2015 WinnersVille

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

24th January 2016

An abstract experience, a city street event, a re-imagining of the original Blast Pit, a Combine base which will require all your skills, a rebel base that has been attacked, a giant water puzzle, a blocked train, a dark & scary nightmare and a bank heist with a difference.

These are what awaits you in this first of a kind release – all the winners from the 2015 mapping challenges.

Get you snacks ready, cancel your appointments and get comfy. These maps will have you transfixed for the next couple of hours.


Phillip’s Note

I should have done this years ago. This is mod contains all the winners from each of the 9 mapping challenges I ran in 2015.

I hope I can put it in the Hall of Fame but I will wait for the downloads and reviews.

There were some close challenges but I decided to only put the winners. I will almost certainly create another collection mod with my favourites and close seconds.

Basic Details
  • Title: 2015WinnersVille
  • File name: hl2-ep2-sp-mc-2015WinnersVille.7z
  • Size : 207MB
  • Author: Nicole Brauer AKA voec, Maarten Frooninckx AKA Marnamai, Dan Jordan aka The_Rabbit42, Tele Aqua by Ethosaur, Jason Gimba AKA Maki, Jared Goodroad AKA Gordon Hammer, Daniel Friend AKA Dannster, LifeLost
  • Date Released: 24 January 2016

Mapping Challenges

Below are the mapping challenges that the entries come from. Click the link for full details.

RunThinkShootLiveVille Winner: Run Think Shoot by Nicole Brauer AKA voec – Originally released 19th January 2015
CityStreetsVille Winner: Raining Down Hell by Maarten Frooninckx AKA Marnamai – Originally released 21st February 2015
RaiseTheBarVille Winner: Blast Pit by Dan Jordan aka The_Rabbit42 – Originally released 9th May 2015
CombineBaseVille Winner: Tele Aqua by Ethosaur – Originally released 16th June 2015
Station60Ville Winner: Camp 43 By Jason Gimba AKA Maki – Originally released 8th August 2015
WaterVille Winner: Swamped By Jared Goodroad AKA Gordon Hammer – Originally released 3rd September 2015
VerticalVilleTwo Winner: Truss by Jason Gimba AKA Maki – Originally released 3rd October 2015
HalloweenVilleTwo Winner: Nyctophobia by Daniel Friend AKA Dannster – Originally released 1st November 2015
CrossoverVille Winner: Gnome Heist by LifeLost – Originally released 20th December 2015

Download Options

Download to your HDD [207MB]
You can still use it with Gauge once you have downloaded it.

Manual Installation Instructions
  • Copy the 2015WinnersVille folder into your …\Steam\SteamApps\sourcemods\ folder.
  • Restart or start Steam.
  • 2015WinnersVille should now be listed in your Library tab.

If you require more help, please visit the Technical Help page.

Menu Music

Brane Scan by Kelly Bailey from Half-Life 2


The RunThinkShootLive.Com intro video was made by ĜL1TCĦ³


This challenge was sponsored by Nodecraft – High Performance Game Servers.
Receive 15% off your first month by clicking the link above.

Custom Gridview Image

One gridview icon is included in this file. To use the included grid view icon, select “Gridview” in Steam (top right corner). Right click on “2015WinnersVille” and select “Set Custom Image”. Then browse to the SourceMods folder and then to 2015WinnersVille/steam-gridview-icons folder and select the image. Then click “Set Image” and that’s it.

Of course, you can create your own custom image if you prefer.


The playthrough/walkthrough below is provided by SnC Games.
See more of the channel’s playthroughs on this site: VP: SnC Games.


Coming Soon – definitely!

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  1. This is a great idea. Some of these I haven’t played before so I will definitely be playing them later tonight after I finish my ChasmVille entry.

    1. I am sure you will love most of them.

  2. Kudos, Phillip, for such a great idea and content. Thanks!

    1. Thanks. Can’t believe it took me so long to think of this.

  3. You should just put “RUN. THINK. SHOOT. LIVE. 2015” at the title screen.
    Would give it a more epic feel 🙂
    Give the title text a bit more style 🙂
    Just played the first map and it was AMAZING. Will do a review when I played all.

