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Lethe Gray

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31 March 2010




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I'm a middle aged female gamer grrl! I've got tattoos, I sold comics and tabletop/rpg games as well as miniatures and hobbies for many years. I am a role player, and have my own WIP game, the World of Zekira.
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I'm quite fond of not feeling stupid while playing. I do love guns-a-blazin action, but also like to be able to use tactics and information in addition to bullets.

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I used to only play City of Heroes, but then discovered Portal - then the Orange Box. Then everything else FPS.

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  1. Portal 1/2
  2. Fear 1/2/3
  3. Borderlands 1/2
  4. Saints Row 3/4
  5. Chuzzle :)


  1. Research & Development
  2. Coastline to Atmosphere
  3. Strider Mountain
  4. GravitygunVille
  5. DayHard

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  • Writing: A lot
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I would love to see some of my ideas put into full playable format, also I would like to add my voice to mods requiring a snarky sounding southern-California female sound. 😀

Latest 25 Comments
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28 Jul 2016 Poll Question 355 - What is the worst thing that could happen in HL3? I voted 'Gordon/Barney/Alyx dies' because I think it would be a remarkably cheap shot to have don...
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20 Jun 2016 What The Headcrab! Episode 13 I would absolutely get a HL themed tattoo. In fact I probably will. I've been planning on it ever...
16 May 2016 New Feature: User's Latest 25 Comments Yay! Awesome work, I'm sure that cleaning it up will happen.
05 May 2016 Poll Question 345 - When it comes to SP mods, do you play betas or wait for the finished mod? If I'm specifically aware of a beta or am invited to work on one for testing, I'll do what I can....
01 May 2016 May 2016 General Chat Well, for my part.... My hard drive with the OS died, today. I'm hoping that I can find my SATA/U...
27 Mar 2016 Hangover Total play time over 2 hours, Actual play time for finishing the mod around 25 minutes. There ...
20 Mar 2016 LiberationVille Another fine Ville! So many entries, and all of them actually-playable, none that were so broken ...
02 Mar 2016 Episode 3: The Closure I want to preface this review by saying that I in no way expected Leon's work to "be" Valve-m...
13 Feb 2016 Local-Motive This gets ultra kudos for Gman AND his trains. :) It's shy of a PF for me because at times it...
07 Feb 2016 ChasmVille Chasmville is absolutely a joy! First off so many entries, and some from first-timers I take it! ...
04 Feb 2016 Cliff Cottage I liked this little map. The location was blocky and rather basic, but everything was reasona...
14 Jan 2016 Down Time I like goofy mods like this. Where the colors are bright, the landscapes are silly, and there is ...
14 Jan 2016 AvsM 2: Project XEN I wasn't aware of the original installment of this (or it's been that long that I can't even reme...
12 Jan 2016 Omega Prison I've given this a very liberal Play It Later, though I thought hard about clicking the Maybe butt...
02 Jan 2016 Aftermath I'm listing this as "manual" and "1 hour 10 minutes" because though I did just replay it using ma...
23 Dec 2015 Das Roboss I only ever heard about this map pack because it's somehow listed in the Hall of Fame. I'm going ...
21 Dec 2015 CrossoverVille It was really nice to see so many varied entries to this Ville! I will admit that the difficulty ...
21 Dec 2015 Arctic Incident While this was definitely a very refreshing new mod, I have to disagree with anyone above that th...
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