12-Hour (ish) Live-Stream This Saturday

19th January 2017

Hi Everybody,

This weekend, I will be live-stream for hopefully 12 hours starting at 12pm Central European Time on the RTSL YouTube channel.

I will only be playing maps and mods for Half-Life games, so no Unreal or Red Faction etc like last time.

In addition, I do not have time to set up all the mods before, so some of the stream will be me getting everything installed and working, which may be educational in itself.

Currently, I plan to play Point of View, Human Error, Break Through for Ep2; an unreleased map and Half-Life 2: Odyssey; a collection of new maps. In addition, I hope to play another as yet unreleased mod but I am waiting to receive permission (No, it’s not Downfall!).

Depending on time, I will also stream any other map or mod that is suggested on the stream or I fancy playing.

Once finished, I will be editing the stream into individual videos for the RTSL channel.

There’s also a chance that on Saturday 28th I will be doing another 12-hour stream.

That’s it for now, if you have any questions or mod suggestions, please let me know.


  1. Woah, more 12-hours stream!?
    The last one was pretty fun, so count me in!

  2. Depending on when this starts I will likely miss a chunk of it as I need to take my car for it’s MOT. 🙁

    Should be tuned in for the rest of the day though. 😀

  3. Plan for Saturday afternoon:

    •Mapping for the DefendVille2
    •Watching Phillip’s livestream!

    Thanks you very much man, you do my Saturday day!

  4. JamaicanDave

    Saturday 21st – 12 hour live stream.

    Saturday 28th – 12 hour live stream.

    Anyone else thinking Phillips a secret masochist?

    1. 28th December or 28th January?

  5. When will you get around to uploading the individual parts of the last 12 hour livestream? If you can’t do that, maybe just put the whole livestream up with timestamps?

  6. Unq

    Sadly I’ll have to miss all of this. We have visitors and a large march in DC to go to. 🙂

    1. You could watch it afterwards, just don’t forget to bring some friends (or/and popcorn) so that you don’t feel very lonely. 😛

  7. When am I going to see either you or Bolloxed play PARANOIA? I know you don’t like horror games much, Phillip, but at least Bolloxed has no excuse if she wants to make a full video archive of Half-Life mods. 😛


    I’m very likely to stop by if I don’t have much to do. Time zones suck.

    1. Safe to say I’ll never cover PARANOIA as you can’t play more than a couple of minutes before it crashes.

  8. Thank you very much for that big and very cool/amazing live stream!
    See ya next time, or on the website!

  9. 2muchvideogames

    ahaha too bad i totally missed this sorry phillip

  10. JamaicanDave

    Only caught bits of the weekend stream, but what I saw was very enjoyable. There always seemed to be a very respectable number of people watching.

    Shame about the AI problems with Odyssey, but otherwise it was a nice showcase for the project. There was some good stuff considering the authors were relative beginners.

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