    1. You should just put “RUN. THINK. SHOOT. LIVE. 2015” at the title screen.

      That would confuse people. We have a RunThinkShootLiveVille and players wouldn’t know what this mod was.

      Give the title text a bit more style 🙂

      It doesn’t need that because the content is what really matters. If I had more time I would do things like that but I don’t.

      1. I guess you are right about that

  4. what is happening? After playing 3 maps and closing the game for a pause, I wanted to start it again but it dissappeard from my Gauge list and it also isnt listed in my Steam Library anymore even though the files are in the correct sourcemods folder. Also all the mods I uninstalled with Gauge are still in the sourcemods folder and listed in my steam library.

    1. ehm okay I redownloaded it and installed manually, now I can play again

    2. That’s very strange. You are the first person to report both issues. We will look into it.

      1. Okay, but I have no idea how to reproduce the problem. What happened was that “Winnersville” disappeared from my Gauge library. When I reinstalled it, it installed, but when the installation finished the entry just disappeared again.

  5. Play It Now!

    Overall the 2015WinnersVille is a nice collection of great maps from 2015 and it plays really well because the maps aren’t too long and there is a lot of diversity due to all the different topics. 3 of the 9 maps are unbelievably good, the rest were A BIT disappointing, still not a waste of time though. BTW, I don’t remember how much time it took me to complete this Ville, cause I played it over 2 days.

    Run Think Shoot by Nicole Brauer AKA voec
    It is WOW!

    This map was unique, creative, funny and just fun to play. To the end I even got some Stanley Parable vibes from it, but the good thing is, it didn’t feel like a gimmick or wannabe Stanley Parable like some other mods, it was actually well written. Overall the map isn’t that complex or anything, but it implemented it’s theme really really well.

    The combat part was also really good, although a bit annoying for two reasons. First you get overwhelmed by enemies immediately, I think it would be nicer to start with small groups of enemies first and then throw more at the player, but I know that it was supposed to be a small climax, not a huge fight. The second annoying thing were the manhacks, I like manhacks as enemies, but getting attacked by 5 or so of them at the same time while you are getting rushed by shotgun combine soldiers is a bit frustrating. The usage of shotgun combines is something which isn’t that well thought out in MANY custom maps though, in this map it wasn’t that bad.
    And after the ending? Let me just say it made me actually smile, especially that one sentence:

    “look at you, playing maps for a 10 year old game to relive the memories” (not exact quote)
    It made me actually think about stuff for a bit.

    Overall this map is definitely a “PERSONAL FAVORITE”.

    Raining Down Hell by Maarten Frooninckx AKA Marnamai
    It is WOW!

    “Wow” – this was the emotion I had while playing this map. Not because it is really spectacular, not because it has some big surprises or shock moments, no, simply because the level design is EXCELLENT, almost Dark Souls level of excellent (in a much smaller scale of course).
    Overall you are in a big open area with lots of connectors and open places, but when starting the map, most of the connectors are locked and you have a clear path you have to go, which is good. It helps the player to learn the place and not get lost in the openness and have some feeling of progress. Also you aren’t just on the streets, you will also be in buildings, roofs and canals, and everything ties into each other really well.

    The Strider battles were also a nice climax and set up really well. The only gripe I have is that I didn’t know what to do at the end, because the place you have to go is so out of the way. You come out of a building and to the right of you is a big bridge, I first thought that is the way I have to go because it just presents itself in that way, but you actually have to go down the street and to a door which you can’t open yourself. The green light helps to guide the player, but it isn’t enough.
    Still, definitely a “PERSONAL FAVORITE”. The quality of this map was so high that it could be official DLC from a different developer (like Blue Shift or Opposing Force).

    Blast Pit by Dan Jordan aka The_Rabbit42
    It is great!

