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Steve Gregory

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16 June 2015




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I love HL2 adventures with a more atmospheric or explorational/outdoor perspective.
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Slow and steady wins the race

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I enjoy outdoor mods to see where the adventure takes me. Kinda like the first half of HL2 which is just outstanding. Leon Brinkmann's come to mind, like Coastline to Atmosphere but I'm always looking for others. Any advice? 🙂

Top 5 Favourites


  1. Doom
  2. Serious Sam 3
  3. Left 4 Dead 2
  4. Dead Effect
  5. retro gaming w/ Atari ST


  1. Ground Complex
  2. Year Long Alarm
  3. Coastline to Atmosphere
  4. Offshore
  5. Strider Mountain

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I helped convert lots of maps/mods over to the PPC Mac for games like Doom 3, BF1942, Call Of Duty, etc, etc. We had no kids back then!

Latest 25 Comments
09 Jun 2020 A2B Trajectory 2 I really enjoyed this. It was interesting and, although short, the journey felt a lot longer. I e...
09 Mar 2020 Cosmonaut I remember this from NostalgiaVille and I remember loving it. However, when the force-field goes ...
09 Mar 2020 Half-Life: Somatic I quite enjoyed this. The church part felt good but, like the rest of the map, it needed more pic...
13 Oct 2019 Supplier I quite liked this. Started off a bit odd with the crates in the truck - I wanted those lol. I ev...
12 Sep 2019 Dark Intervention I hear this is a first map which is impressive with an overall idea which I could see working wel...
05 Sep 2019 A2B Trajectory I really liked this. I thought the puzzles where more interesting rather than impossibly annoying...
23 Apr 2019 Upmine Struggle You know, I quite enjoyed this map, which has some interesting ideas and I liked it from the star...
22 Apr 2019 Companion Piece - Map Labs Test Tube #2 Like the linux comments, my Mac struggles to play the maps as they were meant to be enjoyed... Th...
17 Sep 2018 The 72-Second Experiment Same here, sadly. I've tried a few but it's also not why I play HL2 so not my cuppa tea either.
15 Sep 2018 City 45 I loved this map and I can live with its flaws (HEV suit, etc) because it's fun and reminds me of...
15 Sep 2018 Dead-end Freeman: Reload Sorry, but I didn't really enjoy the whole structure of this and then it was insane... I guess I ...
15 Sep 2018 Factory Defense Yeah it's okay and the faults have already been mentioned, like the lacking crowbar or gravgun bu...
15 Sep 2018 Stormfront Okay, it's rough around the edges and very tiny but it makes use of this small space really well....
04 Sep 2018 Warehouse This actually isn't too bad and offers some seriously hard action. Trouble is, it's too dark and ...
04 Sep 2018 Crimson Dawn I thought this was going to be better than it actually was... The start was great but the squad a...
04 Sep 2018 Dawn's Early Light: Combine Facility I think this download link is still broken? :(
02 Sep 2018 Station 51 I really enjoyed the first map which I previously had as a PF (IIRC) but the second map here in t...
31 Aug 2018 City 13 Oh boy is this pretty bad... The overly large areas are ruined further by the immense amount of b...
28 Aug 2018 SP Balcony Could have sworn I'd played this before ... and then I read everything above! Yeah this is a grea...
27 Aug 2018 Insomnia THATS gotta be one of the weirdest maps I've ever played. Loved it. I actually thought to myself...
27 Aug 2018 The Transformation It runs for me, but I'm unable to pick up items by pressing E key. :-(
26 Aug 2018 Night of a Million Zombies: Waterfront Fun map this. Endless zombies to kill over a pretty decent (if dull and cluttered) map. I quite ...
26 Aug 2018 As I Lay Dying Yeah ... the first map was a good idea but isn't intuitive and leaves you wondering sometimes. Th...
26 Aug 2018 Wizardly I thought the idea sounded umm okay, but in the end, it was just really boring. Another map I jus...
26 Aug 2018 5 Ways to Die by d_sparks Okay, I also don't "get" these kinda maps but this was fun seeing which style of death I was goin...
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