RTSL in 2019

31st December 2018

Let me get straight to the point – I am leaving the site, the Half-Life community and gaming.

I have been running this site since September 2003 and have been heavily involved with the HL community since around 2005.

It’s time for me to move on and do other things. I am disappointed I never “finished” the site, but I really need to change my focus.

I would love to think that I will create some GoldSource maps/mods, but I think it highly unlikely.

I would like to thank everybody who has helped me over the years, and there are a lot of people, too many to mention them all by name.

Don AKA Unq will be taking over the site, BUT it will be more or less in maintenance mode. This means that Don will moderate the comments, add certain/major releases and update some posts, specifically the Villes with missing screenshots.

Don has a message below.

There are still some things to discuss and decide but effectively this is my last post and I will withdraw completely. I won’t check the comments, I won’t be posting new videos on the RTSL YouTube channel or tweeting on the RTSL account, although I may continue tweeting elsewhere.

I wish everybody a bright and creative future.


A Message from Don

I hope you recognize me from assisting with the RTSL site and events over the last 7 or so years, particularly the Classic of the Month streams. I don’t intend to take over the site and make it my own; I simply want to maintain it as the awesome single player Half-Life site that Phillip built over the last 15 years.

So don’t expect too much to change. As Phillip said, I aim to post major releases and do some fixing up here and there.

There may or may not be more Ville challenges in the future. There definitely won’t be anything like the Hammer/Lambda Cups we’ve had over the last 3 years.

As this transition takes place, I hope you all join me in saying a heartfelt “Thank You” to Phillip for his hard work, vision, and his support of the Half-Life community over the years. And best of luck to him in his future endeavors.

And thank you all for being a part of the RTSL community – you’re why we’re doing this!


  1. Ryan

    Dang, that’s a bummer. This site was (and is!) of great value in a time where it felt like so many multiplayer mods were getting the spotlight. But I could tell that Phil was… I dunno what the right word would be here. Frustrated, maybe? Things are definitely slowing down on the Half-Life scene and I don’t think the site was doing as well as he had hoped.

    Wherever you go next, Phil, I hope you find fulfillment. I’ll never forget what you’ve done here.

  2. Just picked myself off the floor, although as Ryan said above it shouldn’t have been a big surprise. Thank you to Phillip, with all the best for whatever he chooses to do. I’m sure he will be great at whatever. And thanks to Don for keeping this going. This site is a treasure for downloads, replaying etc. I hope that the mappers, of which there were numerous numbers in some of the Villes especially this year, now that the Villes appear to be over, will make their own maps and get them posted here.

    I’ve been here from the early days like many of us here. I dislike multiplayer and only do FPS on my own, don’t like squad based FPS either.

    I don’t know of any other worthwhile FPS games, especially any with added maps. I used to play FarCry and Crysis, also Medal of Honor and some of the Call of Duty, but that’s it. I need more options as the need to play HL frequently still exists but the options are dwindling.

  3. Chris

    Forget About Phillip


  4. Big bummer, this site’s always meant a lot to me, I’ve been visiting it since I was a child. I wish I could have been more involved with the community here, I’ve always wanted to create a map and see share it here.

    Oh well, good luck Phillip, I’m glad that you can finally step away from this and focus your energy elsewhere! It can’t have been easy keeping this site going for so long lol. I’m definitely grateful for all you’ve done for the Half-Life community.

    And good luck maintaining the site Don!

    1. Just to add a little more –

      It’s weird, the impact Half-Life has had on my life. I was just barely more than a toddler when HL1 came out, and it blew my little mind away. No FPS had really tried to immerse the player in it’s world before Half-Life, it blew me away. I was hooked.

      The veneration I had for this game as a child didn’t fade with time, it only mixed with nostalgia. Barely a couple days go by before I think about HL1 in some capacity, whether I want to look for some old mod I played ages ago, or fire up the editor and put some ideas from the day into practice.

