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Tobias Janderå

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6 May 2012




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Exploration is my favourite part of Half Life 2 levels, a good map is where you can explore but not feeling like dead space.

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Like most people here, I dreamed of making videogames when I was little, but growing up I realised doing that requires alot of work and dedication whilst mapping I can do every now and then when I find time for it.

Top 5 Favourites


  1. Mass Effect
  2. Dark Souls
  3. Undertale
  4. The Binding of isaac


  1. Underhell
  2. Mission Improbable
  3. Minerva
  4. Sweet Half-Life
  5. They Hunger

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  • Mapping: Some
  • Modeling: Little
  • Scripting: Little
  • Texturing: Little
  • Voice acting: None
  • Writing: None
  • Sound: Little
  • Music: Little

Additional information

I mainly focus on Mapping.

Latest 25 Comments
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27 May 2017 Beacon I quite enjoyed this. Its nice to see people mapping for Black Mesa as its the closes thing to a ...
25 May 2017 Precursor I am catching up on releases that I never got around to playing and this was highly praised. M...
25 May 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 - Challenge 3 Dates Just a few days before my vacation starts. Maybe I'll get around to entering this time :)
20 May 2017 MinimalismVille 50 hours is not much to develop a map, and If I'm honest I was quite bored about 40% of mod but t...
13 Apr 2017 Aurora: Reinstated I quite enjoyed this mod. Very short and nothing special about it. See my review-ish video here:
10 Jul 2016 Poll Question 352 - Would you pay for a cheat tool for a SP game? I don't play video games to get to the end, I play to enjoy the moment, and if thay moment happen...
02 May 2016 Playathon 2016 Mission improbable HL2 They Hunger HL Point of View HL Underhell HL2 I'm sure I can come up with...
17 Mar 2016 Poll Question 339 - Would you buy a HTC Vive Bundled with Half-Life 3? I don't think so. For me, videogames should stay on the monitor. I might try it eventually but I ...
28 Feb 2016 Episode 3: The Closure Do you write reviews for books based on the cover as well?
18 Feb 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 2: LiberationVille So Liberate can mean steal something, but would it be okay if the player were to retrieve somethi...
18 Feb 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 2: LiberationVille Been looking forward to this! Really good theme. Very open-minded but still focused on one area. ...
13 Feb 2016 Local-Motive (Classic) This was a neat little mod. Great voice acting, great gameplay and great enviroment. Even some ne...
07 Feb 2016 ChasmVille First, let me say, I have been looking forward to playing this and future Competitions in the ham...
06 Feb 2016 Cliff Cottage This map includes some very basic combat and enviroments. Wich is not a bad thing. Some textur...
03 Feb 2016 February 2016 General Chat I finally decided to play The Witcher 3. It IS as good as people say it is. No quest so far has b...
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15 Jan 2016 Poll Question 336 - How will you judge Prospekt? My goal is not to sound harsh but If I am going to pay for a Half-Life 2 mod, it must be equal or...
09 Jan 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 1: ChasmVille I heard you guys like wip screenshots.
09 Jan 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 1: ChasmVille Just a quick question: Would large holes in the ground count as Chasm or Abyss?
08 Jan 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 1: ChasmVille I finally got an Idea worth doing anything with so I made some basic geometry. Not wanna show any...
01 Jan 2016 Abandon: The Town Well, I gave up at the house defence. I might try to finish it at some point. The mod is balancin...
31 Dec 2015 Poll Question 334 - Digital distribution or bricks and mortar? I buy almost everything online, except food and everyday items like soap and stuff. There are ...
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