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exploration and combat are what I love about Half-Life games. So if a map offers these two things to me I will like it.

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checkout my steam profile if you really want to know 😛

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  1. Metal Gear Solid 3
  2. Dark Souls
  3. The Last of Us
  4. Portal 2
  5. Doom (2016)


  1. Transmissions Element 120
  2. Half-Life 2: Downfall

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  • Mapping: A lot
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Latest 25 Comments
01 Jan 2019 RTSL in 2019 Phillip has done a lot for the Half-Life modding community. RTSL is the reason I finally could ge...
15 Oct 2018 PhaseVille probably because the new villes are based on source sdk 2013 singleplayer
14 Oct 2018 PhaseVille A game breaking bug is a game breaking bug. It has nothing to do with gameplay. Something on a te...
14 Oct 2018 PhaseVille nah its a disaster gameplay wise
14 Oct 2018 PhaseVille "a disaster gameplay wise" what do technical glitches have to do with gameplay? Disaster? You ...
13 Oct 2018 PhaseVille In the review for Attack of The Killer combine there is a part about copying and pasting sections...
13 Oct 2018 PhaseVille [recimage id=2] This map consistently crashes for me during the gunship battle, even in the upd...
30 Aug 2018 The Tram Complex was disappointed to see that you didn't enter :(
30 Aug 2018 The Tram Complex Placement of weapons and supplies is sub-optimal, it's easy to miss the shotgun for example, wh...
17 Aug 2018 BossVille Am I spoiled by CoastVille? Like GravityGunVille I found this Ville to be quite disappointing. Wh...
18 Jul 2018 NostalgiaVille Really disappointing Ville. Even though the authors had way more time than for normal villes, the...
12 Apr 2018 April 2018 - General Chat It's a cliche answer, but for me paper is the most valuable. Start rough with a rough layout of t...
11 Apr 2018 The Lambda Cup 2018 - Challenge 2 - GravityGunVilleTwo Such a lust for judges! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?! jk the judges are the same as always for the h...
11 Mar 2018 The Loop Complex 72? Wow!
08 Mar 2018 The Loop Complex yes, are you on the public beta branch? You must use the live version.
06 Mar 2018 The Loop Complex Another Route This map has many small design flaws, like doors with no handles, or doors with ...
12 Feb 2018 CoastVille hope you are aware that the video is just my first playthrough. This discussion leads nowhere and...
11 Feb 2018 February 2018 - General Chat Deus Ex 1, Race Driver Grid (yes, Im serious), Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, Sim City 4, Nier Automa...
11 Feb 2018 CoastVille do you have Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer installed and is it on the "upcoming" beta branch?
11 Feb 2018 CoastVille Didn't know the entry was updated multiple times for the public release. I'll check it out again.
11 Feb 2018 CoastVille Do you really think that me not finding the car is the only problem of the map? That with the car...
10 Feb 2018 CoastVille wow, the difference is day and night
09 Feb 2018 CoastVille all that the final combat section was missing was some player-height cover, something chunky to h...
09 Feb 2018 CoastVille aha so those who spend the time exploring the giant empty area get rewarded with something to spe...
06 Feb 2018 CoastVille thank you :) really appreciate it! :D
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