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Daniel Friend

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9 December 2009




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  1. Mistake of Pythagoras
  2. Point of View
  3. Minerva: Metastasis
  4. Nightmare House 2
  5. Combine Destiny

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  • Mapping: A lot
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07 Jul 2018 WANTED - Ideas for a new type of zombie If at all possible I thought it could be quite cool to incorporate the old Half Life 2 Beta Zombi...
29 Jun 2016 Wieliczka Salt Mine - Real Theme Wieliczka salt mines really are a beautiful place to visit, went there before on a college trip a...
27 Mar 2016 PsychologyVille - Just a Discussion I actually really like this idea. It will create some very open and varied creations due to the f...
29 Feb 2016 Episode 3: The Closure Thank you for that Phillip things seem to be getting very heated here :P
28 Feb 2016 Episode 3: The Closure I really love Leon mods they always personally are very enjoyable for me I never quite know what ...
13 Feb 2016 2015 WinnersVille Alright so basically some of the dark areas (In which the monster makes the groaning noise) Are a...
02 Feb 2016 2015 WinnersVille Yeah it's fair not being able to understand what was going on in Nyctophobia in some parts I can ...
21 Dec 2015 CrossoverVille To be honest I think that Duke gave me one of the biggest "I know this" feeling out of them. It s...
09 Dec 2015 Poll Question 331- Can you tell the quality of a mod from a screenshot of its final release? I voted maybe because I like to view mapping/level design like an artwork and the creator as the ...
30 Nov 2015 CrossoverVille Mapping Challenge Actually I just covered up those random floating areas and my map seems to be working again for n...
30 Nov 2015 CrossoverVille Mapping Challenge This is the problem I am having. The point file is in this random location in the void. It is als...
30 Nov 2015 CrossoverVille Mapping Challenge I have tried out the checker it says an entity has leaked but when I go to the coordinates it sho...
30 Nov 2015 CrossoverVille Mapping Challenge Thank you very much I'll try out some different things :D.
30 Nov 2015 CrossoverVille Mapping Challenge To be honest I don't really know what exactly is wrong with the level itself I have a few differe...
30 Nov 2015 CrossoverVille Mapping Challenge I've ran into quite a massive problem with my map for this competition and I was wondering if the...
05 Nov 2015 HalloweenVilleTwo Yeah I pretty much made the map around the particle effects so the fact that they weren't appeari...
02 Nov 2015 HalloweenVilleTwo Yeah they are great competitions to get started in this is my second the last one (VerticleVilleT...
02 Nov 2015 HalloweenVilleTwo Phillip I don't know if it's possible but if there is anyway to make a disclaimer or anything abo...
01 Nov 2015 HalloweenVilleTwo Ah yes I just tested it by restarting the mod and it seems to have fixed both the problems. It s...
01 Nov 2015 HalloweenVilleTwo I have never actually made any sort of mod so I have no idea sorry Phillip. Maybe someone else ha...
01 Nov 2015 HalloweenVilleTwo Hey Philip I noticed 2 problems with the mod one was that the sprint key didn't work the other wa...
24 Oct 2015 HalloweenVilleTwo Mapping Challenge Announcement Ah alright thanks Phillip. I have already used Shaun Friend but I'll check if some of the others ...
24 Oct 2015 HalloweenVilleTwo Mapping Challenge Announcement Hello has anyone got any recommendation for Testers? Seeing as Beta Testers collective has been p...
04 Oct 2015 VerticalVilleTwo Thanks Phillip that is a pretty big statistic :P. I have been making maps and things for years n...
04 Oct 2015 VerticalVilleTwo Hi Daniel Friend here sorry about the no auto saves part I hate it when map makers don't put auto...
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