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Latest 25 Comments
20 Feb 2024 2024 General Chat I also find navigating ModDB a bit tricky. But I have recently taken to looking at the YouTube wa...
17 Jan 2023 City 17 is Far Away A truly delightful mod. One of the most enjoyable I have played in a long time. Not too difficult...
08 Dec 2022 ElevatorVille Many people seemed to find "Am I Safe Yet" full of problems. The main one being that elevator dow...
15 Jul 2022 EscapeVille - Hammer Cup 2022 Challenge 3 Announcement (w/ Map Labs) Indeed. It's been 2 months since the cut-off date. Where could it be hiding?
04 May 2022 Half-Life: Field Intensity Can somebody tell me why much of this mod is virtually in the dark. Does it really have to be so ...
21 Mar 2022 DeceptionVille - Hammer Cup 2022 Challenge 1 Announcement (w/ Map Labs) I know someone called Poz. It's not a very common name so I'm wondering if I might know you. Are ...
19 Aug 2021 Southernmost Combine Loved this mod! After a real shortage of HL2 type mods recently this was a real treat. The graphi...
30 Jul 2021 Classic of the Month Stream - Cosmonaut - July 2021 One of my all time favourites! I recently played the shorter version in Nostalgiaville which is g...
28 May 2021 ElevatorVille 2 - 48-Hour Map Labs Atom #9 Mapping Challenge Announcement Just wondering why this is not available yet through RTSL?
01 Apr 2021 AscentVille - 24-Hour Map Labs Atom #6 Mapping Challenge Announcement Just wondering when this will be ready for downloading?
13 Jul 2020 Eye Candy - Map Labs Test Tube #8 Might be nice to have a small explanation for each one. I also found that it was not clear on som...
13 Jul 2020 Eye Candy - Map Labs Test Tube #8 Strange but on my computer I couldn't get White Forest to start. The little loading gauge goes ri...
14 May 2020 2020 General Chat Hi Y'all Very much enjoying the Map Labs stuff that has recently been appearing on here. Curre...
27 Apr 2020 A2B Trajectory 2 Replying to Strontvlieg: Yes the second map did load. I noclipped into the space with the fire be...
24 Apr 2020 A2B Trajectory 2 I enjoyed this but found it very short compared to A2B 1. I also encountered a glitch involving t...
19 Dec 2019 Bear Party: Adventure Well I thought this was really great!! A breath of fresh air. I would recommend that you play it ...
08 Mar 2019 Upmine Struggle I agree with most of what has been said here but for me a couple of odd things in the last battle...
02 Jan 2019 RTSL in 2019 Ok if nobody else is going to say it I will. Come on Phillip, don't go, please don't go, we need ...
24 Oct 2018 Hill Valley 2015 Just played this one again and can absolutely confirm that Breen is in the map. True he is hidden...
23 Oct 2018 City 14 Having read all the reviews here I still can't tell if anybody managed to get the final boss figh...
23 Oct 2018 Northern Petrol Storage Area Further to my previous review, I played this again a few weeks later and the APC did appear in th...
15 Oct 2018 PhaseVille I can confirm that the gunship battle in Found repeatedly crashed for me also.
15 Oct 2018 PhaseVille The gunship section in the Found map repeatedly crashed for me too. Shame as it is otherwise a fu...
18 Sep 2018 The 72-Second Experiment I agree with several of the comments above. Had this been a 5 minute challenge maybe this would a...
02 Sep 2018 Reject I really enjoyed this. True it was easy to get lost and the ammo was in short supply but on the w...
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