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Latest 25 Comments
09 May 2020 The Grid - Map Labs #7 Grr.. was searching the outside by the other side ... (even by noclip !!) Thank you! the gate is...
08 May 2020 The Grid - Map Labs #7 Thank you both, I'll have to repay the map because I abondonned it. I'll keep in touch !
07 May 2020 The Grid - Map Labs #7 No, it is'nt that: it's in a large room, the middle filled with water and a grid you have to swim...
06 May 2020 The Grid - Map Labs #7 Map 2 : Medical Mayhem The room with the grid: I'm supposed to do something with the two elect...
22 Apr 2020 Bunker 66 yeah, I know the last post is almost 5 years ago. I played this mod 3 years ago en stopped in...
11 Jan 2019 RTSL in 2019 it is really unfortunate that Philip is leaving his site and I have great respect for all the wor...
11 Jan 2019 RTSL in 2019 it is really unfortunate that Philip is leaving his site and I have great respect for all the wor...
30 Jan 2018 FusionVille A.I. DI ai_norebuildgraph 1 : works fine for me. I just have to give it in I load the game by...
08 Aug 2015 The Mineshaft Can someone tell me what I have to do with those dynamite?
10 Jun 2015 RaiseTheBarVille Maki (in Dutch they say: better late than never - [ I forgot my own question :( ] But thàt...
02 Jun 2015 RaiseTheBarVille If that should be the reason, why does one player have it and an other player doesn't ? ... (the...
01 Jun 2015 RaiseTheBarVille (sorry, the answer 9.25 is mine, I wasn't logged in... :( )
22 May 2015 RaiseTheBarVille Hoi people, playing Nova Exchange I have a purple shine on walls,... (see http://oi61.tinyp...
20 Nov 2014 Liberation In some scenes I have some artifacts (right word?) as this:
30 Aug 2014 Opposing Force: Ravenholm I played the mod a year ago (xp) and when I want to play the mod now (Win 8.1 and several updates...
24 Oct 2013 Get Mods Working Philip, I hope that at least you will read this: (I posted it in Striderville but got no answe...
23 Oct 2013 StriderVille What is going on with Steam? I played this mod one/two years ago and it worked perfect. No...
10 Jan 2012 Final Project Diary Map 8 Every time I move at the same place (you come at the three-pieces-door that opens automati...
21 Sep 2010 Heart Of Evil: Napalm Edition I'm stuck in level namd5: I reached the tank, give my coordinates to a certain Kilmore, but nothi...
20 Apr 2010 Dopusk 31 Thanx for your anwers,Grey Acuman ! "I said go to the right. (...) , going to the right leads ...
20 Apr 2010 Dopusk 31 Sorry, but do you mean going to the left or to the right? (
20 Apr 2010 Dopusk 31 other screenshots: (the one with the arrow is the previous ...
20 Apr 2010 Dopusk 31 I'm stuck... in map Usk1 (see (the map with the two outside-...
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