      Planetphillip and RTSL have always been close by whenever the HL itch strikes me, there’s always been some great Half-life nugget to discover here, old and new.

      I definitely feel the need to give *something* back to this community, so I *WILL* publish a map at some point in the future, that’s a promise!

  5. Thanks to Phillip for everything you have done over the years. I have gotten an amazing amount of fun out of the site! Don – thank you for keeping the site functioning from this point forward.

    I guess Phillip got tired of waiting for HL3 🙂

  6. This is sad. This was the last Half-Life 2 dedicated website standing, I guess. Phillip’s challenges got me back into mapping this year.

  7. While I’m typing this, loud booms of exploding fireworks go off outside my window. There goes another one, a big one that made the floor reverberate, like my hands, shaking, after reading that Twitter message announcing your farewell to the Half-Life Community.

    I don’t know the details, but I do know you’re going though some difficult times. I won’t ask for the reason or reason, all I can do is accept and look back to the content you created.

    I hope that you’ll eventually return to the Half-Life Community in the future, once the personal issues you’re having are resolved. You know you love Half-Life, and so do we.

    Did you bring the Headcrab Hairclip mascot home from vacation? If you did, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Or maybe it would have either way, who knows.

    I’ll miss your livestreams of various HL playthroughs, and the Level Design Academy streams. I feel sorry you never got to be the experienced mapper that you always wanted to be. Maybe the future still has plans for you left regarding level design.

    I wish you all the best in the future, Phillip.
    Remember, finishing Half-Life is just the beginning.

    – The Mighty Atom / The Mad Carrot

  8. Thank you for all of the hard work you did for this website.
    I hope the site continues to release single player maps as it did for many years.
    ive played numerous hours of content thanks to this place.
    I wish you all the best Phillip i am pretty sad to see you go but once again i wish you all the best for whatever your doing any time anywhere.
    Oooh and hands up for Don thanks for the maintenance!!

  9. While it is unfortunate, I can understand the reasoning. Thanks for everything, Phillip. You’ve made a fantastic site I’ve constantly been returning to for aeons at this point, and done videos + streams that I always await to watch with great anticipation. I can but only hope the best for the future of you and this site, until we meet again.

  10. This text gave me goosebumps. I knew something was wrong since this summer. Activity went down a lot. Thanks to Phillip for his work. I hope he will have a nice life.

    This is where i get off.

  11. Roy

    Thanks for all the fish.
    This site is one of my daily stops and the mods have been a God send.
    Best of luck.

  12. Phillip has done a lot for the Half-Life modding community. RTSL is the reason I finally could get into HL2 mapping, which I always wanted to do.

    Completely understandable that Phillip wants to move on. Good to hear that the page won’t die completely.

    Thanks again.

  13. Thank you Philip, for creating this amazing site and bringing the community together.

  14. It’s a real shame that we probably won’t see any more villes or hear anything from you again Phillip. And here I was, thinking that you’ll be here for at least 10 more years. It’s not a surprise, since nothing stays the same forever. It was noticeable in the last year or so, since action on the site was slowing down quite a lot, as well as the streams. I can’t say i’m disappointed, since you worked hard on this site for over 10 years and some time the day would come. And this was that day. It’s sad to think that we will most likely never get a new Ville again. ReplayVille is and will be the last one, but hopefully, some day new ones will see the light of day. The saddest part of all however, is that we will probably never hear your voice again. But we shouldn’t focus on the negatives at this point in time.

    Thank you for everything you’ve done, this amazing influence you have had on the Half-Life community. Hundreds of maps and mods would have never been created without you. Me and the rest of the Half-Life community will miss you. I wish you the best regarding your future endeavors, and that you will live a long and happy life.

  15. Good Luck for the future Phillip and thanks for all your work.

  16. JamaicanDave

    Thanks for all the work in the HL community. 15 years is an incredible amount of time to dedicate and it feels like the end of an era. Best of luck with your future endeavors.

