Local-Motive (Classic)

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

13th February 2016

You are on a train, although neither you nor your companion know how you got there.

Follow his instructions to the letter – they will keep you alive.

Sounds like you’ll need to RUN, THINK and SHOOT if you want to LIVE.

Author’s Notes

Abraham has include a commentary_read.txt files which is an interesting read.

RTSL Customiziation

Abraham mentioned that this may be a RTSL exclusive release and I have made the unprecedented action of editing the gameinfo.txt file to include the line “Downloaded from RunThinkShootLive.com” and also included the RTSL startup video.

I have also included a Steam Grid View Icon. To use the included grid view icon, select “Grid view” in Steam (top right corner).
Right click on “Local-Motive” and select “Set Custom Image”.
Then browse to the SourceMods folder and then to Local-Motive/steam-gridview-icon folder and select the image. Then click “Set Image” and that’s it.
Of course, you can create your own custom image if you prefer.

Basic Details
  • Title: Local-Motive
  • Filename: hl2-ep2-sp-local-motive.7z
  • Size : 60.8MB
  • Author: Abraham Lee AKA ihonnyboy
  • Date Released: 13 February 2016
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  • Copy the Local-Motive folder into your …\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods\ folder.
  • Restart or start Steam.
  • Local-Motive should now be listed in your Library tab.

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The video below is a 1 minute summary of the mod. See more mods with this type of summary: Minute Mod Videos.

The playthrough/walkthrough below is provided by SnC Games. See more of their playthroughs on this site: VP: SnC Games.


WARNING: The screenshots contain spoilers.
More screenshots coming after the livestream.

1024 x 576

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  1. Looks promising , I’m gonna play it tomorrow , hope it will be as good as I think πŸ™‚

  2. Play It Now!

    This was a neat little mod. Great voice acting, great gameplay and great enviroment. Even some new animations! Custom content makes it just a bit more special, and the quality of this mod is really high. Pretty short, but I had fun all the way through.

  3. ildarion

    Game stuck in cutscene from the first screen. Console says that it is vcd scene file missing, and there are no scene files inside the “scenes” folder.

    1. Sounds like your download somehow got corrupted. Please try downloading it again.

  4. Play It Now!

    Short, good lookin’ and well made…
    Even comes with voice acting and some custom animations.
    It was fun and had great level design.
    Health and ammo pickups we’re well placed.

    Loved this.


  5. A quick, good looking map with some fun moments. I liked how during the final battle you had to backtrack through the original area with the Hunter-Chopper on your tail. The progression was good and I really enjoyed the gas cylinders that would fly around after you punted them with the gravity gun (I’ve never seen that in a HL2 map) The voice acting was good too and it was a nice touch hearing your comrade struggling with the CPs after your escape.

  6. Play It Now!

    A quick, good looking map with some fun moments.
    I liked how during the final battle you had to backtrack through the original area with the Hunter-Chopper on your tail.
    The progression was good and I really enjoyed the gas cylinders that would fly around after you punted them with the gravity gun (I’ve never seen that in a HL2 map) The voice acting was good too and it was a nice touch hearing your comrade struggling with the CPs after your escape.

  7. Personal Favourite

    This is definitely a mod you should invest your time into. I think this is the first ihonnyboy map I have played, and it is definitely an amazing one. I loved the main character, Levi. Unlike most NPCs, he definitely feels like a real person which could actually exist. He talks and reacts to things like a slightly awkward, but nonetheless brave resistance medic, and I really enjoyed the small journey I had with him. The locations in the mod (the trainyard, sewers and the building) are all great, well-detailed and serve their own unique purpose. Re-using locations all throughout the mod is an amazing idea (similar to what Terminal from RunThinkShootLiveVille has done). Areas where you used to be weaponless, trying your best to survive, are now an open battlefield.

    This mod combines puzzle elements, great combat, voice-acting, a short but neat storyline, custom animations and faceposing. I am honestly astonished. I think this is what great mods should look like. The quantity of a mod doesn’t matter to me, but the quality does, and that, in this mod, is definitely above average. Thank you for creating this!

