Poll Question 358 – How many Achievements have you attained?

18th August 2016

In What The Headcrab! Episode 19 I talked about a post on Reddit that said that only 1% of people who have played Half-Life 2 had attained all of the statistics. I couldn’t find a page that said only 1% had all achievements but I suspect it was a play on the current 1%/99% theme in today’s world.

Then later that day, I was playing a single player mappack for Black Mesa called Small Lab and I started to get some achievements. The funny thing is that I haven’t even played the game yet and when I do, I might even have most of them attained.

I’ve never been a big fan of achievements but I understand their appeal. Perhaps we could have Attain November, just like we did last year with HARD November?

For those that don’t know, and I didn’t, I had to look it up, here are the achievements per game:
Half-Life 2 has 33, Episode One 13 and Episode Two 22. That’s a total of 68.

Here are my statistics:
Half-Life 2: 20 out of 33 (61%)
Episode One: 3 out of 13 (23%)
Episode Two: 17 out of 22 (77%)

So that gives me a grand total of 40 out of 68 (59%). Where that puts me on the global total, I have no idea nor do I care. But I am curious to know either because we play mods we are more likely to have reached a higher percentage than non-mod players.

What do you think?

Anyway, here is a vote for your achievements.


What is your total achievements for HL2, Ep1 & Ep2?

  • 81% to 100% (65%, 64 Votes)
  • 61% to 80% (16%, 16 Votes)
  • 41% to 60% (10%, 10 Votes)
  • 21% to 40% (5%, 5 Votes)
  • 0% to 20% (4%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 99

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  1. My Achievements:

    Half-Life 2 – 33/33 (100%)

    Half-Life 2: Episode 1 – 13/13 (100%)

    Half-Life 2: Episode 2 – 22/22 (100%)

    Black Mesa – 25/25 (100%)

    Since I’m a HL fanatic, I decided that I should get all the achievements to say I’ve really done everything there is to do.


  2. Darth_Sylph

    let’s see, for Half-Life 2, i’ve earned 26/33 (79%)
    Zombie Chopper, Keep Off the Sand, and Lambda Locator are the only ones i haven’t gotten, along with 2 hidden achievements. Even though it says i somehow haven’t gotten Malcontent, or Trusty Hardware, which are required to complete the campaign, xD

    Half-Life 2: Episode 1, 11/13 (85%)
    only missing Citizen Escort (they’re just so stupid, it’s nearly impossible to keep them alive ;_; )
    and The One Free Bullet, because i am NOT going to try that game with only the Grav Gun, crowbar, RPG, and Grenades, nope, not happening

    Half-Life 2: Episode 2, 17/22 (77%)
    missing Get Some Grub: (i’ve gotten up to 332 grubs out of the 333 int he game -_- )
    Little Rocket Man: nope, not running from a Hunter-Chopper with a Lawn Gnome in my hands, especially not if i’m trying to keep Alyx alive
    Neighborhood Watch: that first Strider always destroys the Sawmill before i can kill it
    Payback: i’ve tried, i usually end up getting vaporized,
    and Hot Potat0wned: coulda sworn i’ve done this one…

  3. Half-life 2: 21/33 (64%)
    Missing: “What Cat?” I still have no idea how I didn’t break the teleport yet. (Cuz I seem to break every game I play is some way, shape, or form). “Vorticough” I can’t find it for some reason. “Zombie Chopper” I forgot about this achievement in the first part of Ravenholm. “Targetted Advertising” I have bad aim lol. “Keep Off The Sand” Last play through I did, I touched only 1 pixel on the sand… “Flushed” I forget this one exists. “Counter-Sniper” There’s always one I miss. “Giant Killer” I always die. “Atomizer” I end up somehow killing myself. “Lambda Locator” I have 5 more to find ;-; . “Hack Attack!” I just end up throwing them into walls. Plus I have one more hidden one.