  17. Thanks for everything Phillip…I can’t say I’m surprised as I’d sensed a downward spiral for some time, even hinted at it, but whatever you do I’m sure we all wish you the best and a bright future. It must be frustrating (It certainly is for me) trying to keep going with what is essentially a dead game now, but many of us saw this coming as I’m sure you must have also. Blame the lack of HL3, I do.

  18. I don’t know what to say.

    Good bye, good luck and thank you for everything even though it came suddenly out of nowhere.

    I really thought I’d leave the community before you. In the end it’s easier to keep a sporadic fandom than a fansite in daily life.

    But leaving the site doesn’t mean you have to forget about some releases in the future – be it Black Mesa (you said you won’t play it until Xen is released) or fan versions of Épisode 3.

    Even if HL2 was never released, HL was already a VG fully supported by the community. By 2004, we had already done several versions of HL2, by fans.

    And so many releases, are still waiting – be it THE CORE, TIME’S END, DELTA, MONORAIL QUEST… and the « alpha » or « beta «  versions of HL1, revived.


    And…… Residual Life 1.8 😀

    The community won’t fall.

    As for your life itself… well, I was always astonished and appreciative of how a near 50 years old english teacher and former Guiness record holder in squash, managed to handle such a site and fandom for nearly 2 decades.
    Without you and your site and your dedication, I admit that I’d never be able to maintain myself such an interest, in the first few years of my HL dedication.

    But, as a now 33 year old MD with wife and 2 children, I know how « life » can tamper our hobbies and fandom – for the greater good.
    It’s okay, we can always come back later.

    I wish you the same.

    We’ll see you uphead.


  19. Miigga

    Thank you for running this website as long as you have. It’s been a great asset for the HL community, and it’s sad to see it go from full operation to maintenance mode, but I understand.

    I suspect that some of my maps wouldn’t exist if not for you and your website encouraging me to keep working on them.

    I wish you the best of luck in whatever the next thing you decide to do is.

  20. Well, this was inevitable. The ‘sabbatical’ of 2016 was a clear signal that the end of Phillip as the administrator of this website was gradually coming closer. The fact that you dedicated more than 15 years to PlanetPhillip/RTSL really shows your passion to the HL franchise. I personally would struggle to spend even 15 weeks on a single project …

    Phillip, it is a good thing that you decided to retire from RTSL and move on. When a certain job/hobby becomes a burden to deal with, it is generally healthy to ditch it as soon as possible (might be kinda tricky in the case of a bothersome job). Go, and enjoy life with things you genuinly like at this point! Farewell!

  21. I guess this was inevitable. Less and less people show interest in this franchise that Valve abandoned and this site acted as a central hub for Half Life and its sequels.

    Philip was one of the people who held the torch up high and kept going. He inspired people to do the same, but even a leader-figure can’t hold it forever.

    I have to admit, my interest in Half life is diminishing. It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy it anymore, I still find immense joy in booting up a mod I have not played and just playing through it. But I have other things I want to do as well.

    Thanks for everything, Philip.

  22. Thank you for everything through all these years, Phillip.
    Best of luck in your life 😉

  23. Well I always download my HL mods on this site, thank you for running it and make it a crucial place of HL community. Of course it’s sad to see it going maintenance mode, but I respect the opinion.

    Good luck for the future.

  24. Well that sucks, but hey, you pretty much know better than any of us here what to decide for yourself. I’m not that old of a member (not even old IRL), but it’s safe to say that my life probably wouldn’t be the same without this site or any of its previous versions. It’s just amazing to think about how much this game’s community has done for both this game and for the gaming industry in general, and this site is a great reminder of that.

    Well, it’s time to say a huge THANK YOU to Phillip and, more importantly, GOOD LUCK FOR THE FUTURE!!!

    Also a huge GOOD LUCK to Don AKA Unq for taking such a huge responsibility with owning this site. Here’s to a happy 2019!