    PS. I think this mod was going to be a part of the RunThinkShootLiveVille mapping challenge, although I am not sure about this. It definitely has the same 4 elements as the challenge, and the description suggests that this is true.

    Local-Motive 1

  8. Play It Now!

    This gets ultra kudos for Gman AND his trains. πŸ™‚

    It’s shy of a PF for me because at times it was a little confusing about where to go or what to actually do. The very small and compact size of the map itself is really nice, recognizing areas where you’re doubling back was a good touch. I think a few more lighting cues would have helped the final ‘maze’ a bit, because that was where I got a little anxious (and went down to 6 hp lol).

    The puzzle areas were exceptionally nice, though a bit slow because it was hard to figure out quite what to do in the lower pipes spots. I did however use ‘barnacle aided transport’ at least once… I’d wondered why so many spots that you couldn’t immediately reach, thinking, well maybe you’ll turn a corner and there it is, but then it was much later finding ways to get to a couple supply boxes.

    Great work. A little on the quiet side for the voices, but they were still clear enough to understand pretty easily.

    Obviously well-tested, this mod could have been a disaster without the efforts of a good group of testers, so much potential for failed jumps, bad climbing or unclear areas, but you guys pulled it off nicely. Absolutely worth playing.

  9. Personal Favourite

    I was going to give it a PIN but thought about it some more and elevated the rating. One of the best mods at balancing gameplay, ammo and health but never making anything obvious along the way, it adds great puzzles perfectly woven into the pace of the mod. There were a number of areas of “high tension”, as in, where do I go now, and how. Some authors descend into over the top “finales” which ruin their map for most, but this one was perfect, leaving a sense of accomplishment along with the panic. The only negative I can think of was I wish it was longer!

  10. Play It Now!

    Short and sweet mod. From the screenshots I was a little hesitant but the mod itself is terrific and the amount of time and effort put into it are evident. The use of custom voice lines and animations are very impressive and the implementation of a new NPC is always welcome. The puzzles were nice and the combat was solid. Would definitely reccomend if you want a short mod to blast through.

    Spoilers from here onward.

    – Really liked how the area you start in is returned to at the end of the map. It gives the environment a sense of ‘wholeness’ and finally fighting the enemies who you had to run away from before feels like a reward for getting through the basement.
    – Nice puzzles with the gravity gun. This mod does a good job of spacing out the combat with slower-paced areas.
    – Custom NPC, as I’ve talked about before.
    – Plenty of props to punt with the gravity gun. I particularly liked the warehouse with the gas cans you can shoot at the metrocops. Until I saved Levi I didn’t use anything but the gravity gun in combat.
    – Excellent use of custom animations. The hostage scenario in the detention room was particularly cool.
    – Really liked the ending. I know it’s a pretty simple effect but it looks impressive. The use of the radio voice over the credits was a nice bit of exposition to round out the story too.
    Subtitles! I can’t stress enough how thankful I am for these. Too many mods have custom voicelines but don’t include subtitles and it’s really easy to miss important dialogue. Thanks a bunch for including them.

    Most of these things are pretty picky and minor.
    – Some areas seemed a little bland and lacked detailing, in particular the sewer/basement areas near the beginning. I noticed in your readme that you were hitting the entity limit but the lack of detail to the environments and the monotony of the lighting made some environments look a bit boring. If I were you I would have split this mod into two maps to get as much out of each half but it’s not a huge deal. My framerate was decent and the areas weren’t so bare as to be distracting.
    – A lot of spelling mistakes in the subtitles. I know it’s pedantic to complain about and I should be grateful there are subtitles at all but it does irk me. It’s a good idea to get someone to check these over before release.
    – Not much weapon variety. Using the pistol and the SMG was a bit frustrating, especially when you had to fight soldiers from a distance on the catwalks. A Magnum or an AR2 would have been welcome.
    – The arrival of the helicopter feels really rushed and you have no warning that it’s there until it begins it firing. It would have been better if you had seen it from the control room in my opinion; the way it just appears as you run to the trains was frustrating because I lost a lot of health without warning.
    – The stairs into the carriages are really fiddly. Clip brushes would have smoothed them out a bit. I kept getting stuck on them.

