February 2014 – General Chat

1st February 2014

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

When I first typed this post I made a typo: “Fabruary”. But maybe it was the universe tellking me something?

Maybe this could be a FAB (short for fabulous) month.

So, tell me something interesting….

Please use this post to talk about about anything you want to – except maps and mods, which should be done of the specific post, assuming there is one.


  1. Another awesone frontpage picture, Phillip, showing, imo, how desperate and dejected HL fans are, waiting in vain on HL3!

    1. Yes, but have you actually clicked it.

  2. I quit drinking on 1st Jan for 3 reasons.

    I no longer like the taste of booze.
    I can’t seem to get drunk anymore.
    It gives me acid reflux for a week afterwards and makes me miserable.

    Just spent another night in the pub where I was able to have a completely fun chatty night with my mates. Turns out that I didn’t need booze at all to keep up with other people drinking.

    The weird thing is that many of my friends are struggling to come to terms with it. They keep saying “don’t be boring” and other such things…
    I never realised how deeply booze was ingrained in british culture. We use it to celebrate and to comiserate. “Lets meet up for a beer…”.

    I don’t miss it at all. How do others feel?

    1. Thanks for sharing that. I know exactly how you feel about being called “boring” as I am teetotal. It hasn’t caused me much trouble in reality as I actually find sitting in bars and pubs “boring as hell” and only do it once or twice a year.

      So, good luck your new Liquid Life – you’ll find there are surprisingly lots of other drinks that are really nice that don’t contain alcohol. When I get over to the UK this summer we can “meet up for a juice”>

    2. I genuinely am boring when I’m not drunk so I’m all for drinking. It also tastes good, drunk people are less annoying when you are also drunk and you don’t get stuck driving annoying drunk people home.
      That said I do see what you’re saying boring does not equal drunk, I know plenty of people who are painfully boring when they’re drunk.

    3. Ade

      I’m down for that juice lol I “quit” enjoying alcohol a few Christmases ago and it sure feels nice to see that I don’t need it to have fun, or do stupid things 😀 I can’t stand the smell of beer now, yet I sometimes miss a vodka; but when I accidentally pick a liquor candy from a box, it’s ugh I hate the taste and if I swallow it burns my stomach, that’s how much my organism DOESN’t miss it. So I don’t care about what people say.

  3. Senator33

    Was once a social drinker; rarely drunk, but sometimes high.

    Because of an illness, I no longer can drink for fear of liver damage.

    Don’t miss it. At the bar, I drink club soda with lime. …and also meet up for coffee.

  4. Heisenbergh

    I’ve watched. Breaking Bad, and seriously, it’s the best show I’ve ever watched.
    And now my life is empty as I have nothing to dedicate me to
    Annnnd I need valve to release some news on hl3, because that’s gotta get some meaning back

  5. Since everyone is talking about booze, I have to say something about it too. The one and only time in my 20 years on this earth, I have tasted alcohol once and that was when I graduated, before that and ever since, I have never tasted it again, why would I? Milk tastes so much better and is healthier.

    On other notes, if there are any Quake mappers out there, a new level editor have recently been released called Jackhammer. Valve never updated the Worldcraft editor for goldsource and they never will, so some fellas took it in their own hands and spiced it up with new features and more userfriendly.

    Will we see Half-Life 3 this year? No, I think not. At most we will get a Yes on the question “Are you working on something?” from Valve.

    1. JG

      I agree, I think this year we’ll hear about Valve’s plan for their next game, whatever that is. They’ve actually gone for quite a while without announcing anything too substantial on that front.

      1. MisterAddy

        Well looking at Valve’s history, they’ve released a new game every year for a long time, so I would expect to see something announced if not released.

        A lot of evidence seems to support another Left 4 Dead game, although that strikes me as odd since Valve are supposed to be known for innovation, especially in light of that quote about not wanting to pump out Half-Life sequels. Maybe they just want to appeal to the console audience with which the series has been very popular.

        In any case, getting a better look at Source 2 will be exciting from a mapper’s point of view. I hope the engine won’t rely completely on models rather than brushwork because that could really limit the number of people able to create maps. Unless of course there are tools included in the SDK for that sort of thing. I really want to see more than just those leaked screenshots to find out what the engine is capable of.

        On the topic of alcohol, I don’t drink even if my friends would like me to.

  6. 2muchvideogames

    with steambox at the top of their list, I dont think hl3 is gonna be something to be appearing on the horizon

    1. I’m pretty sure not all their staff are working on steam box but I just had a worrying thought… what if HL3 is a steam box exclusive?

  7. AI

    Just turned 68 yesterday (Feb 5) am I the oldest here?? Oh well at least I’m not in a nursing home yet! maybe HL3 will come out before I am. The game computer I just built is all ready for it! Just wanted to thank Phillip for running a fine site and to keep it up! 😉

  8. JG

    I should have a new mod available here soon. It’s been done for a few days now. It’s not very long, but it will include an action-packed level with custom Faceposer scenes, voiceovers, textures/materials as well as the source .vmf files if anyone else wants to see how it was made.

    1. Ade

      don’t forget to test it!

    2. JG

      Really, it is coming. 🙂

      I knew there’d be a bit of a delay in posting it on PP because of Phillip’s computer situation. Fortunately, in that time, Marnamai inadvertently solved a bug I had with the level with some objects popping in and out of existence that I was going to write off as a Steampipe break until I realized there was actually something I could do to fix it.

      (The bug, for those interested, has to do with a certain texture used on those Highway 17-style windows where they display a blurry version of the outdoors when you look at them from far away. The bug probably was introduced with Steampipe, as it also occurs in Half-Life 2 itself, but I could work around it by simply not using that texture).

      It also gave me a chance to bulletproof some further speculative problems and minor cosmetic issues.

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