    Visually this was the most impressive map out of the 9. It has a nice start, cool location and good atmosphere. Unfortunately the map had a lot of annoying things. First Striders can be really annoying enemies if not done right, and IMO this Strider was just annoying. There wasn’t enough cover and the place was way too dark. Also it would help if it was more obvious where you have to go. There is nothing more annoying than having to find out where you have to go while you get bombarded by a Strider. When you reach the “central computer” or whatever it is there are signs for “Fuel” and something else, “Electricity”?, sorry forgot what it was. Anyway, these signs are really hard to see, I didn’t even know about them until I came back from activating the electricity, but seeing them would really help the player to know what his objective his.

    Another REALLY annoying thing was that the map didn’t obey the rules of the main game, which would be fine, if the mod established its own rules first. For example exploding barrels will destroy the environment in two place which will open the way for you. I didn’t expect that to happen, because normally explosions don’t do anything to the environment. Then there were some props which weren’t physics objects even though they are in the main game. That was a bit annoying, because sometimes the way was blocked with these objects. It was also a bit hard to find the vent you have to go through because it is in a weird corner and not very well lit.

    The fuel puzzle was also not perfect. You can easily mess it up. First valve where the gas is leaking, I walked past it, then shot it, because I wanted to see what happens, but then I was trapped. I needed to turn that valve first, but I couldn’t reach it anymore. I had to stack some barrels and jump over it, which was weird and unnecessary. After figuring out the puzzle it still was satisfying to do.

    The last thing is that after you beat the Strider, I went down the stairs, and the you can go two ways, one path is blocked by goo though. The thing is I just saw that path with the goo and went there, and you can EASILY cross the goo by just using two barrels, only to find out that you will get attacked by lots of enemies. Later I realized I was supposed to get my car back, so I go out the other way and get immediately attacked by an APC which draws my attention, but at the same time I get attacked by combine from my right I don’t see, which allows them to get a few cheap hits on me.
    Still, overall the map was still satisfying to play, really high quality and creative. If it didn’t have these problems it would be a personal favorite, but now it is “just” a “PLAY IT NOW!” for me.

    Tele Aqua by Ethosaur
    It is bad

    This was a solid map. It had some combat and some exploration, but that was it. Visually it was very monotone, it had a lot of unnecessary backtracking and the final fight was unfair as hell (on Hard at least), getting attacked by so many Elites is just annoying when they all shoot their energy ball at you. Overall it is just a “THINK TWICE” for me, sorry.

    Camp 43 By Jason Gimba AKA Maki

    This map looked promising, but to be honest I didn’t even complete it. I searched the map, explored, but I couldn’t figure out what to do, but because it looked promising I kept looking, wanted to give the map a chance. Well, you can easily just stack some tables and get to places you aren’t supposed to go and get stuck. Then I quit.

    Swamped By Jared Goodroad AKA Gordon Hammer

    Hmm. Again solid map, but far from perfect. The level design was weird, it was hard to figure out where to go for me and it was also really dark. The fights weren’t exciting and it had an unfair enemy here and there. Didn’t complete it.

    Truss by Jason Gimba AKA Maki
    It is okay

    Another solid map, but this one didn’t have many flaws, so it was actually fun to play. The theme isn’t that well implemented IMO. Yeah, you are fighting in a high place, but that’s not really vertical gameplay imo. It also felt a bit hmm rushed? You fight some weak metrocops first, but later you already fight a helicopter. The tactics to fight the helicopter are also the exact same from Episode 2 with more boring level design. Still, overall a fun map, but nothing special.
    Rating: “MAYBE”.

    Nyctophobia by Daniel Friend AKA Dannster

    Ehm. I didn’t understand this map at all. You loose HP in some places for some reason but I didn’t understand why and what the point was. Then I looked up the theme and saw it is supposed to be a horror map. Then I stopped playing it, cause I get scared easily and I don’t know what people can do in the source engine with horror, didn’t want jump scares or something like that.

    Gnome Heist by LifeLost
    It is okay

    Good map, nice setup, okay level design. I like how you can choose your starting “equipment”, but more choices would be better and could actually encourage multiple playthroughs. The fights were a bit tedious because the enemies always rush you. Getting attacked by normal soldiers, APCs and snipers simultaneously was a also a bit annoying. And why do we have to escort 6 gnomes, why not just 1? That was annoying too. Still, overall fun and creative map.
    Rating: “MAYBE”.