    In summary, I was really impressed with this mod and the amount of gameplay packed into such a small space is astounding. The time and effort put in with the custom content has really paid off and it’s definitely fun while it lasts.

    One last thing. I noticed in the commentary text file you wrote this:
    -You can see by the name, that it was orginally made for the RTSL’s contest, but eventualy I changed the name to include the word “eli” to take advantage of the Metro cop’s dynamic speech system.
    Can you explain what you mean by this? Does the name of the .bsp affect the speech of the Metrocops? I wasn’t aware that that was a thing.

    1. Yerp. You can look at the sentences.txt to see the word that needs to be included in the map name:


      You can actually notice this in the “coast” entry of chasmville.

  11. Play It Now!

    It was something amazing! The way, how you connected G-man and the Citizen was so unexpectable and awesome, I haven`t ever seen this in mods. Subtitles, Voice and Animations are great. Even at the end of the mod, there is some info about Nova Prospekt from original HL2.
    I loved this short mod. Puzzles are at the high level. It is good that player has only Pistol and SMG as primary weapons. Totally worth playing!

  12. looks good, but sometimes you have to go really weird paths, some weird path in some weird corner of the ceiling and there are some thing which don’t make sense.
    I couldn’t complete it because after I rescued those 2 guys, 1 of them just froze after picking up the gun and I can’t use the elevator for some reason, probably because that other guy isn’t in it, which is stupid. So, I had a game breaking bug + the other things I mentioned, dissapointing.

    1. Which guy froze? The medic?

    2. Do you have the save file? Someone manged to recreate the bug, but didn’t save it, and then couldn’t recreate it.

      1. I didn’t save myself, but I have the autosaves and stuff. I can give you those if you want.

        1. Can you recreate the bug from the autosaves? If not then no, sorry.

  13. Personal Favourite

    I really thing that it as well put together A really good start with some immersive playing through voice acting then somehow some thinking to progress with little puzzle and after a cooperative fight were you need to rush…All in all well balance and highly enjoyable through it ambiance I like it very much πŸ™‚

  14. DaZ
    Play It Later

    Demo : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/33279452/daz_lm.zip

    I love the location, the polish on the presentation, and the way the map loops around itself, but I found the level confusing in a few locations and ended up doing aimless loop-de-loops trying to work out what I had missed πŸ˜›

    It was great to see some new animations and interactions between characters and the metrocops, the quality was very high here. I couldn’t understand what the characters were saying in a few of the lines though, I think they were speaking too fast while other things were making sounds in the level also. The control tower where the rebel tells you to get to a train or something is the biggest offender here. I heard “train” but had no clue which train he meant or whether I should go to a train or wait for one!

  15. Play It Now!

    Really well done mod. Nice work!

    It’s a short but sweet game, done with a lot of passion. And it’s easy to see it when you play it. I’m proud of you, Abraham!

  16. Play It Now!

    Such an awesome and sweet little mod , it’s obvious that the author put a lot of time into making this , nice puzzles ,a new npc , fun combat , it’s a much more than I expected that what I saw the screenshots .

  17. Play It Now!

    Great. Loved the puzzles, particularly the plugs and sockets. Excellent work. I far prefer puzzles to all-out fighting sequences.

  18. Vance

    Anyone else getting texture errors for this mod? I’ve got purple error textures on some surfaces and water effects (starts out right away on the floor textures in the opening cinematic). I tried re-downloading and installing with both maptap and manually. Just checking to see if it’s just my setup.

    1. Zekiran

      Make sure that your HL2+episodes installs are verified too. Also maybe try changing your options settings for textures? It didn’t happen to me, the only thing I noticed was somewhere I needed the flashlight there was a weird shadow texture, but it wasn’t the underlying missing-tex checkerboard.

    2. *facepalm* I forgot to build non-HDR cubemaps. Dang it. Phillip, can I build them and then send you the two new files to update the mod?

