add-on...
24 May 2024 2024 General Chat RTB Redux Division 3 demo is available and, no surprise, its very good! And already there is a cu...
08 Apr 2024 Back On 2rack: Vertigo - Map Labs Presents I really enjoyed Interception, gave it a 9/10. Not far behind were Concrete Zen and White Lies. ...
04 Mar 2024 2024 General Chat Thank you! Legendary maybe, but as usual I wasn't aware, but now I am. From there, I found out...
03 Mar 2024 2024 General Chat Yes, I also found Snowdrop Escape was very difficult, and some of the 'puzzles'/ways to proceed w...
26 Feb 2024 2024 General Chat Couldn't agree more. These are two highest quality maps that should be played by everybody.
30 Jan 2024 2024 General Chat Re: above.....oops for the faulty warning! My AV was checking every file - slowly.
30 Jan 2024 2024 General Chat I'm so happy to see the site back up and running again. Its delightful, a daily enjoyable visit f...
23 Jan 2024 Halloween Horror V: THE UNKNOWN - Map Labs Presents Just gotta say how happy it is to have this site back ! Rescued at last, thank God you are he...
09 Dec 2023 Introduce Yourself Interesting intro! Just a recap for those finding this place. No, its not my site, I've just ...
22 Nov 2023 Half-Life 25th Anniversary Stream Delightful to play the original once again on its anniversary. I hope this rejuvenates HL and...
18 Nov 2023 Half-Life 25th Anniversary Stream After loading an add-on map, closing and restarting, now the console works ....
18 Nov 2023 Half-Life 25th Anniversary Stream It might be they mean uplink content is part of the game. Confusing to me. Another question, a...
18 Nov 2023 Half-Life 25th Anniversary Stream New content seems to be limited to multiplayer maps, if I'm not mistaken? In terms of SP maps, we...
16 Nov 2023 A Place in the West + The Wrap-Up Two! - Map Labs Test Tubes #14+15 From a game player's perspective only, IMO there is only one to try out of the 9. That one is #8,...
15 Nov 2023 Half-Life: The World Machine Completely agree with the summary of this map in the comments above. It is really a "Play It ...
05 Nov 2023 La Habana Libre A map for Game Players! I loved this map, thank you for doing it. The main reason is the atmo...
23 Sep 2023 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ - Map Labs Atom #2 Try different words......hint, you aren't driving a car :D Just a comment on two of the maps,...
20 Sep 2023 The Layout - Map Labs #17 I couldn't agree more! I'm trying to figure what MapLabs did to help this challenge turn out diff...
21 Aug 2023 Two Rooms - Map Labs Test Tube #9 In my opinion, there is no point doing a rating of any of these “Test Tubes”. Its like why I (and...
06 Aug 2023 Half-Shell I really enjoyed this map. Beautiful graphics, a great gameplay concept perfectly carried out. W...
27 Jul 2023 2023 General Chat Thanks for the info! I agree with you about Uprising, and Swelter especially. That one gave me a ...
02 Jul 2023 2023 General Chat Thanks! Yes, evil that place is, leaving out information, assuming a level of intelligence t...
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