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Latest 25 Comments
21 Oct 2018 Half-Life: Echoes I'd love to play this game but I'm going through hell trying to get the controls set up. I use a ...
20 Nov 2016 Fast Detect Someone mentioned G-String. I enjoyed G-String. I didn't enjoy this one at all.
23 Feb 2016 Prospekt The irony is it could have been an OK free mod, but in reality it's the worst paid mod I've ever ...
31 Jan 2016 2015 WinnersVille It's definitely in the sourcemods folder. And it's definitely extracted. I'm guessing my Steam in...
31 Jan 2016 2015 WinnersVille I'd love to check this out but I downloaded it twice and put it in my sourcemods folder twice and...
26 Oct 2015 Space Prisoner in the beginning there's an open area where there's 3 platforms with elevators. As I walk down a ...
24 Oct 2015 Poll Question 326 - Would you support a donation system for mods? I would have no problem donating especially if it was an established mapper/modder
12 Oct 2015 Dread City the effects were OK, the gameplay not so much
10 Oct 2015 Poll Question 324 - What's more important for you in HL3? if they can meld the story line, physics and game play of HL2 and Portal in a reasonable manner I...
27 Sep 2015 Uncertainty Principle I think it looks and plays great! Nice mix of challenges but the combat was a little unbalanced
29 Aug 2015 Poll Question 318 - Have You Ever Fired a Real Gun? I enjoy shooting. After dealing with broken tech that I didn't break I find it refreshing to blas...
12 Jun 2015 Return to Black Mesa If you're looking for as good older mod I just played Residual Point. It's a little bit of a grin...
01 Jun 2015 Bravado I'm in the process of installing Black Mesa, I subscribed to Bravado, now when Black mesa is inst...
20 May 2015 Colony 42 I'm old too and I dislike the keyboard. I use a mouse in my right hand to turn left and right and...
15 May 2015 Mystery House Parts 1 & 2 The zombies have quite a reach. I'm in the room after the frozen door and green laser beams that ...
15 May 2015 Clasic of the Month: Deliverance - This Weekend it is hard, but once you get going it's entertaining. I'm playing unknown menace right now, it's ...
14 May 2015 Clasic of the Month: Deliverance - This Weekend I just played this a few nights ago and it's definitely one where you kill one at a time, check h...
10 May 2015 Freeman's Revenge Some of the older mods are a little tricky to get running but it's worth it. This one is one of m...
07 May 2015 Introduce Yourself Been lurking for a long long time. I sure appreciate this site!
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