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Steve Gregory

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16 June 2015




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I love HL2 adventures with a more atmospheric or explorational/outdoor perspective.
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Slow and steady wins the race

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I enjoy outdoor mods to see where the adventure takes me. Kinda like the first half of HL2 which is just outstanding. Leon Brinkmann's come to mind, like Coastline to Atmosphere but I'm always looking for others. Any advice? 🙂

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  1. Doom
  2. Serious Sam 3
  3. Left 4 Dead 2
  4. Dead Effect
  5. retro gaming w/ Atari ST


  1. Ground Complex
  2. Year Long Alarm
  3. Coastline to Atmosphere
  4. Offshore
  5. Strider Mountain

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I helped convert lots of maps/mods over to the PPC Mac for games like Doom 3, BF1942, Call Of Duty, etc, etc. We had no kids back then!

Latest 25 Comments
21 Sep 2020 Daylight After playing Deeper Down, i went looking for more by Jim. :) The first parts are very interesti...
19 Sep 2020 Deeper Down Oh nice one!! I will do - thank you :) Keep up the fantastic work.
19 Sep 2020 Deeper Down I loved this. Yes, I absolutely loved it!! For me, it's the journey through a big adventure wh...
15 Sep 2020 FusionVille 2 - Map Labs #10 I must admit, I did wonder about this when there was multiple folders to copy over into sourcemod...
15 Sep 2020 Companion Piece 2: Companion Harder - Map Labs #8 [recimage id=2] When I first heard about the theme, this is kinda how I pictured it. I do like...
14 Sep 2020 FusionVille 2 - Map Labs #10 I've installed and followed the instructions above. Loaded up Steam and it's there so loaded the ...
13 Sep 2020 Overawe Loved this from the very start with that interesting beginning. The acid/ruins area is just brill...
13 Sep 2020 Overawe THANK YOU!!!!!! :D
13 Sep 2020 Episode One - Map Labs #2 [recimage id=3] I'm not quite as positive about this compared to the others here. It's a good ...
12 Sep 2020 Rebel Surge Same for Mac too. Sadly, everything looks like wireframe here. Bit gutted :/
11 Sep 2020 The Grid - Map Labs #7 [recimage id=4] Go one route, constantly attacked by a near-ending onslaught of Antlions. Go t...
09 Sep 2020 Half-Life: Abridged - Map Labs #5 [recimage id=2] I had to try this but it was funny to see that the ladders didn't work for me....
08 Sep 2020 CromulentVille 2 - Map Labs Test Tube #7 [recimage id=3] I really enjoyed the mechanics of this and hopping from different locations th...
07 Sep 2020 Back on Track - Map Labs #9 Oops :( I meant to give Prisoner X a 3 star rating. Dunno what happened there!
07 Sep 2020 Back on Track - Map Labs #9 [recimage id=3] I actually enjoyed this. It was dull as dishwater to look at and rather basic...
27 Aug 2020 Awakening Hello all, is anyone using a Mac and managed to get this to work? Steam downloaded source sdk 20...
19 Aug 2020 Power Tower Now I really enjoyed this!!! It looks great and the puzzles are tricky yet doable. Action and wea...
19 Aug 2020 Tales from the Source This is a good little map. But it doesn't feel little because of the design which is really nice ...
09 Jun 2020 A2B Trajectory 2 I really enjoyed this. It was interesting and, although short, the journey felt a lot longer. I e...
09 Mar 2020 Cosmonaut I remember this from NostalgiaVille and I remember loving it. However, when the force-field goes ...
09 Mar 2020 Half-Life: Somatic I quite enjoyed this. The church part felt good but, like the rest of the map, it needed more pic...
13 Oct 2019 Supplier I quite liked this. Started off a bit odd with the crates in the truck - I wanted those lol. I ev...
12 Sep 2019 Dark Intervention I hear this is a first map which is impressive with an overall idea which I could see working wel...
05 Sep 2019 A2B Trajectory I really liked this. I thought the puzzles where more interesting rather than impossibly annoying...
23 Apr 2019 Upmine Struggle You know, I quite enjoyed this map, which has some interesting ideas and I liked it from the star...
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