    Half-Life 2: Episode One: 8/13(62%)
    Missing: “Pacifist” I REALLY have a hard time not killing any of them, but I think they need to be put out of their misery anyway… “Car Crusher” I just need 2 more. “The One Free Bullet” Yeah that’s never happening… “Conservationist” Again, bad aim lol. “Zombie-que” I think I have about 5 or 4 more to do.

    Half-Life 2:Episode Two: 9/22(41%)
    Missing: “Get Some Grub” I can’t find them all. “Piñata Party” Again, I can’t find them all. “Hit and Run” 7 more to do. “Puttin’ On a Clinic” Yeah you can guess why… “Cache Checker” I can’t find the last few. “Pedal to the Metal” I always crash into this one tree, I think it’s a magnet. “Gordon Propelled Rocket” I don’t know where it is. “Little Rocket Man” I keep forgetting about this one too. “Neighborhood Watch” Hahahaha…. Fun times with this one….. “Payback” Not possible for me. “Bone Breaker” I have like 10 more to do. Hot “Potat0wned” I always seem to throw the greneades behind them. “Grave Robber” I can’t get them.

    1. In the klain lab, its a liitle teleport… on the left by entering the lab, to break this, just use it many time…

  4. galocza

    i have all of them, but im not proud of the fact.
    i have a bit of backlog (few years worth 8) in steam games so i generally have no intention to play through a game more than once. playing a game with achievements in mind kinda breaks the flow, the natural way of playing it – so playing for achievements actually result in a worse experience.
    and im a lazy achievement hoarder – i consider myself a perfectionist in most cases but generally i only play for achievements when i feel that its not that much extra effort and can be done in one playthrough.
    all in all i think i would enjoy gaming more without the achievements. but if they are there you have to ‘climb’ them.

    all that said, they can be beneficial in terms of replay value – for other people.

  5. I’m actually quite an achievement junkie. I have 9 perfect games, and, for Half-Life games, these are my stats:

    Half-Life 2 – 33/33 Achievements (100%)
    Half-Life 2: Episode One – 13/13 Achievements (100%)
    Half-Life 2: Episode Two – 5/22 Achievements (23%)

    I haven’t worked on achievements at all on Episode Two. But, as an overall concept, I think achievement can be really fun (well, sometimes).

  6. In What The Headcrab! Episode 19 I talked about a post on Reddit that said that only 1% of people who have played Half-Life 2 had attained all of the statistics. I couldn’t find a page that said only 1% had all achievements but I suspect it was a play on the current 1%/99% theme in today’s world.

    Only 1.6% of players have completed Lambda Locator, which obviously means only 1.6% maximum can have all achievements. Since it doesn’t seem to say the number of people who actually do have them all, though, it’s certainly likely they’re even less than that. 1% seems like a fair assessment, but still ultimately a guess.
    Less than 50% of all players actually got past the first chapter since achievements were added to Half-Life 2, though, which is just… sad.

    (Also, the “1%/99% theme” is not that current, it’s years old by now. But I’m nitpicking there)

    “Attain November”… shouldn’t it be something like “Achieve November”? Or “Achievember”?

    1. Actually, let me rephrase that: it could be a reference to the “I am the 99%” thing, but if it was, the guy wasn’t wrong by much!


    Half-Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2 and also Black Mesa.

    1. Unfortunately the Half-Life 2 Update and Synergy have stolen most of my achieves.

  8. As for my own Half-Life series achievements:
    – Half-Life 2: 30/33 (91%);
    – Half-Life 2: Episode One: 10/13 (77%)
    – Half-Life 2: Episode Two: 17/22 (77%)

    So, overall, 84%. I’m not an Achievement hunter, frankly I hardly care about them, so it’s not too surprising I’m still 16% away from completion. That said, I’d like to at least get the remaining 3 for Half-Life 2 so, who knows, maybe I’ll do a run for that!
    Mind you, I will most likely never, ever get the Little Rocket Man one because that’s just a pain in the ass.

    1. Oh and since many of you are counting Black Mesa, you blasphemers (kidding), I have 4 of 25 (16%), but I never even beat the game so it’s hardly surprising. I don’t count it as a “Half-Life” game any more than, say, Garry’s Mod (11 of 29 if you’re curious).

