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02 Jun 2016 Poll Question 348 - Are you buying older games on Steam? Or in other words, "Are you buying older games on Steam?" No, I don't, but I do, exclusively at GOG!
26 Feb 2016 Week 08: Livestream Schedule and Giveaways "...During the Dan will be giving away a couple of games...". I have nothing to do, so I pick on...
24 Jan 2016 2015 WinnersVille Kudos, Phillip, for such a great idea and content. Thanks!
23 May 2015 Killzone Source It says: Copy the Killzone Source folder into your …\Steam\SteamApps\common\sourcemods\ folder....
10 May 2015 Poll Question 313 - What is your Black Mesa purchase plan? 20€ is WTF.
10 Mar 2015 Poll Question 308 - Are you excited about the VR news from Valve? I don't need "glasses" to play a game.
01 Nov 2014 Poll Question 303 - Is it right that game developers can limit your right to stream games? I wish I could abstain:)
27 Oct 2014 Poll Question 302 - Do you play too much? My gaming is just about right! I've lately been watching too much game streams on twitch than I a...
23 Oct 2014 Game of Skills Who's actually playing? I can hear a female and male voice....
09 Oct 2014 Duality StealthVille, what a great idea, Phillip! FYI, I've played all the Splinter Cell games, that's ho...
03 Sep 2014 4000 Days Online! I remember the days I downloaded some of my Return To Castle Wolfenstein maps/mods from planetphi...
11 Jul 2014 Mining Complex Phillip, your Manual Installation Instructions says: Open the console and type so_miningcomplex a...
11 Jul 2014 Post Script My comment is on the video. Phillip, could you increase the volume of your voice commentry the ne...
02 Feb 2014 February 2014 - General Chat Another awesone frontpage picture, Phillip, showing, imo, how desperate and dejected HL fans are,...
09 Jan 2014 January 2014 - General Chat. The PP frontpage picture of a broken, battered, humiliated, defeated, and sorry looking Valve cha...
02 Jan 2014 January 2014 - General Chat. Happy New Year PlanetPhillip, and hope it'll be the Half-Life 3 year for PCs too...
25 Dec 2013 December 2013 - General Chat Yes, of course. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all, and especially to Phillip. Thank you!
21 Dec 2013 December 2013 - General Chat Is there, or should there be a PlanetPhillip TwitchDOTtv channel where Phillip & Co "play mod...
03 Dec 2013 3x10: Competition 2: DefendVille Nice to know:)
16 Nov 2013 3x10: Competition 2: DefendVille Hi Phillip, in the Judging Criteria, you talk about "ambush", rather than "defence", or am I miss...
12 Nov 2013 Perplexity Thanks, miigga1. I guess I just can't jump, since that's exactly what I did. Now that I know, I'l...
11 Nov 2013 Perplexity I'm stuck at Screenshot #15. Any Help (spoiler)?
05 Aug 2013 TREE: Half-Life 2: Ep1 Podcast Thanks, Phillip. I've been "collecting" your podcasts, and this make it #29, which makes it easy ...
05 Aug 2013 TREE: Half-Life 2: Ep1 Podcast Any possibility to include a download to this podcast, Phillip?
09 Jul 2013 Donation Appeal 2013 I hear you Phillip. My budget has run thin already, but shall definetely chipin naxt month, if it...
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