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Abraham Lee

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6 November 2013




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United States of America

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I like to be conservative in my power weapons, and I take my time in combat to really enjoy the fight and bring out the best in the AI

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Yep, I played Half-Life 2 for the first time in 2010.


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  • Mapping: A lot
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Latest 25 Comments
27 Nov 2020 Half-Life: Crowbar-Deep in the Dead (Demo) Something's up with the autosaves. Other then the lack of them, it appears the demo shipped with ...
20 Mar 2018 CoastVille [recimage id=2] This one was a simple one. It was kinda plain—the wide open beach with nothing...
31 Jan 2017 The RunThinkShootLive 2016 Awards: Stage One Ditto. I think I actually made an updated version of my trapville entry, but only "released" it t...
11 Nov 2016 Week 45 Hey Unq, just figured I'd mention I did a revamped version of my defendville entry. It's ridiculo...
03 Sep 2016 I'm Taking a Partial Sabbatical Hey, Phillip. I heard there's been some back lash on discord. Just want you to know I support you...
24 Jun 2016 TrapVille For what it's worth: just some things you might want to consider for your next entry--with regard...
17 Jun 2016 TrapVille A Quick Drive Through [recimage id=4] I liked this entry a lot, and my main problems with it are ...
11 Jun 2016 TrapVille You think a generator on the other side of the map instead of a battery would've helped the flow ...
11 Jun 2016 TrapVille (On Bridgehead) just when you think you got every bug... I'm actually surprised you took down ...
18 May 2016 Week 20 Uhhh...something's up with the ETC download link, and some of the comment images appear to be bro...
06 May 2016 May 2016 General Chat Does anyone know if there's an option to search a reviewer's reviews on the site? Like, if I want...
16 Feb 2016 Local-Motive (Classic) *facepalm* I forgot to build non-HDR cubemaps. Dang it. Phillip, can I build them and then send y...
15 Feb 2016 Local-Motive (Classic) Can you recreate the bug from the autosaves? If not then no, sorry.
15 Feb 2016 Local-Motive (Classic) Do you have the save file? Someone manged to recreate the bug, but didn't save it, and then could...
14 Feb 2016 Local-Motive (Classic) Which guy froze? The medic?
14 Feb 2016 Local-Motive (Classic) Yerp. You can look at the sentences.txt to see the word that needs to be included in the map name...
23 Dec 2015 CrossoverVille I'm curious if you could provide some more details on your Quid Pro Quo play through. It was only...
22 Dec 2015 CrossoverVille So is it possible to kill the hunter with the rollermines? And what's the story behind the ceilin...
21 Dec 2015 CrossoverVille Whew, what a pack. One think I got say up front about this pack is that I liked this challenge. F...
17 Dec 2015 Poll Question 332 - Does a modder have the moral right to block videos and screenshots of their work? Seconded.
14 Dec 2015 Sniper Yard This mod wasn't bad, but I felt it could've been better. Visualy, it was solid, no complaints, bu...
07 Dec 2015 What The Headcrab: Episode 005 Hey Phillip, you hear about Spherical Nightmares trying to get greenlit on steam?
04 Dec 2015 December 2015 General Chat It took me years to realize why it was called Steam.
03 Dec 2015 December 2015 General Chat What's up with the new logo? It used to be a picture of Freeman, now I don't know what it is. Did...
02 Dec 2015 Poll Question 330 - Is a review a product of its time? Guys! Guys! I know how to fix this! ...wait for it....wait for it..."Verizon Wireless Presents: F...
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