    1. I’ve added the per-map opinions for you and corrected a few spelling mistakes. Thanks for the review.

      1. wow thanks for doing that! I didn’t know how to add the per-map opinions myself. It isn’t explained on the “recommendations explanation page” … or I am blind 😉

        1. It wasn’t your fault. I had to add “Mapping Challenge” as a TAG and then the script adds the buttons in the comment area. There is an explanation at the bottom of the Recommendation section of the About page. I’ll add a link to it in the JUMP TO Menu now.

    2. Hey Crowbar

      I’d like to mention in the Tele Aqua map, where you are fighting the combine inside the base, I also found that same fight very hard and frustrating (Playing on Hard difficulty as well), but I came to realize that there are 2 super-chargers that give you a ton of HP and up to 200 armor, extremely quickly (those same ones that you find in the endgame of Half-Life 2).

      Once I found those, I was able to stay very healthy and armoured during the entire combat, with even more charge to spare by the end. The fight became very satisfying because I was able to soak up damage and throw everything I had, including the rocket launchers (that feel so great to shoot at combine soldiers), as well as all my cballs and my revolver bullets.

      All in all, I believe the fight is simply misunderstood because you can very easily miss those two wall chargers. They are on the same wall that has the glass pane into the energy room. I suggest you go back and try the fight again, this time with full health and armour, and throwing everything you can at the combine!

      1. Oh ok. I might try the map again then when I find the time and motivation. Still, those chargers are essential for that fight so they should be more obvious and the level design of that area is still dull.

  6. I’m really happy to see my map featured again here! But wasn’t my entry for “Run, Think Shoot, Live – Ville” a joint winner together with Terminal? I guess it would only be fair then to have it featured here as well. 🙂

    1. I took the public vote for the winner and yours won by 32 votes to 26.

      1. Ah, okay then! 🙂

  7. Great idea, Phillip! Kind of like a “Greatest Hits” album for the year. I think someone new to the site would especially like this with so many good maps in one place.

    1. I’m new to the site and this collection was really helpful. I wanted to play the maps from the mapping challenges but there are obviously also a lot of maps that aren’t that good or unfinished or whatever. So instead of going through all Villes I can just play this one!
      It would be cool if this also existed for 2014, 2013 and so on 🙂

      1. Zekiran

        I agree, though the format for ‘winning’ may have changed over time making this kind of collection a little harder to arrange. But I do agree it would be fun to have year-based Ville/competition sets!

  8. Play It Now!

    First of all, I need to say that I loved most of the WinnerVille. It was really amazing to play different levels with original atmosphere. So there is my opinion on all of the included map challenges/full mods:

    Run Think Shoot by Nicole Brauer AKA voec
    It is great!

    Well, its really great. Action, puzzles(math) were interesting.

    Raining Down Hell by Maarten Frooninckx AKA Marnamai
    It is WOW!

    Absolutely perfect work. Mapping, gameplay were like 5/5. Also I must note that Strider battle was great.

    Blast Pit by Dan Jordan aka The_Rabbit42
    It is WOW!

    WOW! A lot of puzzles, nice atmosphere, its like I was playing HL1 scene, but recreated in HL2! Bravo!

    Tele Aqua by Ethosaur
    It is good

    Story is cool. But there were moments, when I was dissolved by ~5 Elites. Mapping in some places could be better…

    Camp 43 By Jason Gimba AKA Maki
    It is great!

    Jason Gimba, perfect as always! So sad, because it was so short. Wish this was full mod…

    Swamped By Jared Goodroad AKA Gordon Hammer

    I can`t say a lot about this. No offense, but I didn`t understood why it won. Poor design, weird moments – this is how I can describe this work.

    Truss by Jason Gimba AKA Maki
    It is WOW!

    Oh, again Jason Gimba, perfect as always!