  25. Oh man..

    I’m sad to hear about this but I can also understand and respect Phillip’s decision here. Phillip’s service to the community has been immense through the generous hosting of maps, mods, and competitions here on the site. I wish the man the best of luck in the future.

    I also want to congratulate Don on the “promotion” to site lead. As a fairly recent (2015) user of this site I don’t share most of the same memories as other users on this site do but after tuning into numerous streams over the last couple of years I do recognize Don as the “Classic of the Month” guy and I think he’s a prime selection for the role.

    And if you’re reading this Phillip, Thank you for everything! You’ve done more than you ever had to for this community and I, somewhere internally, hope to see you return one day.


    Phillips, it’s been nice knowing you man. The fact that you have spent YEARS, 15 years, dedicated to this very website! You introduced me to the Source mapping community, you gave me the reason to look back at Half-Life 2 (the very game that brought me into gaming in the first place!) and play it again, you ignited my passion in the franchise, and your website pretty much encouraged me to took up the Source SDK mapping.

    Your website is something so special I would hold dear, Phillips. I will tell everyone that this was once a lively place for Half-Life 2 fans.

    I enjoyed reviewing the Villes and meeting people here, despite me jumping in for only one year.

    Tomorrow, I will download all of the Villes from Hammer and Lambda cups so they can act as some sort of a reminder.

    Thank you for everything, Phillips. Thank you.

    – Winterman the NForcer

  27. Thanks for all Phillip. I hope that villes will live

  28. torgomada

    Totally understand, man. Thanks so much for all you’ve done over the years to foster a strong, involved community around the best game ever, and for archiving and documenting its mods and map packs, keeping them from falling into the abyss of obscurity. I’ll remember you every time I load up an HL mod. Thanks Phillip!

  29. Wish you luck on your next endeavor!

    For a second there, I was worried that he died or something.

  30. Anon_1731145

    Well i hope you have a great life and good luck on your future endeavors whatever that may be. goodbye:)

    1. asterixer

      Hello Phillip,

      All good luck to you, thank you for running this site for a very long time!
      Thank you again!

      I looked always weekly for new maps here and its very sad to loose this.

      For me HL1 and 2 was a big hope to improve the gaming world under Linux. So if someone asked me what to play under Linux i always answerd to play HL2 and visit your site.

      In 2018 Valve seems to go away from the Linux nativ gaming and launched a own wine port.
      Thats ok, but im afraid that this will be stop a lot of porting from Windows games to Linux

      Anyway, i will still visit this website because its a great library for SP HL2 content.
      Thank you Don to take it over. If i can help a litte bit maybe you can contact me at [email protected]

    2. Anon_1731153

      Uh… I wanna say one more thing before I go

      The fact that you kept a website about mods on half life 2 for 10 YEARS I truly commendable you’ve kept this fanbase alive and strong for so many years its truly amazing and doing stuff like the lambda cup for new/old modders to come together for some friendly competition what you’ve done for this community will stay with it forever and will be remembered and I understand why you would go do other things in your life you can only do one thing for so long without wanting to do other things thank you very much. Good luck And I’ll see ya on the other side friend

      1. Anon_1731160

        – a Canadian person

  31. Hello, Phillip!

    You made me very sad the first day of the year, but I understand you.

    I remember in 2014 you wrote me because you saw one of my mappack on Youtube (HL 1: The returning). That’s how I got to know your website.
    I checked your website every day, watched the new mods, learned a lot from them.
    I thank you for the many work you have done in recent years and wish you every success in your private life!
    One more important thing: I’ve been working on a HL2 Ep.2 mappack for over a year. If this is done, can I upload it here?
    I hope we hear about you later!
    Finally. sorry for my bad English …

  32. I know I rarely comment these days, and have never been a mapper, but as everyone else said, thank you so much for the enormous amount of time and energy you have put into PlanetPhillip, and RTSL.

    You kept the dream alive for so many of us!

    All the very best for whatever takes your attention now sir, and good luck for the future.