  19. Play It Now!

    I really liked this mod. It has a nice balance of combat and puzzles, and everything worked well together. The start and ending have some especially interesting elements. If you haven’t tried this mod, it’s well worth the time.

  20. Play It Now!

    A Fast-paced mod, with some puzzles. You start off really fast paced no sense of getting where you are but it helps with an npc guiding you. I like some of the puzzles like when you get the gravity gun. But i think the vents were over-used a bit but it was due-able! I liked the last battle also its a great re-use of the environment you started in, you can also see the whole battlefield from where you are before entering it.
    Over-all i say PLAY-IT-NOW! because it is a great short mod, great use of Brush Work and Props!, and obstacles are taught well. Basic re-teaching the player of mechanics about the Physcannon.

  21. CurlyHoward

    This map was fantastic, and I hope to see it continue.

    A few things I found to help you improve it.
    On my first 2 play through, the medic bugged and did not open the gates. Never triggering the second wave and the chopper.
    I was able to bypass the closed gates and reach the top train yard platform by jumping from the top of the forklift. From there I could reach the train to end the level, or head across towards the bridge and out of the map.

    Missing textures. I don’t know if it is my setup, but I usually do not get them with recently released maps. Floor in the intro and the combine switches are blue.

    I am looking forward to your next release.

  22. Play It Now!

    Wow! I really enjoyed this mod! The gameplay was super tight and I loved the creators use of physics to get to special items and weapons. The voice acting was really good too. All of this tied in with a great final battle, and you’ve got yourself a kick ass mod!

  23. Play It Now!

    Short but incredibly well-done, it has a dynamic beginning, some nice and effective puzzles with a very clever use of pipes, good fights, and a well-done companion, Levi, who has its own lines, which I could have known him better, in a longer story…

    Anyway, very nice piece of work, quite refreshing.

    The “hostage” situation was a nice effect, also!!!

  24. Play It Now!

    It’s a very good short mod, it has nice feel and funny medic character.
    I had one bug/glitch while trying to take cable with me, the other end got stuck on the cage, took me few moments to fix it. Anyways, really good work.

    (it is first mod I completed in a long time, didn’t play many and I plan to play regularly now)

  25. Personal Favourite

    I absolutely loved this. Everything has been polished to a mirror shine, the voice acting, the animation, the combat, I love it. The fact that this is all done within a single map blows my little Goldsource mapper mind.

    The intro takes place in an area that you pass through again in the finale, calling back to the days of the original Half Life, where you retreat back through the anomalous materials labs, albeit on a much smaller scale.

    Even the weapon pickups are amazing, the crowbar requiring a little more that simply picking it up, with an amusing pay off, and the gravity gun immediately hinting at the solution to a physics puzzle.

    The combat was incredible, with grunts and metrocops using cover and retreating when it was smart to do so, rather than just running right at the player, which I am so sick of seeing.

    You should play this, simply because it’s an amazing way to spend a mere half hour.

  26. Short but great mod, it has everything that iv’e every imagine, with custom animation and character.
    I did not see any bugs and glitches and everything was well balanced with combat.

    I hope that i will see more of this mods in the future with his skills.

  27. Play It Now!

    I loved this mod! It was very well done. It ran very smoothly, the textures looked good to me and I would recommend play. I just wish it had been a bit longer. But very good job, Abe!

  28. Hec
    Play It Now!

    Well I can only think this is a sweet beautiful piece of work. And also it has a very, very powerful symbolic feeling all the way.

    You know, basically we’re into a CMB detention post managed by a Civil Protection Units. BUT We’re there because of the G-Man want us to be in there. You know, I just really loved that neat simple story line. Quite little before the Nova Prospekt Rise happens.

    We just don’t see almost none mods nowadays centered into a HL2 story line anymore, so by being setting in some part of the HL2 story line, this mod is just sweet.

    Now about the tech- issues and the game play ones, I can just say this mod oozes quality and plenty of fine map details. Is actually very good and very impressive how this mod is just done in one single map!!!

