Clasic of the Month: Deliverance – This Weekend

13th May 2015

This weekend, Don aka Unq, will be livestreaming Deliverance for Half-Life as part of his event.

I have to admit, I haven’t played this, so I am looking forward to loading it up and seeing what Don loves about it.

Join Don on the RTSL Twitch channel this weekend – day and time to be confirmed soon.


  1. Unq

    Remember when I told you I’d aim to alternate Goldsource and Source classics? I lied!

    Goldsource forever!!

  2. 2muchvideogames

    This mod is VERY HARD. The first map alone will have you going against 2 mounted turrets, a tank, and a helicopter IN THE SAME AREA. The rest of this mod is a difficult ‘escort two scientists’ type of game. If you like to quicksave alot… DO IT. And be careful when you save, dont want soldiers end up spawning next to where you hid your scientists, because that CAN happen.


  3. I just played this a few nights ago and it’s definitely one where you kill one at a time, check health and either reload or save. I enjoyed it.

    1. You guys are making me nervous. I’m gonna need to buy a spare F6 key I think.

  4. This pack is the Dark Souls of Half-Life. Looking forward to the stream. 😀

    1. Unq

      I remember it being hard, but you guys are starting to scare me too. Surely I’m a much better player now than I was in 2000 when Deliverance came out, right? Right? 🙁

      What did I get myself into

      1. You didn’t just get yourself into this, but us as well!

  5. This might be fun to watch. I think I’m gonna try it if I’ve got time.

  6. it is hard, but once you get going it’s entertaining. I’m playing unknown menace right now, it’s the same way.

  7. Unq

    Cool, hope you guys can tune in or catch the Youtube version later on.

    Stream will be Saturday about 10am EDT / 2pm GMT!

  8. Yeah, I remember that mod. That was a really hard mod. Maybe I don’t have enough skills. I’m turned on “god mode” few times. But I would like to see your stream!

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