August 2016 General Chat

1st August 2016

Hello August. FINALLY I have my holidays.

What plans have you got regarding gaming? Tell me about your dreams. Am I in them?

Have you had your holidays yet? Where have you been? Where are you going?

Lastly, I have created a new menu item on the grey (Secondary) menu called FOLLOW. It lists the usual places to follow RTSL.

Happy August.

What is this post?

Over the last few months, RTSL has got a lot of new readers, mostly I suspect due to VNN, but maybe from other sources too. Anyway, unlike many other sites that also have a “proper” forum, RTSL does not. We did have but it was never used, so I removed it. People also complained about having to register twice – and I fully agree.

So now, each month I create a “General Chat” post for readers to post whatever they want within the limits of being a family-friendly website.

Please don’t post reviews, questions or comments about maps and mods listed on the site – post them on the respective post – all those comments will be deleted. I do this to ensure that when a reader visits a map or mod page, all the information is in one place.

This Month’s old FPS game

Back in June 2014, I started to use a poster from a classic Sci-Fi move as the background for the post image. It’s over been two years now and time for a chance. From June 2016, I started to use images taken from old FPS games.

This month it is Star Trek: Elite Force (2000).
“The player assumes the role of Ensign Alex Munro, a member of the Hazard Team, a new elite security section created to deal with particularly dangerous and hostile away missions.”
I had a lot of fun playing this and if I can find the time, I might replay it again soon.


  1. I started a new Half-Life 1 playthrough. It’s that time of year again where I feel like playing through the whole series again 🙂

  2. Regarding gaming, my plans are to upgrade my rig with more RAM before the year ends. Also, I found my old PS2! I might order a copy of Half-Life 1 on the PS2 and do a full playthrough on that machine.

  3. You’re often in my dreams Phillip, and sometimes they even have a happy ending! Now that you’re on holidays you should try to catch Star Trek Beyond while it’s still in the cimema.

    We don’t celebrate summer in my country because we never get one, so things are pretty much the same as always.

    In other exciting news I was awoken this morning by a squirrel staring at me – just sitting outside the window, perfectly still… just staring at me for about a minute before hopping off. Very strange. If I disaapear or end up murdered tell the pigs the squirrels did it.

    1. KillerSquirrel: The new HL2 mod.

      1. Hey, if the killer rabbit can exist, why not killer squirrels?
        Just hope that none of the mod animators die from fatal heart attacks.

    2. Am I the only one who finds Bolloxed’s experiences extremely weird, dreaming Phillip and being awoken by a squirrel ain’t in my normal book 😀

      1. Better than dreaming of Squirrels and waking up with Phillip staring at you through the window….

  4. FINALLY I have my holidays.

    Lucky you. I haven’t had holidays since 2014!
    (a combination of job hunting, internships and actual jobs, non-stop. I’ve only had the occasional holiday, but no proper break)

  5. I take my holidays around birthdays and my wedding anniversary, so my next one is late September. That’s just around the corner now… somehow.

    My plans for gaming this month are to not game at all. I have an internal deadline which is now looming. I’ll be playing GTA Online and Rainbow Six Siege with the guys at the weekends as normal I guess.

  6. I won’t be gaming that much for the rest of the summer as the weather here is getting beautiful and it’s too nice to stay inside. I also have a certification exam I need to complete soon. I have a plan for the fall/winter to upgrade my office with a new desk, docking station, and 2 large monitors. Once the rainy season starts here I will probably replay my collection of classic mods, assuming Valve hasn’t broken them again.

  7. Doom got its second major update last week which brought a ton of new features to SnapMap. Although we knew about the 30+ Hell modules, jump pads and the removal of the two-weapon limit, they actually delivered far more than that. New interactables like Gore Nests and a Tripod Panel you can set the display text on, new audio, new atmospheric controls, a switch entity (much like logic_case), and the ability to flag props as static so they consume fewer resources.

    Consequently, I’ve been having a lot of fun making a Hell map, which should be done in a few days. Still haven’t been “Featured” yet, but I am racking up a lot of upvotes and positive comments.

    1. can’t wait to play it!! 😀

      1. Out now!

        SnapMap ID: VDAF5WMH

        Trapped in Hell, the Doom Slayer must find a teleporter to escape the spiraling Nautilus. [10 min, med. difficulty, checkpoints]

        YouTube Video:

  8. No , I haven’t had it yet, but I wouldn’t really care if it happened to not go in one, because I’ve been having a lot of fun here on my pc. So far this summer I learned how to type with all 10 fingers ; I played in team fortress 2 competitive leagues and I’ve been mapping for some Half-Life 2 projects of my own 😀

  9. Recently, I have been playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 off and on – although the screaming and crowd mechanics can get tiresome.

    I dreamed of being in a trailer park again, this time some kind of disease was quickly spreading throughout the area that turned people into homicidal maniacs (like something out of the recent Crazies movie). My parents were with me inside a trailer from my childhood. I discovered that things had gone terribly wrong in the area when I entered a neighbour’s trailer (I had heard weird groans of pain from it) and discovered that the older couple that was living there were attacking a man under a wooden bed frame. After I called out, they crawled out from under the bed, covered in red and started running towards me while laughing maniacally. I left their trailer and shut their sliding glass door (they walked straight into it afterwards and then started arguing with each other). Later, an old man and two police officers entered our trailer and handcuffed my wrist to a baton and told me to beat my father with it. Although I immediately refused and began swinging at the group of men instead, the rest of the dream was too incomprehensible to really be worth describing. I do remember seeing a beach that was being used as a dumping ground for things better left unsaid though.

    I have a holiday today (Civic Holiday), but apart from that and other statutory holidays and weekends, I have no days off. I just stay home and do housework during the holidays and weekends. I would prefer not to have any holidays and would rather have a regular work schedule each day. Daily manual labour (provided it’s not excessively long or dangerous) is good for the health and for society. Health and purpose is happiness.

  10. It’s happening guys! Forget Half-Life 3! Tell your parents and your uncles and aunts, your brothers and sisters! Your dog!

    MEGA CITY ONE – Teaser Trailer:

    ModDB Page:

    (It’s really not a big deal ;), more information can be found on the ModDB page and the video description)

  11. JamaicanDave

    Was skimming over the mapping challenges and have a question. Whilst it seems against the spirit of the competition, there’s nothing in the general rules stating the map must be built from scratch within the the comp time frame, only that it must be original and not previously released. Am I interpreting that correctly?

    1. The intent is that the conditions of the competition make it so adapting an existing map would be difficult, but it is ultimately an honor system kind of thing. You aren’t supposed to.

      1. JamaicanDave

        It’s amazing what some people can produce in such a short amount of time. Wish I could work at even half that speed 🙂

  12. Just FYI, if you guys ever need custom Overwatch Voice clips, the same lady who’s been posting Half-Life 2 leak stuff does an amazing impression.

  13. bkadar

    its back

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