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    Latest 25 Comments
    18 Oct 2020 Deeper Down Hey.. glad you enjoyed it. Can you tell me where in the mod you had the problem please?
    11 Feb 2018 February 2018 - General Chat What is your favorite music to map to? Here's mine: Mirror's Edge soundtrack (makes you feel li...
    01 Feb 2018 The Hammer Cup 2017 Winners Great summary! It was a really good year. The quality of the entries keeps getting better and be...
    28 Nov 2017 November 2017 Classic of the Month Livestream Mission Improbable began as a single map with the lighthouse. It was really fun and reminded me a...
    21 Nov 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 – Challenge 5 – FusionVille wow... Klems MADE you test his maps!!!
    15 Nov 2017 ToxicVille Detour Sublime. One of the best Ville maps i've ever played. Riffs off of Freeman Pontifax in ...
    15 Nov 2017 ToxicVille Ups and Downs I really like the initial puzzle area in this map. It feels very Black Mesa and ...
    14 Nov 2017 BridgeVille Heron A great looking map that eases you into the gameplay before presenting the bridge proble...
    14 Nov 2017 BridgeVille Ravenside There's some interesting ideas here and some terrible ones. Mapping quality needs to...
    14 Nov 2017 BridgeVille Bridge Ambush Never guess how the player is going to play your map. I tried to punt cars at t...
    14 Nov 2017 BridgeVille Bridge Battle A nicely detailed if unfinished map. I'm a big fan of the gravity gun as some wi...
    14 Nov 2017 BridgeVille Station 8 Man this map has so much going for it. In case anyone was wondering... the small li...
    14 Nov 2017 BridgeVille One Good Turn There's some nice ideas in this map. The physics see saw with the explosives I p...
    14 Nov 2017 BridgeVille I suddenly realised I hadn't posted my feedback on some of the maps from my judging. It's very la...
    13 Nov 2017 TeleportVille it wasn't in the competition as far as I know. It was a bonus map wasn't it?
    13 Nov 2017 TeleportVille Here are my comments on each map. I'm going going to give a review rating here as I've already su...
    05 May 2017 50-Hour Mapping Challenge Next Weekend NO FOOD! NO WATER! NO SLEEP! NO COMMUNICATING WITH ANYONE! ONLY MAPPING!!!
    24 Mar 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 – Challenge 2 – ToxicVille Go play the bits of games with goo in them or other peoples mods with goo in... should give you s...
    23 Mar 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 – Challenge 2 – ToxicVille yeah toxic slime certainly does lend itself to puzzle building... think you're on the right track!
    23 Mar 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 – Challenge 2 – ToxicVille yeah... the point of this is to demonstrate a good understanding of a gameplay element and how it...
    23 Mar 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 – Challenge 2 – ToxicVille Can't wait to see what you have in store for us! Just remember to make sure it's fun to play lol...
    22 Mar 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 – Challenge 2 – ToxicVille Personally I think the toxic goo we all know and love hasn't been given enough attention in the v...
    17 Mar 2017 DefendVilleTwo sure... look at this image: http://media.runthinkshootlive.com/2017/02/1024-defendvilletwo-024.j...
    16 Mar 2017 DefendVilleTwo A mixed bag for this first competition with some fun and frustration to be had in equal measure. ...
    11 Aug 2016 Poll Question 357 - Is it possible for SP mods to release too many Alpha/Beta versions? The problem is with SP, once you've played it, you've played it. The details may change but the o...
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