    Happy New Year to you & yours.

  33. AI

    All I can say it has been an honnor to have been a member (Since 3-2006) of the site, even thou my
    contributions have been sparse! I don’t map/mod (never learned) I just collect, my back up drive has 147gb 1,976 combination HL/HL2 files all compressed! Back in the day I helped a friend run two sites here in Minnesota (USA) (The Vault BBS & Over the Back Fence) The owner was killed in a car crash! Sad, but things happen! So this ending is very sad indeed! I’ll be 73 in Feb and am winding down myself!! Anyway hate to see ya go, don’t give up the game!!

  34. Hec

    Well… Gosh, this is sad. At first, I knew the notice by a Half-Life Facebook group I am in. And I only see in a quick manner the title of a “sad day for modding community”. So I feared the most, I thought that Phillip had died or something like that. I hope the lord give Phillip and Us the gift of life for many, many years more!

    I only have to give Phillip a great, big thanks for all his work and millions of minutes devoted to developing the site. It is a sad fact to swallow. But I respect his decision fully. As any man needs time to develop his spirit and profession, and his or her family.

    I’ve always felt a little bit rude only to be a gamer or kind of a “free-rider” because I only enjoy the site and the wonderful battery of mods it has. And despite I know there’s Mod DB, the former Planet Phillip website, and this actual RTSL.com site are millions of times ahead from Mod DB, you know.

    The good thing about it is that we still can enjoy the site and share our recommendations in it, I hope anytime we want to write in the future.

    I also believe it is kind of rude to ask Phillip his comeback sooner or later, but that’s a decision that only belongs to him and to his great noble and sweet-heart. So that will be my wish, that’s for sure. Because in some way playing Half-Life mods changed my life. And it is an activity that is responsible for being writing English recommendations in more than 5 years despite I’m Mexican. Well, nothing of this would’ve possible without Phillip. So it only left to give him a big thanks for running with no doubts, the best-dedicated HL modding site on the internet. And give him a big, strong huge for doing so.

    Good riddance buddy!!

    I am going to miss you!

    P.D. 1. Please come back someday!

    P.D. 2. If I ever visit Spain or the UK, I’d love to meet you, pal!

  35. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    It’s a sad news even if I don’t play a lot Half-Life stuffs or just occasionally since a couple of year I come here everyday to see what’s new.
    I was here for a loooong time and really appreciate Philip for his enormous work and contribution during all those years
    got a lot of contact during the past and was always fill with wonder to see how far Philip went to share his passion for Half-Life. He has certainly put a lot of priority in his site perhaps too much so i needed to come to an end 🙁

    2019 is a new start I wish all the best for Philip future and just hope He will let us know what he is doing and tell us how he is going 🙂

    I Also wish all the best for Don who did a lot of contribution for HL (and other games) that got me immersed in all those FPS game since 1998 thanks to Tenfourmaps, so I big thank to you to take over the responsability to help this site stay 😉

    I take also the time to wish to all the community a hapy new years 🙂 enjoy life, take care of you and continue to come arround and share you opinion and releases


  36. Kaixo,
    I’m sad I didn’t discover this awesome website/community. Yet, I’m really grateful about everything.
    I think from everyone here, we can say a big thank you to you Phillip, and we wish the best of luck and happiness for the future!
    You’ve been a big part of the Half-Life community and we will NEVER forget you.

    Also, thank you, Don, for continuing the website a little bit more.
    This is probably the worst farewell message ever, but know that, both of you, changed the lives of tons of people!

    Thank you!

  37. Argh!

    Thank you so, so much for everything you’ve done, Phillip! (from a 15-year-long lurker)

  38. Salami

    I’ve been a fan of the site since I was a kid in 2009, it grew with me and was a big part of my life. Now at almost 20 it’s hard to believe you are stepping down, but everyone has to move on. Thanks for all the memories, Phillip 🙂

  39. Thank you Phillip, for all the work you have put into this site. I also fully understand this move, as some projects can grow out of proportion and start consuming too much time. Goodbye and good luck in your future projects!