    Nyctophobia by Daniel Friend AKA Dannster
    It is good

    I don`t like horror mods/maps, but this was well-made.

    Gnome Heist by LifeLost
    It is good

    LOL. It was so random/funny/interesting, PayDay in HL2, nothing to say.

    1. Gordon Hammer

      Swamped won because the other entry had… problems.

      Twas a victory by default. But a victory nonetheless.

      I hope that clears things up.

  9. I’d love to check this out but I downloaded it twice and put it in my sourcemods folder twice and it won’t show up on my games list

    1. Zekiran

      Download and use Gauge, it’s much easier. It’s in the Play link above, blue bar, can’t miss it.

    2. Did you put the folder you extracted from the compressed archive or the compressed archive itself?

    3. also be sure to put it in the right folder. I made that mistake.

      I have a “SteamLibrary” folder on my D:/ and I have Steam itself also on my D:/.
      You have to put the mod in the Steam folder, EVEN THOUGH you installed Half-Life 2 on a different folder, but it has to be in the same directory I think.

      1. It’s definitely in the sourcemods folder. And it’s definitely extracted. I’m guessing my Steam install is somehow hosed.

  10. Fantastic mappack, I really enjoyed the most of these maps.

    Especially Gnome Heist stood out as having very interesting gameplay mechanics that encouraged a second (and an eventual third and fourth) playthrough, and the visuals in Truss & RunThinkShoot were great. Personally, Truss was my favourite map, featuring extremely interesting vertical combat.

    Nyctophobia was very confusing to me, and I was unable to complete it. I’m sorry, but it made absolutely no sense to me what was going on.

    1. Yeah it’s fair not being able to understand what was going on in Nyctophobia in some parts I can see where it can be very confusing seeing as some of the dark areas kill you and some don’t, I tried to make it a bit easier to see by adding particle effects in certain areas but it can still be hard to understand what was going on with that.

      Really a way this could have been fixed is if I had used some beta testing before sending it in seeing as when using new gameplay techniques you really need other opinions or some sort of tutorial (Which I normally forget to do :P).
      Then again mapping is always a new learning experience :D.

      1. Oh! So it’s your map?

        I’d like to understand what the mechanics were. I healed in light and take damage in darkness, or something like that? At the start I thought there was an invisible monster chasing me, making the groany sounds.

        1. Alright so basically some of the dark areas (In which the monster makes the groaning noise) Are areas that hurt you there should be some red particle effects but I should have tested this more seeing as they may not appear on different settings. Also the blue lights heal you when you go into their light area it will make a first aid noise when you are in these areas.

          Quite alot to work out without a tutorial hope it kind of made sense :P.

          Edit: sorry for the late reply.

  11. Play It Now!

    There are some really cool maps in this pack, but then why wouldn’t there be? Overall, I really enjoyed playing through this. Some I had experienced before but it was nice to come back to them. Others were completely blind playthroughs and I had a blast.

    Run Think Shoot by Nicole Brauer AKA voec
    It is WOW!

    This map is a treat from start to finish. If you’ve played The Stanley Parable then the feeling in Run Think Shoot will be immediately familiar. While the mapping itself is a little abstract, it suits the mood perfectly, and the entity work is stunning.

    Raining Down Hell by Maarten Frooninckx AKA Marnamai
    It is WOW!

    I am absolutely overwhelmed by what people can achieve with the Source engine in such a short space of time. Raining Down Hell is a fine example, and you could slip right in with Anticitizen One in the original HL2 campaign and it would fit right in. I absolutely loved it.

    Blast Pit by Dan Jordan aka The_Rabbit42
    It is great!

    This was great. Starting it off I already knew what to expect to a certain extent, and the reveal still caught me completely off guard. While I really did enjoy this map, it did take me back to the original and how much I still prefer GoldSource. 😛

    Tele Aqua by Ethosaur
    It is good

    This started off really positively for me, but as I continued to play through I noticed that the environment really started to repeat itself. I know this is the same as other maps focusing around combine architecture, but it’s just way too samey and bland. I’d see a door open on a monitor and have no idea which of the many identical doors it was. Personally, it lost a few points on aesthetics alone towards the end.

