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I'm an Animator from Oregon, in terms of modding, I specialize in some mapping and Voice Acting.
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03 Aug 2016 Poll Question 356 - If everything you read about HL3 was really bad, would you still play it? Honestly it wouldn't make much sense for myself to put all this effort and energy into researchin...
01 Aug 2016 August 2016 General Chat Regarding gaming, my plans are to upgrade my rig with more RAM before the year ends. Also, I foun...
28 Jul 2016 Poll Question 355 - What is the worst thing that could happen in HL3? Gordon speaking would be the absolute worse and I'm still concerned about it when you consider th...
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16 Apr 2016 Poll Question 342 - Do you think Valve should support multiple versions of each game? For Valve games I'd love to be able to boot up older versions. I think it's something that cou...
31 Mar 2016 Poll Question 340 - Do you ever kill NPCs unnecessarily? In games like HL, I liked to set aside different saves and such to mess with maps / the NPCs. ...
31 Mar 2016 Poll Question 340 - Do you ever kill NPCs unnecessarily? SCIENTIST SLAUGHTERHOUSE
15 Jan 2016 Poll Question 336 - How will you judge Prospekt? The trailer for it looks really promising. The screenshots, though? Not the best to showcase the ...
17 Dec 2015 Poll Question 332 - Does a modder have the moral right to block videos and screenshots of their work? Once a work is out in the wild you can't really control what happens to it. I could understand...
19 Nov 2015 Poll Question 329 - Should a mod author eventually show Easter Eggs? I've been working on a mod and during a play testing session a friend was able to get on a roof I...
07 Nov 2015 What The Headcrab: Episode 003 From what I played of it, Half-Rats is pretty good. The main character is very talkative, however.
07 Nov 2015 POSSIBLE changes on the site. Yeah Phillip, I'm amazed at the fact you were able to address everyone's concerns. Can't please e...
22 Oct 2015 Poll Question 326 - Would you support a donation system for mods? I don't mind, if you do good work, you should deserve some kind of pay. (That pay percentage for ...
15 Oct 2015 Poll Question 325 - How do you feel about locked chapters? It doesn't matter much to me, I like to play the game at the dev's intended pace. But if people f...
08 Oct 2015 Poll Question 324 - What's more important for you in HL3? In Valve games, the gameplay serves the story, so of course they should 'raise the bar' once agai...
24 May 2015 Killzone Source Good solid work. Those looking for something different from HL2-style gunplay are in for a tre...
02 Apr 2015 School Shooting Escape Aside from controversial subject matter, it's just not that great a map. During your time gett...
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