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I was born in Ontario, Canada. I like green peppers. Game and web design is my hobby and I use it to spread propagandized singleplayer-orientated content that supports my ideological views.
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I prefer taking the safer route to the riskier route, even if the riskier route has a potentially greater reward. I prefer defence over offence. I prefer first-person over third-person.

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I play predominantly singleplayer games. I often play in 30 - 90 minute sessions. I play on average 30 - 60 minutes of games during weekdays and 1 - 2 hours of games daily during weekends.

Top 5 Favourites


  1. Halo: Combat Evolved
  2. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
  3. Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee
  4. Halo 3
  5. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory


  1. G String
  2. Underhell
  3. The Citizen
  4. Missing Information
  5. Human Error

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Modding Skills

  • Mapping: A lot
  • Modeling: Some
  • Scripting: A lot
  • Texturing: A lot
  • Voice acting: Little
  • Writing: A lot
  • Sound: Little
  • Music: Some

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I work slower than molasses.

Latest 25 Comments
01 Feb 2017 February 2017 General Chat Same as last month, continue work on my Half-Life 2: Episode Two modification, Above the Catacombs.
01 Jan 2017 January 2017 General Chat Hopefully release Alpha 1 of my modification Above the Catacombs.
03 Sep 2016 I'm Taking a Partial Sabbatical I know exactly where you're coming from Phillip. I used to host multiplayer servers before shutti...
14 Aug 2016 Poll Question 357 - Is it possible for SP mods to release too many Alpha/Beta versions? I do agree that having such an open development leaves little for surprise. However, I would rath...
07 Aug 2016 Calling All In-Development Mods Don't forget:
01 Aug 2016 August 2016 General Chat Recently, I have been playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 off and on - although the screaming and cro...
31 Jul 2016 5 Concrete Wonders - Real Theme I'm a big fan of brutalism as well, check out the Buffalo City Court Building: https://upload.wi...
25 Jul 2016 What The Headcrab: Episode 007 I know I'm pretty late on this one, but the Mod DB page for has been opened up again: http://...
22 Jul 2016 Poll Question 354 - Would you prefer a TC with a play time of 1 hour or a mod set in the HL universe with a play time of 2 hours? Can't seem to submit my vote as there is no option, but I would select "total conversion". It all...
16 Jul 2016 What The Headcrab! Special: HDTF - Berkan Interview More like "Hunt Down the Money", if anything this project comes across a lot more sketchy than Pr...
16 Jul 2016 What The Headcrab! Special: HDTF - Berkan Interview I do hope he is joking about wearing women's swimming wear.
16 Jul 2016 Poll Question 353 - Would you play Half-Life Go? The latest trend in cellular mass hysteria looks like it came straight out of the , "do you play ...
16 Jul 2016 What The Headcrab! Episode 15 Just a suggestion, I wouldn't recommend using those kind of header images or video thumbnails for...
01 Jul 2016 July 2016 General Chat Try the Oddworld series, specifically the 3D games like Munch's Oddysee or Stranger's Wrath. Thos...
01 Jul 2016 Poll Question 351 - Would you ever play Half-Life games on your mobile or tablet? Although I will not deny the necessary use of mobile devices in this day in age, but whenever I a...
01 Jul 2016 July 2016 General Chat Same as last month, try to improve work-life balance and increase productivity, especially when w...
20 Jun 2016 June 2016 General Chat I've got no idea how you Ville mappers even turn out content so quickly, most of the maps I saw w...
18 Jun 2016 What The Headcrab! Episode 13 No, not even if I was paid to do it. I view tattoos as unhealthy for the skin and a rather unnece...
06 Jun 2016 What The Headcrab! Episode 11 I get what you mean. I have never been interested in reviving the cut content, mostly because a l...
03 Jun 2016 June 2016 General Chat Not a fan of System Shock 2, excellent atmosphere and world design, but I found the gameplay way ...
01 May 2016 May 2016 General Chat I strongly recommend against doing that, nobody should be expected to watch that vile show. Runni...
29 Apr 2016 Poll Question 344 - Will you watch/rent movies via Steam I rent movies via iTunes and whenever I have had a problem, their customer support has always bee...
22 Apr 2016 Poll Question 343 - Do you think you would buy "themes" for games that changed the default experience? I wouldn't put it past them (Valve) to pull such business practices, after all, most of their rec...
17 Apr 2016 Introduce Yourself Greetings, I am GreenPepper and am currently working on a singleplayer modification for Half-Life...
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