February 2018 – General Chat

5th February 2018

Please accept my apologies for being a few days late publishing this post.

Anyway, now that January has gone we find ourselves in February – don’t be surprised, you knew it was coming!

I did not accomplish most of what I had hoped to in January and will naturally transfer it to February, along with some new stuff. Probably by December, I’ll have 11 months worth of tasks to accomplish!

I will definitely finish Wolfenstein: The New Order this month. NO! Really, I will.

What about you, what have you planned?


  1. Has anybody watched this yet?

    A 40-minute machinma sounds awesome.

    Let me know your thoughts.

    1. That was indeed pretty awesome, you should definitely watch it Philly!

    2. Phillip can you please make a RebelVille Mod

  2. Does anyone else here also play maps from this site on Garry’s Mod just to mess around with it? I do play Ville maps on Garry’s mod whenever I’m truly bored.

    1. Yeah I kinda do that sometimes. Mainly just to expand my arsenal beyond that what retail Half-Life 2 has to offer, like Black Mesa or HL2 Beta weapons.

  3. What is your favorite music to map to?
    Here’s mine:
    Mirror’s Edge soundtrack (makes you feel like you’re making so much progress!)
    Deus Ex Human Revolution soundtrack
    World Of Warcraft Westfall music
    Skyrim Soundtrack (all 3 hours of it)
    Dust Brothers Fight Club soundtrack

    Basically anything without lyrics… they’re distracting…

    Any recommendations from others?

    1. Deus Ex 1, Race Driver Grid (yes, Im serious), Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, Sim City 4, Nier Automata, The Talos Principle

    2. I tend to skew toward either video game soundtracks or 80s music. Of game soundtracks, Skyrim and Mirror’s Edge are both fantastic, as you have noted. I also like Trine, Infamous: Second Son, and anything by Jake Kaufman.

      Of non-video game soundtracks, I jump between Journey, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk and Chvrches.

  4. I created a map. How can I upload it ?

    1. Unq

      There isn’t an upload option on this site. You can send it (or a link to it on Dropbox or other free service) to Phillip at [email protected]

  5. Great Machinima – amazing how it keeps you watching despite no characters talking! Philip you haven’t put the mod called “ICE” on here. Not only is it a great little mod (a blend of HL1 & 2, but with a hint of 3), but you are doing one of the voice overs!

  6. You know, after thinking it thoroughly. I made a stupid decision giving Cascade in CoastVille a higher rating than Sea Terminal. Despite the fact that Sea Terminal has more to it. I feel sorry for the guy.

    Creator, if you are reading this, I think the score of your map and Cascade should be swapped. Also, along with the creator of The Escape, also from CoastVille, I am looking forward to both of your next works. See you again next Ville.

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