What The Headcrab! Episode 15

4th July 2016

Hello again. Here is another Half-Life News video.

Hope you like it.

Go watch.

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Last Week’s Follow Up

Follow up to What The Headcrab! Ep14.

I was surprised at how many people new the answer to last week’s HL Lore Trivia question – well done everybody!

Crematriste: I played Base Defense a few months ago with a good friend of mine. I believe you can play it in singleplayer, but it’s recommanded to play with friends. It gets a bit repetitive after a while, but the new stuff they’ve got looks interesting.

Marcelo-Adrian: About the “channel spotlight” thing… maybe elaborate a bit about the channel, what they do, like marphy’s cut A.I. features series, the beta maps…

Avi: You should make more videos of you playing around with hammer, i enjoy those.

Pac0 Master: Here’s a little list of Portal 2 mods you might be interested to talk about.

YouTube Channel Spotlight


Half-Life Lore Trivia Question

Can you answer this question WITHOUT referring to the OverWiki?

Please post your answer as a YouTube comment.

What is the formal name for the Tau Cannon?

This question was kindly supplied by monkeymo1999.

Pick Of The Episode Game Giveaway

WTH Ep13’s winner of Interloper was Cyberplayer.

This week’s game Remember me, courtesy of Aaron from SteamContests.com.

Please note, this game is rated as M for Mature.

To have a chance to win, simply post your Pick of the Episode, i.e. your favourite news item from the show, as a YouTube comment and I will randomly select a winner on next week’s show.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for watching. I hope the show is interesting for you. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see more of, please let me know.

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  1. I think that the name for the tau cannon is the gauss gun. Is that right?

    Also, the speedrun is awesome.

    For HL3, well….

  2. Regarding the trivia question:

    I’d say this is a pretty hard one, I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone knows it. There are only a few times the tau cannon’s real name is mentioned or seen. I can tell you that it is not gauss gun.


    I can confirm that the Half-Life 3 article is wrong. The site states that Half-Life 3 will be on VR. Chet Faliszek already confirmed that this is wrong. Another point is that Valve dislikes exclusives and hate to dividing games based on platform. Making Half-Life 3 a VR exclusive would cause an uproar. Gabe Newell stated his stance on VR exclusives. This is why I always take Half-Life 3 news with a grain of salt; everything is subject to change and even may be incorrect.


    Overall a very good WTH episode; plenty of content. Hope future episodes are just as good.

    1. This should be interesting. From all I know and according to a bit of research, the only other name for the Tau Cannon is Gauss Gun. I know the Gluon Gun is also called the Egon Gun as reference to Ghostbusters, but that’s another gun entirely.
      I look forward to seeing what you say the Tau Cannon’s name is.

  3. What is the formal name for the Tau Cannon?

    Holy crap, I actually don’t know this. This is unprecedented. Tip of the hat to you, monkeymo1999, you got me on this one.

    Haven’t watched WTH #15 yet but let me just point out beforehand: the sources on the Half-Life 3 rumor (CrossMap and especially Yibada, who seems to have started it) seem hardly reputable. I wouldn’t bet on it, although on the off chance it’s actually true, that’d be good news.

    Edit: Crap, just checked the OverWiki for the ‘formal’ Tau Cannon name. Should’ve remembered this.

  4. Hello all! Tau Cannon has its name written on the left side of the HD viewmodel… XVL 1456

    1. Huh. Did not know that.

      That said, that’s a bit of a trick question since the High Definition Pack wasn’t in the original Half-Life, wasn’t made by Valve as far as I know and is arguably not canon (although ‘canon’ is a bit of an irrelevant term where Half-Life is concerned).

      Still, good answer!

      1. The High-Definition Pack was created by Gearbox Software. If we say that anything created by Gearbox is noncanon, then Opposing Force, Blue Shift and Decay did not happen.

        I, for one, say that Gearbox expansions (and other things) are canon.

        1. isn’t the official standing that Gearbox stuff is “kinda” canon but Valve wouldn’t have that in mind when they make new stuff, so they could contradict Gearbox stuff in the future, which will make it non-canon.
          I think Marc Laidlaw said something about it like this. Can’t find it though right now.

          There won’t be HL3 anyway, so just consider it canon 😉

      2. I am sure that Valve does not consider Gearbox’s work as canon… It sounds difficult to accept since we all love the expansions. There is a significant inconsistency that makes me think about it: The true Barney Calhoun (the one we all see in HL2) is the security guard who lets Gordon pass to “c1a0” map, not the security guard who holds a flashlight (the Blue Shift one). You will note that the Barney at the end of the introduction says something about beers, the same beers are mentioned by HL2’s Barney. I hope you understand my english q:

        1. Crowbar is right. While Marc Laidlaw was there, the official Valve stance was “It’s canon until it’s not.” Meaning that, if HL3’s narrative had to contradict something in the Gearbox expansions, then it could. But, until then, if there is no harm, there is no foul.

          Of course, Laidlaw isn’t there now, and since he was essentially the keeper of the HL lore, Valve probably isn’t beholden to any of that. Not that HL3 is coming anytime soon, or ever.

  5. Hah, I didn’t mean to spark an argument over canon. As has been mentioned, the Half-Life canon is quite vague, and even Valve hasn’t stuck to it. Remember when the Black Mesa Incident was Gordon’s first day on the job? Or Doctor Kleiner’s name was Alex, not Isaac? It’s full of retcons, incongruities and contradictions. I wouldn’t worry about it.

    My point was just that asking a question where the answer comes from a Gearbox model and texture pack made by Stephen Bahl, without input from anyone at Valve, is kind of setting a trap, even if accidentally. I do know it wasn’t mean to be, don’t get me wrong! 🙂

    Also, since we’re on the subject, my headcanon is Half-Life, Half-Life 2 and episodes. I also take Blue Shift as canon, but Op4, however much I love it, just doesn’t fit so well for me, all because of Race X.
    Oh, and I write Hercule Cubbage to fit the HL2 canon, so you can add that to *your* headcanon if you like! 😛

  6. Just a suggestion, I wouldn’t recommend using those kind of header images or video thumbnails for the sake of professionalism as it does come across (at least to me) as trashy and clickbaity. Now, don’t get me wrong, from watching your content over a long period, I know you’re not that type of channel/website, but if it were my first impression, I would probably have misjudged your site. It is of course ultimately up to you what kind of content you display on your site, but I feel you are not going for that kind of look.

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