Hard November

1st November 2015

Starting today, I challenge EVERY reader to play all the maps and mods I post in November on HARD. I even challenge you to replay the games on HARD.

I will be doing the same and if you have seen my streams over on the RTSL YouTube Channel you will know how tough that is going to be for me.

Feel free to post you thoughts on the change to HARD here, but obviously continue to post the reviews on the respective map and mods page.

If enough people take the challenge and we have some good discussions, I might even make a podcast about it.

Good Luck!


  1. I am already playing half life on hard because I always feel like I have way too much ammo . Also the enemies are easy pretty weak on easy/normal . Sometimes when I go back to ‘easy’ or ‘normal’ I don’t feel as good when destroying the combine .

    1. There is certainly a feeling of accomplishment beating something on its hardest difficulty.

  2. Zekiran

    Oh jeez. I’ve never been able to get through HL1 on Hard. Pretty much ever. But I will endeavor to attempt such a feat! (lol it removed the ‘fake tag’ I put of ‘/kleiner’)

    1. Know that I will be standing behind you cheering you on.

  3. 2muchvideogames

    I hope you know what you are getting us into..

    1. No, I don’t think I really do, but I gotta try.

  4. Anon

    Weren’t you gonna release Halloweenville 2 today?

    1. No, I was supposed to release it yesterday! As soon as I get back from the gym this morning I will start building it.

  5. I tried playing hard mode Half-Life 2. What I have learnt from that experience is to NEVER play it on the early chapters. The manhacks are a pain without the Gravity Gun (3 hits with crowbar) and don’t get me started on Water Hazard. When being chased by the chopper through that docking bay, the warehouse with 10 SMG CPs and manhacks is brutal (especially for a beginning chapter). I don’t know what regular combine soldiers are going to be like on hard. On the bright side, playing hard in HL2 shouldn’t be as hard as playing hard in BMS.

  6. 2muchvideogames

    Boy, who can ever forget Black mesa and their perfect aimbot soldiers

    1. It’s still almost as bad today!

      One of the really bad parts is that they’re difficult enough to have tapped into those hardcore gamers who defend that crap as a matter of pride. So, you’ll never get anywhere with the team or its fans complaining about how broken they are. Sucks, because the HECU ruin an otherwise nice mod.

  7. Challenge accepted, Phillip! >:)

  8. As it so happened I recently reinstalled Red Alert 3 to give it another chance… god is that game a toilet. But! For added challenge I will attempt to go through the Japanese campaign on Hard.

  9. I freely admit that I am not a good enough player to use HARD all of the time. It’s frustrating to constantly die because a vortigaunt hit you once or you ran out of ammo.

  10. jokes on them I’m always losing on hard

  11. Most of the videos I post(in reviews, I’m probably gonna start writing too) are played on hard, I just use a bind for healthkit because mods are never playtested on hard, I utmost guarantee to not make obvious mistakes aside when I’m aware and don’t cheat my health.

    For example, the last full fledged mod with the scp npc monster that it had, I had to spam so much healthkits in the “boss” battle because of the difficulty and the poor condition the placement of the player and npcs came about.

    Either way, I will be posting videos from my channel here whenever I see a new mod
    The one I’m scheduling is to be Halloweenvile after my partial exam week (last subjects I have are this saturday). So join me on youtube streaming as usual ;D

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