Calling All In-Development Mods

6th August 2016

Over the last couple of weeks, some members of the RTSL community have joined the RTSL Discord server. It’s been a lot of fun, but not without its teething problems.

Things have settled down now and there’s plenty of chat on a variety of channels and I’d like to invite you all to join. I’ve already posted about the server and it’s linked to in the grey menu under FOLLOW and also in the footer, as well as at the end of my new videos.

Last night I had an epiphany – why not let some SP mods have their own channel on the site? Sure, mods can easily set up their own server and invite people to join. They have complete control over the server and choose what channels they want.

But they also have to hope to get people interested. By joining the RTSL Discord community you will have immediate access to one of the largest Half-Life communities with no hassle.

I’ve already created two: Half-Rats Parasomnia and Reclamation Act. Over the coming weeks you might have early access to media, news and updates.

If you would like your mod to have its own channel, then you need to:
A: Have a ModDB page and/or
B: Be active, i.e. currently working on the mod.
C: Be prepared to post updates etc, hopefully sometimes before posting it on ModDB.

Don’t expect to have a channel and then do nothing. You need to engage your community.

Please contact me via the @PlanetPhillip messaging system on the RTSL Discord server and I’ll create you channel today!

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, just ask.


  1. What if I’m B and C, but don’t wanna post an A?

    1. Okay, I have removed the requirement for a ModDB page.

  2. To be honest this is the wrong place to announce this service… since chances are the majority of regular RTSL readers already know of discord etc..

    This is something you should be advertising on reddit and Moddb etc… that RTSL is a central hub for the entire mapping community.

    I mentioned to you a couple of a months ago that the HL modding community is so fragmented that there are teams of people doing their own thing without any knowledge of other projects… the wonders that could be created if people networked more… but there is no services out there to accommodate that, until now.

    With discord running in conjunction to the main site you have a real possibility of doing something “special”

    So, congrats, nice to see RTSL coming out 🙂

    1. Anon_1448662


  3. Hm I would be very tempted to join that effort. How ever my life is running around in so many crazy circles, never knowing what tomorrow brings and usually being very – very low on time 3,4 hours per day during the week each day for myself that I’m afraid I simply wouldn’t fit the criteria. There’s also the fact that I take long breaks in between when morale for numerous reasons gets low.

    At the moment I’m rather active again behind the scenes. I’m working on a long over due patch for Military Duty. I have been made head of another hl1 mod that the original author simply can’t finish due to the fact that he has even lesser time than me during the weeks. And as @Bolloxed pointed out the community is fractured through many networks and places.

    To give you an example: I’m currently also working on an opfor spirit version with a coder of mine. And I must admit to date it’s the best recreation I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen them all (Raven City etc.) Not to mention a totally clear written code. Very smooth very detailed explained. Only Svencoop accomplished a similar level of quality and now with them having access to the source code of Hl1 they’ve accomplished even more than that.
    So far we didn’t go public with this Spirit version but I’m just telling this: It will combine the communities best parts that were made during the years. A project aimed for the community from the the Community even though it’s coming 1+ decade to late.

    I agree that the moddb requirement shouldn’t be a requirement. If the mappers feel that they might reach more people on moddb they should be allowed to go there first. Otherwise I agree that things should be posted here first just like I did with my mod release back then to aid this great site and it’s diminishing fan base.

    The idea of uniting any remaining mappers, coders, model artists does sound great. At the moment my only source for that is it’s along with this page one of the last true remaining hubs of the community while your website @Phillip is possibly more interesting for the regular players out there correct me if I’m wrong. Still your mapping tutorials will certainly become interesting for any mappers out there. How ever that’s not how things work.

    You want mappers being active here then you’ve got to reinstate your forum where they can ask their mapping related questions. You’ve got to add 2 new categories onto the page. “Prefabs” & “Example maps” demonstrating how things work outside of a tutorial related environment showing the numerous mapping possibilities. After all there are those that are to lazy to read or simply can’t comprehend complex texts, who knows.

    Anyway by any given chance I would suggest some sort of Joint Operation or Coalition with Otherwise their page and yours might bite one another dividing the mapper base even more. Assuming of course that you actually manage to get things going with this project here and I hope you will !

    Because seeing as it is right now @Bolloxed is absolutely right when he says that people operate in divided groups not knowing what another groups do. The Half-Life Empire is smashed into pieces.. 🙂 No one knows what the others are doing anymore. Moddb,, your page & (google translate) are the only last pages left I know of which are active and still provide detailed news regarding the Hl Universe.

    Ps: It’s been some while since you play tested a hl1 mod.. We need new hl1 or Black Mesa food. 🙂

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