  40. Ok if nobody else is going to say it I will. Come on Phillip, don’t go, please don’t go, we need you mate!

    Still not coming back? Ok! Well I would just like to say that what you have created here is a fantastic achievement which is, and deserves to be, revered by all lovers of the Half-Life world. Of course we wish you everything you would wish for yourself for the future but mostly we’ll miss you and your videos, voice overs, comments, live streams etc. etc. etc.

    Thanks for the many, many brilliant memories Phil and good luck to Don. End of an era? Yes most definitely.

  41. I just made this account so i can thank Phillip for his hard work for the hl community.

    Thank you for what you did and best of luck in your future.

    Also i wish all the best for Don for keeping the website up.

  42. Thank you, Phillip. You have been a shining gem in the Half-Life community. Bon Voyage, and best of luck in your future endeavors. -Evan H.

  43. Well, this is kind of depressing.

  44. Half-LifeJunkie

    You have left behind as a gift to all the undisputable top mod creation complex anywhere in the gaming world.

    Half Life hooked me in way back in the day and I’m not ashamed to confess that at 62 I still play the mods several times a week. I have even compiled my own recording system for how each one rates and there are some absolute beauties. scoring 11’s out of 10….

    I wonder if we could gift Phillip back as a leaving tribute a mega – fan made game such as ‘Half Life 3 The RSTL Tribute’ and make it a classic both in length and looks. The mappers out there giving it one huge last shot and sharing the workload. (just an idea)

    I think the promise of a new Half Life adventure kept us all going for a while but it is not going to happen which is bizarre because the financial windfall would be literally millions of pounds. As it began to sink in that no-one was seriously involved anymore I think the inevitable drift began.

    If anyone knows of any other game similar to this for us older addicts then please share…

    In the meantime a massive thank you to Phillip – and I hope her majesty gets to know about his huge and longstanding dedication and gives him a big fat well deserved gong!
    Arise Sir Phillip……………………

    Good luck to the new management ‘team’

  45. Unknown

    Sorry to see you go sir, but I know it’s for the best! I think if you could remain dedicated to a project like Run Think Shoot Live you are capable of providing a lot. Not many people remain dedicated & focused day in and day out. Lots of people become discouraged & quit almost immediately, but you stuck with it during good times & bad times.

    I don’t think I would have appreciated the unique work or better yet craftsmanship that went into, so many modifications & maps many of which may have been lost in time forever if it hadn’t been for websites like yours making things easier to find. Even to a large extent keeping the Half-Life Community together to a large extent with your Ville Competitions. I think that’s what made your website so special above many others. You allowed the community to provide their own creations & own ideas into the mix.

    You even provided incentive for people to make mods & maps by giving prizes & having donation drives. Not a lot of people or websites do that, but I really felt this is what always gave Run Think Shoot Live formerly Planet Philip it’s “Special Charm”! It’s sad that we will probably never see someone do something like that again. I mean many big websites become “Mainstream” & shut everyone out, but you didn’t. It’s upsetting we won’t have someone like you hanging around with us any more.

    I think you did showed ordinary people or gamers something very important that a lot of the best creations out there “Don’t cost a dime”! They are free for everyone to enjoy & share with one another. That keep these old mods which many would consider relics of the past is a lot more important to people once people take an interest & understand. If it wasn’t for websites like yours “They would be gone forever”! Creators who have spent hours or years making their creations would have become buried in the sands of time. Many websites care only for profit not for providing people with options.

    I wish you the best in your future prospects. Thank You for all your hard work over the years. I don’t think I would have appreciated being apart of the modding community as I do now if it hadn’t been for your helpful guidance & hard working spirit.

  46. I want to add my thanks to Philip here too. His site was the best half-life site for years lately. And I’ve had many pleasurable hours playing the maps, and using the site. The best of luck for you in the future, Philip.