  9. Recently done Half-life 2 100% … and now I’m slowly preparing for episodes, and possibly Black mesa when I finally get it

  10. Personally, I’d love to replay HL2 games and get all achievements on the way, but I just don’t think I have enough free time for that. Besides, I’ve played all 3 games quite a few times before I bought them on Steam (pirating and also disks back in the old days), and I think if I had achievements from the beginning, I’d already have 100%. All in all, I don’t think anybody should judge my knowledge of HL2 by my low 35% completion score alone. They should ask me some questions instead.

    I do believe achievements create more replayibility for people, especially for achievement hunters. And it was definitely fun replaying a few starting chapters of HL2 with achievements in mind. I’m unsure how I feel about getting one for simply completing a mandatory part of the game. I suppose, on one hand, it proves to other players that you’ve completed that chapter. But on the other, it doesn’t really take much to ‘achieve’ it, since you’re simply playing the game normally.

  11. I’ve completed [ArithmeticException : Division by 0]% of the HL1’s achievments! 😀

    1. Welcome to new employees !

  12. bolec

    100% for HL2 and Episodes.
    0% for Black Mesa (I don’t own it yet).

    1. bolec

      Ooops. I forgot about HL2 Update. I have 0% as I have not touched it yet.

  13. Duke

    Achievements ? Dudes, I’m just greatfull to get through it all in one piece, and most of that is in God mode…it’s the adventure I enjoy…

  14. Mega Sean 45

    There are people out there who play games once, so they don’t stay for the achievements. Also the only reason why Episode 2 has more people with 100% than the other games is because Episode 2 came with the achievements, but the other games had the achievements added later. So perhaps some of those people got bored with HL2 during the time so they didn’t bother.

  15. HL2: 23/33 (70%)
    Ep1: 4 of 13 (31%)
    Ep2: 18 of 22 (82%)

    Total: 45/68 (66%)

    I don’t think I have ever tried to specifically go for achievements in HL games.

    1. Just bumped up my Ep1 achievements to 8 out of 13, and total achievements to 72%. Did a “one free bullet” run inspired by this post.

      1. Actually, that’s a good idea. One Free Bullet is the one hard achievement in the Half-Life series that actually sounds like fun. I think I’ll do that next time!

  16. Well, I have 73% in HL2 Update.

    I don’t really go out of my way to get Achievements. If I had a lot of fun with a game and have continued reasons to play it, I might read through the list of ones I didn’t get. It’s hard to read through them in advance because they often spoil plot events, so you don’t know what you’re aiming for half the time.

  17. Heinz

    HL² — 28 of 33 — 85%
    EP1 — 09 of 13 — 69%
    EP2 — 14 of 22 — 64%

    I don’t use cheats to get the achievements, because I don’t wanna betray myself.
    Cheats in singleplayer mode are ok for me, when you are stuck at a place in the game.
    Would appreciate a HL³ with open world like Far Cry 2-3-4-Primal or Dead Island with a hell of an amount of achievements.
    BTW, I play HL² and EP’s sometimes every year.
    The atmosphere in some levels are so special to me, I am kinda like addicted, so I will reach the 100% achievements some day.
    For some achievements you have to go places where you never has been before, I remember the singing vortigaunt place in the Main Game.
    An attain November could be more interesting than to play the game on hard difficulty.

    Hope you had a nice holiday

  18. These are mine statistics:

    *Half-Life 2: (33/33) 100%
    *Half-Life 2 Episode 1: (13/13) 100%
    *Half-Life 2 Episode 2: (22/22) 100%
    *Black Mesa: (25/25) 100%

    *The most boring achievements i encountered while playing these games were:
    -Lambda Locator in HL2 (Find all lambda caches.)
    -The One Free Bullet in HL2EP1 (Finish the game firing exactly one bullet. Grenade, crowbar, rocket, and Gravity Gun kills are okay.)
    -Little Rocket Man in HL2EP2 (Send the garden gnome into space.)
    -Rare Specimen in BM (Send the Hidden Hat to Xen.)

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