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16 Sep 2018 The 72-Second Experiment [recimage id=2] Prison Break is a very simple and quite laggy map with not a lot of detail, and ...
02 Jun 2018 Special Challenge - NostalgiaVille I'm glad to hear that you'd still like to participate; remember, there is more time left than th...
16 May 2018 Special Challenge - NostalgiaVille If the map consisted solely of a visually redecorated train station and with all the regular citi...
16 May 2018 Special Challenge - NostalgiaVille Personally I would jump to play any new Citadel map if I was given one, but the judging process a...
10 May 2018 Special Challenge - NostalgiaVille The reason the rule against having more than one person work actively on the map or on the assets...
26 Dec 2017 FusionVille FusionVille is a very mixed bag of entries. Overall I felt like the theme was followed much less ...
21 May 2017 MinimalismVille MinimalismVille is now one of my favourite mapping challenges on the site. There were a lot of en...
22 Apr 2017 ToxicVille ToxicVille slightly disappointed me. A lot of the maps sadly used the same mechanics as Half-Life...
22 Mar 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 – Challenge 2 – ToxicVille I agree with this. It's interesting to see how people interpret the theme, but in this case, I wa...
22 Mar 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 – Challenge 2 – ToxicVille Very interesting idea. I'm sure there will be entries that come up with quite creative concepts o...
04 Jan 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 Overview Yay! For some reason I'm really looking forward to making a few fun (and hopefully good-looking) ...
09 Nov 2016 HalloweenVilleThree Hey, Krassell! I really enjoyed Crawlspace. Would it be possible to add you on Steam to chat abou...
24 Oct 2016 Precinct 17 is definitely a personal favourite for me. I expected something short and fantastic, and this ...
05 Oct 2016 Aerial Harassment Aerial Harassment is a good starting point, I'd say. The indoors need more detail, brushwork need...
18 Aug 2016 Poll Question 358 - How many Achievements have you attained? Personally, I'd love to replay HL2 games and get all achievements on the way, but I just don't th...
04 Aug 2016 Necrophobia Prequel Alright, I'm glad you replied. Your newer Necrophobia map is definitely a lot better than this on...
03 Aug 2016 Necrophobia Prequel Personally, I think that Ethosaur should really work on improving major technical and gameplay as...
01 Aug 2016 AnyVilleVille Haven't played the mod yet, starting it now. But god damn it, Phillip, you cracked me up with tha...
19 Jul 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 5: AnyVilleVille Good luck to everyone that participated!
23 Jun 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 5: AnyVilleVille So is creating a map with multiple themes selected allowed?
23 Jun 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 5: AnyVilleVille TrumpVille is basically having no theme :p
22 Jun 2016 TrapVille Basically, Crowbar, what Phillip means is, even if a map has excellent, but generic visuals, it m...
22 Jun 2016 TrapVille I would like to back this opinion as well, even though BadPeace has already explained everything ...
22 Jun 2016 TrapVille I just found the two post-it notes that inspired A Quick Drive Through!
20 Jun 2016 TrapVille As DolmoTheDouglas mentioned in his TrapVille round-up video, there are probably a few reasons ...
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