    Camp 43 By Jason Gimba AKA Maki
    It is WOW!

    Another amazing achievement for such a short amount of time. This is another map that could easily slip into one of the existing campaigns, specifically somewhere within episode two. Without wanting to spoil the ending for people who haven’t played, I love turning an enemy’s own attacks against themselves. Love it.

    Swamped By Jared Goodroad AKA Gordon Hammer
    It is okay

    I won’t lie… I lost my temper with this one a LOT. It wasn’t always clear where you had to go, but I worked each section out in the end. The supplies towards the end were way to scarce, specifically health, but the challenge does push you to play better. It’s the manhacks. They are literally the worst thing about the Source games in my opinion. One or two is fine but annoying, but they just keep coming in this map. Combined with the aforementioned issues with lack of direction and item scarcity and they become unforgivable. Grrr.

    Truss by Jason Gimba AKA Maki
    It is WOW!

    Yet another map, which feels massive, solid and totally in tune with the Half-Life games. This one had some performance issues for me (At least when recording) but I can’t help but love it. Also, it winds up with a boss battle, where you once again have to turn the enemy’s weapon against them.

    Nyctophobia by Daniel Friend AKA Dannster
    It is bad

    I really didn’t like this entry, but it once again comes down to personal preferences. For one, I’m not a fan of horror maps / mods / the genre in general. Secondly, I’m certainly not afraid of the dark. It made little sense to be that certain lights heal you, some dark areas don’t hurt and all the while you have the god damn flashlight!

    Gnome Heist by LifeLost
    It is WOW!

    I was a massive fan of Payday 2. It was the go-to game for SnCGames multiplayer sessions at the weekends for a good few months. This map absolutely nails everything about the game. Pre-planning, execution, painstakingly transferring items one at a time while the police response constantly increases in skill and quantity. The only thing missing is your three human teammates. 😛

    It’s a shame that the author ran out if time, as seeing the completed map would have been amazing.

    Overall, you need to play this pack. There were so many good ville entries in 2015, and these are the best of the best.


    lots of textures and models are missing!

    here are errors in my console:

    env_cubemap used on world geometry without rebuilding map. . ignoring: maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_wvt_patch
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_-640_1536_-43” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_3456_-1216_329” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_2496_352_713” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_-64_1024_129” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_64_512_65” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_1243_953_393” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_1728_672_360” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_2816_-1408_201” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_2945_-1004_226” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_410_-718_137” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_2368_-1472_201” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_3044_-649_248” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_2560_-1792_201” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_3072_-1920_201” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_1150_-2479_80” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_2649_64_257” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_2504_-678_265” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_3061_-241_257” uses unknown shader “patch”
    Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/CONCRETE/BLENDDEBRIS001A.vmt)
    Error: Material “maps/rainingdownhell_csv/concrete/blenddebris001a_3520_-1568_201” uses unknown shader “patch”
    SOLID_VPHYSICS static prop with no vphysics model! (models/props_combine/combinewallcrushed.mdl)

    P.S. this happens on all the maps

    1. This is very strange. Does Ep2 work with no problems?

  13. bkadar

    time to replay?

  14. Is there any chance of a 2016WinnersVille?

  15. Hec
    Play It Now!

    So, this was the last competition-Ville I left from reviewing. And overall I can say it was enjoyable. As I indeed remember some entries and others just didn’t.

    The whole Ville had solid entries like Blast Pitt, Camp 43 (in my opinion the best of all), Truss (Also very nice), and Gnome-Heist (nicely inspired in Payday 2 which I hope to try out soon).

    I think the worst was Swamped and Nyctophobia, the first because it was really boxy and cramped, and the second one, because it was just too abstract for my liking and because it was never clear what to do or face.

    Yeah, I think 2015 was not a particularly great year for the competitions, because definitely are better competitions in further years beyond 2015.

    But is a nice bundle of entries to play again I guess.

  16. Play It Now!

    Cream of the crop. Although not MY winners, still good stuff. Recommend downloading the originals.

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