  47. This is truly a bummer, but indeed inevitable. Burnout, moving on, desires and motivations change.

    But I’m very glad that the site won’t completely vanish, I’m tired of things I have loved and enjoyed doing that.

    <3 Phillip, and Don, and ALL the modders who have made this site what it is.

  48. zoe

    Plot Twist…Phillip has been secretly hired by Gabe Newell with a nicely deserved 6-figure salary to be the Project Designer/Developer/Leader/God for Half-Life 3, to be hitting the tech stores just in time for Christmas 2019. Half-Life 4 projected to be available Christmas 2020 and free for online downloads!

    C’mon, Gabe!

    Good Luck, Phillip!

  49. Florens de Wit

    I cannot claim to be a member from the start and I haven’t even played HL1 completely, but it’s an “expected surprise” that this has happened. Expected because of the slowdown on the site, and a surprise because it just is.

    I hope you find a way to be creative in a new way and find the fulfilment you no longer find here.

    Many Many thanks and so long!

  50. it is really unfortunate that Philip is leaving his site and I have great respect for all the work he has been doing for this site.
    I am not a big poster here, but regularly I came here looking for new mods.
    Thank you a thousand times for all your work Philip
    best wishes !

    Gilbert – Belgium

  51. it is really unfortunate that Philip is leaving his site and I have great respect for all the work he has been doing for this site.
    I am not a big poster here, but regularly I came here looking for new mods.
    Thank you a thousand times for all your work Philip
    best wishes !

    Gilbert – Belgium

    @ Don: I don’t know you, but I appreceate that you will try to continue RTSL !

  52. Fwog Bootew

    So that’s why it was replay ville of all villes.

    Because were gonna need something to keep us busy for a looong time.

  53. If villes end this site is as good as dead, villes are one of the only things that make this site unique and worth visiting on a weekly basis.

  54. Oh, well, sorry to hear you go, Phillip.

    I also wish I had done more over the years to participate in the contests and add to HL modding on the whole. Mapping for HL2 and HL1 was always a rewarding and fun thing for me.

    Thanks for everything you’ve done to host, blog, and review Half-life content for all these years and I wish the best on your endeavors, dude.

  55. KillerMate

    Well as everyone here, this was a shock. Great Site which I am still visiting everyday !
    Having said that, I cannot believe that Phillip has disappeared for good. When you spend so many years to build something like that, its difficult or even impossible to let it go. So every day, I will visit the site and it may take 2 months or 2 years, but I am sure that Phillip will be back. Let see …

  56. John

    Wow!! So sorry to see you leave, but truly thankful for the many hours of enjoyment your site has brought! Best wishes on your future!

  57. Michael Freeman

    Thanks so much for all the work you have done for this site. I’d rate it as one of the highest rated sites devoted to HL that I know. I great homage to a great game and level design as well ! Cheers.

  58. Thank you for everything Phillip without you i’m never walking into half life 2 mods community. This was a great site i visit, but you leave now maybe there is no themes now.

  59. Thank you for the fantastic website you have created. This site made me appreciate and love the inner workings of games and the source engine. Sad to see you go but hopefully one day you will come back.

  60. I just found out today, and saw this tweet from Philip…

    ‏ @PlanetPhillip
    Mar 23

    If anybody is thinking of buying me a thank you present, I have a list.

    There’s only one thing on it and it’s this…

    Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Gold All-Metal Masterpiece

    So here it is (I’m in Australia)


    It would be a nice way for the community to give back. I was supporting him on Patreon for nearly a year.

    It’s a lot for one person, but not so much if we did a Gofundme.

    What do people think?

    1. That’s incredibly kind of you to suggest that, but the tweet was just for fun. Please DO NOT start a Gofundme. It’s just a silly watch and people shouldn’t be thinking of using their hard-earned money to buy presents for me.

  61. I should have separated his tweet from my comment. Philip lives in Spain.

  62. Anon_1928965

    Thank You Phillip.

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