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Latest 25 Comments
19 Dec 2019 Bisounours Party: Adventure Well I thought this was really great!! A breath of fresh air. I would recommend that you play it ...
08 Mar 2019 Upmine Struggle I agree with most of what has been said here but for me a couple of odd things in the last battle...
02 Jan 2019 RTSL in 2019 Ok if nobody else is going to say it I will. Come on Phillip, don't go, please don't go, we need ...
24 Oct 2018 Hill Valley 2015 Just played this one again and can absolutely confirm that Breen is in the map. True he is hidden...
23 Oct 2018 City 14 Having read all the reviews here I still can't tell if anybody managed to get the final boss figh...
23 Oct 2018 Northern Petrol Storage Area Further to my previous review, I played this again a few weeks later and the APC did appear in th...
15 Oct 2018 PhaseVille I can confirm that the gunship battle in Found repeatedly crashed for me also.
15 Oct 2018 PhaseVille The gunship section in the Found map repeatedly crashed for me too. Shame as it is otherwise a fu...
18 Sep 2018 The 72-Second Experiment I agree with several of the comments above. Had this been a 5 minute challenge maybe this would a...
02 Sep 2018 Reject I really enjoyed this. True it was easy to get lost and the ammo was in short supply but on the w...
27 Aug 2018 The Transformation Hi Klems, yes the Source SDK Base 2013 is set to the upcoming beta. I ran it again just to be sur...
27 Aug 2018 The Transformation Hmm! All went well until I had the lorry moving. Right, Left, Forwards and Backwards was fine but...
27 Aug 2018 Northern Petrol Storage Area Good combat but a frustratingly small amount of health. I also got stuck at the end with the APC ...
15 Aug 2018 Simple Etape I liked this a lot. Shame it wasn't longer. Spoiler Alert: Odd ending, could have gone on to gre...
10 Aug 2018 Distress Signal Yes I agree with Phillip. A good fun map in one of my favourite HL2 environments. Some good comba...
07 Aug 2018 Bigger Guns Nearby Great fun, shame it is so short. The darkness wasn't too bad especially as I always turn the brig...
07 Aug 2018 Silent Escape Just played this again and realised I had forgotten how good it was. Only slight niggle is that i...
31 Jul 2018 Hill Valley 2015 Ah ok I found a walkthrough. Completely agree that the trigger is ridiculously hidden and complet...
31 Jul 2018 Hill Valley 2015 Could you post a link to the walkthrough Unq as I have no idea how to get any further. No Breen? ...
30 Jul 2018 Freedom Despite having the latest version of Gauge I still get this error when trying to download directl...
18 Jul 2018 Unforeseen Circumstances: Episode 1 Quite agree. It would have been better if the helicopter had appeared as you reached the top of t...
17 Jul 2018 Unforeseen Circumstances: Episode 1 Seems like the crash after climbing the ladder is fairly widespread. Would be good to hear from t...
16 Jul 2018 Unforeseen Circumstances: Episode 1 Tried it again multiple times the way you did Phillip. Didn't seem to make any difference which w...
16 Jul 2018 Unforeseen Circumstances: Episode 1 Quite enjoying this up to the point when you use the ladder to climb away from the helicopter. Af...
01 May 2018 The Extreme Team Experiment Mapping Challenge Will this be available for download anytime soon?
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