Wieliczka Salt Mine – Real Theme

29th June 2016

It’s been almost 4 years to the day that I posted the last Real Theme.

For newer readers, a Real Theme post shows a real place or idea that could make a fantastic location or idea for a map or mod. I sued to post them more often but for some reason I stopped.
EDIT: I have just noticed that most of the images in those posts no longer work. I will try to correct that soon.

Anyway, I heard about the mine today and immediately cam home to create this post. I hope you are inspired by it!

Wieliczka Salt Mine

If ever there were a place that would be perfect for a spooky FPS game, then this HAS to be it. It’s been in operation for over 700 years. There are tunnels, caverns, chapels, a spa, bedrooms and special tours. The whole place looks fantastic and if I ever go to Poland, I’ll do my best to visit.

Here is the Wikipedia page and the Official Homepage.


  1. Wieliczka salt mines really are a beautiful place to visit, went there before on a college trip and it is amazing what the miners were able to build which I used as inspiration in an area of my LiberationVille map . I always remember being in the mines and looking down through the stairs seeing how far it went and it almost seemed endless the tour guide told us the lower tunnels where mostly flooded and the amout of floors was almost unbelievable. I don’t appear to have any pictures of the mines but I’ll have a look around, though I don’t think I was able to take many photos due to not knowing how to turn the flash off of my camera :P.

    There are truly some great looking places in Poland for example Malbork Castle (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malbork_Castle) which are great inspirational locations.

  2. Oh man I absolutely love mines, I have been in some old mines dugout during world-war 2 in Norway and I can tell you it’s quite a sight and a goldmine (Pun intended) full of ideas for a level designer.

    Any plans of this becoming a “ville” of some sort once the final challenge is done?

    1. Any plans of this becoming a “ville” of some sort once the final challenge is done?

      Oh, that would be so awesome. MineVille sounds good to me.

      Anyway, great topic as always Phillip!

  3. bobdog

    So freaking awesome! Nice find, PP!

  4. Man, I really want to go there- or at least see something similar in a mod/game! Definitely a treasure trove of ideas for mapping. Also, huzzah for the return of ‘Real Theme’ posts! They were always one of my favorite aspects of PlanetPhillip/RTSL 😀

    1. I’m not sure that “return” is the right word, but I’ll do my best to add some interesting places more regularly.

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