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A fan of HL since 1998... I've discovered mod's with HL Redemption in 2006, then They Hunger in 2007 and then it gradually became bigger and bigger...
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  1. Dead Rising
  2. Bioshock
  3. Soldier of Fortune
  4. Wario Land
  5. Gabriel Knight


  1. Residual Life
  2. Half-Life : Echoes
  3. Research & Development
  4. Brutal Half Life
  5. Underhell / Nightmare House 2

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06 Feb 2024 2024 General Chat Some guy released a remaster of "the Thing", the very first HL2 mod ever released. How do we k...
25 Nov 2023 Half-Life: The World Machine Interesting work after Uriel. After 2 mods, I think I can see your "signature" : a linear and ...
25 Nov 2023 Half-Life: The World Machine Interesting work after Uriel. After 2 mods, I think I can see his "signature" : a linear and cle...
25 Nov 2023 Halloween Horror V: THE UNKNOWN - Map Labs Presents I rise back from the dead, 1.5 year after my last post to review the new Halloween Horror stuff,...
28 Sep 2022 Residual Life 2.05 has been turned back to 1.9 as some people have seen. The reason being some weird... NSFW...
07 May 2022 Halloween Horror 4: Nightmare on Reboot Street! - Map Labs #16 A very versatile and interesting set of Halloween maps after some years of midly bland and boring...
01 May 2022 Residual Life And this is it. RL 2.05 the ultimate final version of the mod is now available on RTSL. It ...
01 May 2022 Southernmost Combine by doing an alternative ending to Ep 2, I , your project could be seen as the counterpart of HL1'...
01 May 2022 Dark Evening This mod has far too many flaws as usual seen in "beginner"'s mods, invisible walls, incredible b...
01 May 2022 Half-Life: Field Intensity 2022 opens with a 13 year old developed GoldSrc mod which puts you in a 10 hour gameplay adventur...
31 Aug 2021 Half-Risen (Demo v2.0) The mapping is not very good, maps are unusually large but at the same time very bland, NPCs seem...
17 Aug 2021 Uplinked An impressive mappack which has the genuine idea of putting the mod in "seamless branching" with ...
14 Nov 2020 TWHL Tower 2 4,5 years earlier I played and reviewed TWHL Tower 1 which was fun and cool : https://www.run...
16 Sep 2020 Deeper Down My full playthrough here : https://youtu.be/H-Tb-l1vGLA Overall, a Deep Down 2.0 where once...
15 Sep 2020 Deeper Down Currently recording a playthrough... Some bugs here and there, Alyx-related : 1) Alyx stand...
29 Jun 2020 Residual Life Dedication. This is how I can sum up the best Residual Life, a 2008 to 2020 project which turn...
28 Jun 2020 Residual Point Korean dev team Radiation Studios led by Chulkyu "Toxagen"/"The toxin" Park began devlopment in 2...
22 Jun 2020 Residual Point Wasn't there an "edit" function before? Anyways, I forgot to tell how to use the "addon" : Resi...
22 Jun 2020 Residual Point 13 years later and after some recent digging about the lost, forgotten levels "Residual Point" an...
17 Jun 2020 Comfy Maps https://youtu.be/S0Hm69Azm3I New vid link, all three vids compiled (day, night, bad ending).
03 May 2020 Comfy Maps Short and sweet. We should have more contemplative mods in the likes of this one or fallingLiq...
02 Feb 2020 Residual Life Residual Life 1.9, the last, final version, has been released : https://www.moddb.com/mods/hl-...
21 Apr 2019 Residual Life Residual Life 1.8 has been released. The final version is announced to be 1.9 or 2.0 https://w...
20 Mar 2019 Half-Life: Anti-Climax i finished it in medium difficulty, first without walkthrough and I got bad ending then I went to...
04 Mar 2019 Forward Motion That's great, thank you for this. Forward Motion is one of the mod's I like the most, it has p...
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