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Hello, my name is Monkeymo and I've been affiliated with the Half-Life series ever since it first came out. I have taken upon myself to learn all there is to know about the series as well as the engine it's built upon. It's going well. I'm also an artist in my spare time. I stick to traditional art - pencil & paper.
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I like to explore 'out of the box' tactics to deal with what the game throws at me.

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I like to play through games with cheats occasionally. This can either enhance or ruin the experience.

Top 5 Favourites


  1. PAYDAY 2
  2. XCOM 2
  3. Command & Conquer Generals
  4. World in Conflict
  5. Dark Messiah of Might & Magic


  1. Underhell
  2. Nightmare House 2
  3. 1187
  4. Entropy: Zero
  5. Human Error

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14 Oct 2017 Entropy Zero For whatever reason, my review isn't posting, so I'll just say this: I like the new, challenging ...
14 Oct 2017 Entropy Zero I went into Entropy: Zero expecting it to be a simple Combine reskin of Half-Life 2, "Shoot Rebel...
15 Jun 2017 RTSL Graffiti Hello everyone! I'm the creator of these graffiti design. It was a lot of fun to make and I hope ...
20 Jan 2017 12-Hour (ish) Live-Stream This Saturday When will you get around to uploading the individual parts of the last 12 hour livestream? If you...
19 Jan 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 - Challenge 1 - DefendVilleTwo If there are going to eventually be ville sequels, I'd love to see a RunThinkShootLiveVilleTwo. I...
04 Dec 2016 December 2016 General Chat December: the month Phillip said he would state his final decision regarding RTSL. From the way t...
27 Nov 2016 Explore Phillip's Collection of FPS Games - Part 2 Will other parts of the 12-Hour playathon be uploaded as well? I sure hope so.
22 Nov 2016 Poll Question 362 - Would you prefer achievements to be hidden until after the first playthrough of a game? I prefer to have story spoiler achievements hidden, so as to avoid spoilers. Even then, I don't l...
17 Nov 2016 Hard!Ville Mapping Challenge I love how, despite being on a sabbatical, Phillip still manages to keep the site alive with new ...
13 Nov 2016 HalloweenVilleThree The playthrough video is unlisted on YouTube. Is it supposed to be that way?
09 Nov 2016 Poll question 361 - Would you pay for early access to Xen? I'd like to take a minute to point out another game: Overwatch, and how it does 'early access' st...
04 Nov 2016 Fast Detect This mod feels like it was make by Leon Brinkman. It just feels similar in design and layout.
11 Oct 2016 HalloweenVilleThree Mapping Challenge Glad to see the mapping challenges (or just this one) are still happening even during the sabbati...
08 Sep 2016 Hunt Down The Freeman Demo 1. Hunt Down The Freeman Demo 2. Prospekt 3. The Closure I can see good things and bad thing...
08 Sep 2016 Hunt Down The Freeman Demo "Another Prospekt?" I went into this with a neutral feeling, though some people don't feel tha...
18 Aug 2016 Poll Question 358 - How many Achievements have you attained? My Achievements: Half-Life 2 - 33/33 (100%) Half-Life 2: Episode 1 - 13/13 (100%) Half-L...
31 Jul 2016 5 Concrete Wonders - Real Theme The Brazilian concert hall looks like it could be a Combine structure, just retexture it and add ...
30 Jul 2016 AnyVilleVille "It's like all the villes in one!" I'm not a reviewer (this is my first review), so hopefully I'...
23 Jul 2016 Poll Question 354 - Would you prefer a TC with a play time of 1 hour or a mod set in the HL universe with a play time of 2 hours? The thing about Total Conversions is that the devs are going up and beyond with their work. Not t...
09 Jul 2016 What The Headcrab! Special: HDTF - Berkan Interview One thing is certain: This will be interesting.
06 Jul 2016 What The Headcrab! Episode 15 The High-Definition Pack was created by Gearbox Software. If we say that anything created by Gear...
05 Jul 2016 What The Headcrab! Episode 15 Regarding the trivia question: I'd say this is a pretty hard one, I wouldn't be surprised if a...
23 Jun 2016 Poll Question 350 - How would you feel if Half-Life 3 were released and it didn't support modding? Source mods are one of the main reasons I am still affiliated with the Half-Life series, even ove...
23 Jun 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 5: AnyVilleVille As a joke, I guessed to myself that the theme would be a combination of all the previous Hammer C...
19 Jun 2016 Introduce Yourself Thanks for the warm welcome Phillip; I can already tell my time here will be splendid. I'm pre...
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