    The characters are just awesome! the battle is just perfectly placed, but I would have had like to have some more hardcore combat, you know, maybe battle some few Hunters or kill the Helicopter at least… and despite that I felt this very cool.

    The end was a total surprise but those narration lines at the end put all in a perfect context.

    All in all, this is a very cool quality mod you just have to try out. Maybe short but beautifully fit into the HL2 Universe story line, and absolutely cool voice acting and Character interaction. It has just an amazing immersive player-game dynamic.

  29. Play It Now!

    It took me a while to get round to playing this. I loved this mod as it makes good use of space. Someone might look at the mod and think that only having one map is a weakness but this is not the case. There was a lot of content and puzzles for the player to enjoy and plenty of action. The intro was unique and pleasing although i think the ending could have been explained a little more. Otherwise, this is a solid map and i would thoroughly recommend it!

  30. Play It Now!

    This falls short of a PF simply because I wanted more!

    This is an absolutely brilliant mod and one I really did enjoy. The only part which bugged me was the puzzle at the start using the Grav gun… why didn’t I see that straight away! Ugh!

    But the map design throughout and the layout placements are superb with ace action. Loved the ending parts in the trainyard and i think this was perfectly done. I was expecting Hunters or worse which would be predictable and thus a nice surprise not to run through that.

    Voices / story are superb also. And I noticed no bugs. But the very end, waiting as the train chugs along and then walking into whitespace… I didn’t get that at all. Unless this is the bug!?

    Anyhow, overall this is superb and one I highly recommend!
    Make more and make em a little longer πŸ™‚

  31. Personal Favourite

    I always loved mods with custom voice acting and animated models and this one has both.
    Great mapping, great ideas Δ± loved how you combined gman and citizen.Play it now.

  32. Play It Now!

    Fun little map.
    Nice Custom Animations, and some rather inventive puzzles at the start.
    If I was to critique this: A little bit more weapon variety would have been ideal.

  33. Marsh

    Game gets stuck on the opening scene, tried re-downloading, verified all the game files of my half life games and made sure i had the source SDK’s. any help?

    1. TheManCybo

      Same problem.. nobody seems to have a solution.

      1. Game gets stuck on Opening scene, done a lot to try and fix it, i give up.

        Just calling this broken for now, until something fixes it, i see that it was like this back in 2018, so that rules out the possibility of the recent update breaking it.

    2. Downloadfile isn’t complete.
      For example: the scenes-map only contains a ‘scenes.image’-file and no vcd-files…

      There are also only 2 ‘maps’ in the mapfile, loading the second file gives you a video-in-a-loop, not a realley mapfile…

  34. Play It Now!

    Nice design

  35. Play It Now!

    This is a fairly short but sweet mod that I think has quite a bit of work put into it.


    You play as Gordon, seemingly placed on a train by the Gman at an unknown point in time. During the course of the mod, you’re making your way underground to rescue your friend who has been captured by the Combine, and then to try and make an escape.

    It’s fairly simple, but it works. I’m particularly a fan of your companion during the mod, Levi. The voice acting is pretty good, even if there’s not a huge amount of it.


    Visually, the mod is fairly standard, mainly remenicient of the chapter in “Route Kanal”. With the trainyard and underground sections. There’s not much overall to say in this regard.

    One thing that I did find impressive was the use of custom animations on Levi. It definitely is a breath of fresh air to see custom work like that in a HL2 mod.

    Music-wise, it just uses the standard HL2 soundtrack.


    The gameplay for LM is quite strong. Combat is fun, especially with your companion, and makes the main fight in the trainyard much more exciting. Beyond pure combat, you also have a couple puzzles to solve, which did indeed take me a moment to figure out.


    Even though I didn’t have as much to say about this one as I do other mods, it was still a fun little of Half-Life goodness to pass the time with. Definitely worth checking out.

  36. Play It Now!

    Nit pick but my only problem, a whole mod for one map?

  37. Play It Now!

    Great storyline, Good characters, and I love the introduction.

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